Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute Lyrics

Dreamed the long day just wandering free
Though I'm far gone you sleep nearer to me
If I could find peace
If this night leaves
But I can't help myself

So I'll walk out these wandering dreams
Up the north road dressed gold and green
If I could lie still as that great hill
But I can't help myself

Well it's calm and clear
Collapsed here on the stone
Delivered to this place
A vision dark and cloaked
And those figures through the leaves
And that light through the smoke
And those countless empty days made me dizzy when I woke
And I live to see your face
And I hate to see you go
But I know no other way than straight on out the door
And I can't help myself

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Grizzly Bear Sleeping Ute Comments
  1. Madmunkey123 Madmunkey123

    This reminds me of the western

  2. Madmunkey123 Madmunkey123

    Imagine a music video to this hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Luke Luke

    What a song

  4. RKTologist


    electric guitar panned left, can someone tell me the overdrive unit they used? sounds like an ocd but the harmonics seem a little bit different

  5. hector villa

    Es increíble esta canción !!! Es una joya

  6. Bernadett Garamvolgyi

    Okay so today I heard Fleetwood Macs song Peacekeeper for the first time and listened to it on repeat like 10 times because it just sounded so familiar like I've heard it before until it finally dawned on me that the end bit of this song is almost identical to the end bit of Peacekeeper. Now I'm not a musician or have any musical talent but it is almost certain that these two parts in each song sound almost exactly the same. One of the lyrics also is very similar to Fleetwoods. Massive respect points have gone down as I can't find anywhere where they may have mentioned that this was an influence or given them credit at all. Hmmmm. Is it just me? Someone else please vouch for this too haha

  7. Nicole M

    Pure gold

  8. d a r m o r á n

    For whatever reason it gives me alot of Echo and the Bunnymen vibes I LOVE IT🙌🙌

  9. L D

    I've known this song since this album came out but for some reason it took on a whole new meaning in 2017-2018. Became my most listened to song on Spotify. I love this band so much.

  10. Leon Herperger

    grizzly bear is a LOT better doing songs to their potential rather than that horrible third album.
    this is good!

  11. Radioface

    The perfect song has been created

  12. Christian

    Why is this band not playing on every radio, these bands are awesome

  13. Kelly Carr

    What am I going to do? I absolutely love these guys. I've listened and listened to the point I question my sanity and not a note gets old to me

  14. Mike Carpenter

    Does this remind anyone else of like Jimi Hendricks and Cream? Feels to me like 60s psych grizzly bearized

  15. Jason Darlington

    ❤ gives me solace

  16. Gigi Dag

    When you combine Fleet Foxes with Dirty Projectors...

  17. RKTologist

    lead plucking guitar, rythym guitar (possibly the same guitar as lead), crash cymbal, bass drum, snare drum, bass guitar, tambourine, synth guitar?, reverb soaked bass drum or tom meant to emulate thunder?, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, tom, synth pad, arpeggiated synth, vocal harmony, percussion sample, foot step sample, cymbal wash?, cello?

  18. skeemag

    one of the best songs I have ever heard.......true story.....

  19. nevets 4ever

    I'm resposting my comment made 6 yrs ago that was inextricably purged - anyone else had that problem?

    GB has come into full maturity with this one. They no longer sound like anyone else except themselves. Harkens back to1970s Prog Rock. Stop, listen and let the music infuse your soul – for awhile you forgot yourself.

  20. Jean Francois VIGIER

    The album is absolutely perfect, plus delicious artwok as alway.

  21. Ixt Slv

    Remember me The Black Keys.

  22. sedimenjerry

    Heard this song on the radio while driving through the middle of Utah and it was just perfect

  23. Emily Ann

    Dreamed a long day
    Just wandering free
    Though I'm far gone
    You sleep nearer to me

    If I could find peace
    If this night bleeds

    But I can't help myself

    So I walk out
    These wandering dreams
    Of the north road
    Dressed gold and green

    If I could lie still
    As that grey hill

    But I can't help myself

    But it's calm and it's clear
    Collapsed here on the stone
    Delivered to this place
    A vision dark and cloaked
    And those figures through the leaves
    And that light through the smoke
    And those countless empty days
    Made me dizzy when I woke
    And I live to see your face
    And I hate to see you go
    But I know no other way
    Than straight on out the door

    And I can't help myself

    And I can't help myself

    And I can't help myself

  24. Fili Boi

    I'm so happy I found this song. I spent three months living in the high desert of the four corners region and woke up every morning to the sun rising on Sleeping Ute Mountain. To know that humans had inhabited that region for millennia was such an incredible spiritual experience.

    Abraham Herrera

    I sleep and woke in ute too my friend..every am watching the views smoking a fatt joint ..tiss were the times

  25. Chelly Rivas

    loving it !!!

  26. Chris McNevin

    A lot of drama and technical ability not enough substance.

  27. Nicketa Williams

    Has that "Grace by Jeff Buckley" vibe

  28. Beatriz Zampilis


    Jake Margerison

    or a tarantino movie

  29. TheMrJay8

    Fuck, this is so good. One of the best bands out there, for sure.

  30. George A.

    The opening riff cuts into you like nothing else. It's amazing.

  31. schizophrenic hipster

    aww when he says but I can't myself total jizz

  32. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Sounds like it could be easily a Black Keys song

  33. Logan SJ

    Fuck, this is too good. I really wonder if they can top this or at least come out with something equally amazing in the future. I'll never forget how incredibly exciting this was to hear for the first time.

    Jake Margerison

    dude yellow house is the trippiest most amazing album ever, check it


    This makes me feel like I'm in an impressionist western

    Beatriz Zampilis

    lifeisdead01 the perfect discription

  35. Sleepy

    The last minute of this song is really beautiful.

  36. Chad Ross

    i remember hearing this song almost 5 years ago as the first preview of Sheilds. listening now it feels nostalgic and sad yet beautiful; when I heard this song the first time I knew it was special. Many songs take time to develop affection, but the real special ones captivate you first listen. thanks grizzly bear for all the feels.

  37. Tim Carr

    i listened to this song on acid i almost cried


    Definitely going to have to try that very soon. Normally, it's Goldfrapp that does that for me.

    Jordie Chalé Herrera

    I did cry with Ready, Able vídeo.


    Jordie Chalé Herrera Ready, Able is whole other level.

    eli wat

    This one opened my mind wide up on E, shit was incredible. The instrumentation just pops so much

    Paint It Black

    Tim Carr you were righf

  38. Max Froelich

    The ending is quite reminiscent of the ending toThe Shrine/An Offering by Fleet Foxes. So tragic and beautiful.

    Chad Ross

    an argument* but yeah you're right dude

    Max Froelich

    +Chad Ross Whoops! A for effort lol

  39. Stefan Lunte

    this song is unreal........

  40. Izyan Sofiah Rosli

    Still bummed that they never made a video for this one. Still my favourite song of all time.

  41. ThomasAlx

    I spent a lot of time searching for something like Jeff Buckley and here it is. Love it.

    Marty Schwartz Here

    I didn't even realize how much it sounds like Jeff Buckley.

  42. Helena Carvalho

    i love this guysss


    Took me 3 years, but I finally mastered this song. The finger picking at the end was enough to send me to the hospital

    Charles Walsh

    well done sir! ya, daniel's a pretty outstanding guitar player.

    Evert Halgryn

    hahaha yeah daniel rossen is a god , well done man

    b. t.

    Yeah that guitar is incredible and it's the perfect complement to the organ's warbly arpeggios at 1:36. Really a perfectly crafted song.

  44. jrandomyo


    Rhannam aya

    +jrandomyo exactly

  45. everything will be fire

    Such a nice riff.

  46. Elias Rosales


  47. lol


  48. Richard . Plans - Ashes

    Esse som bem que poderia ter sido trilha sonora do filme Waking Life

  49. Jerry Saldivar

    love this song ....

  50. Greg'orio Andrade

    So glad they got the Colber't bump!

  51. Anna Sannino

    Musical poetry. 

    "Dreamed the long day just wandering free
    Though I'm far gone you sleep nearer to me
    If I could find peace
    If this night leaves
    But I can't help myself

    So I'll walk out these wandering dreams
    Up the north road dressed gold and green
    If I could lie still as that great hill
    But I can't help myself

    Well it's calm and clear
    Collapsed here on the stone
    Delivered to this place
    A vision dark and cloaked
    And those figures through the leaves
    And that light through the smoke
    And those countless empty days made me dizzy when I woke
    And I live to see your face
    And I hate to see you go
    But I know no other way than straight on out the door
    And I can't help myself"


    @Yeshua Alexander this isnt poetry. this is a song. if youre going to make your song poetic it still has to hold up its own as a song. 

    Yeshua Alexander

    no it doesn't. for a song to be poetic it need only have poetic lyrics. sounding good as a song is a whole different matter. a song can sound good without being poetic and a musician can be poetic without sounding very good. grizzly bear happens to be poetic and sound great

    Lost Media

    What's with all the hate? You obviously has some sort of disdain for either Grizzly Bear or their politics, or the politics surrounding their music, which is pretty much nonexistent. I don't know what being "liberal" has anything to do with songwriting in a pretty ambiguous narrative of a song.

    And take your "emotional delivery" bullshit and shove it up your ass. You obviously have either a lack of hearing or a lack for recognizing tone because Daniel hit every note precisely in this song and all others with as much "emotional delivery" he felt necessary. He wrote and performed it, it's his song, his music, and myself and millions of others think it's the fucking shit. That's why we're here watching this video. What are you here for? And what are your tastes in music I might ask? If you have no respect for Grizzly Bear I would assume you listen to Kesha or EDM.

    Trolls will be trolls.

    Ezhno Blue

    Don't know why this is even in question...Grizzly bear has some of the most emotive singing and complex, unwinding song compositions I have heard. You can't say the warm texture of Daniel Rossen's voice doesn't conjure earthy emotional tones or the highs and lows of Ed Droste's melodies are lifeless. Such a great band with such true feeling in my opinion.

    Anna Sannino

    I just think that poetry has to be evocative, and this lyrics together with the music fits in this concept.

  52. Davy Roger

    Theses guys need to make a new album

    Zona Alternativa

    Matias Flores
    Yesterday they have relased one teaser of their new álbum :')


    I was literally looking for news about this a week or two ago. Thank you for the update!

    Yoav Ledezma

    usedfuzzbox Did you like Three Rings?

    Zona Alternativa

    Yoav Ledezma Yes.

    Tylan Jamison

    Davy Roger New album; out now. I Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  53. Clément Fievet

    New album pleeeeeeeeeease :)

    Yoav Ledezma

    Clément Fievet They're working on it, be patient

    Tylan Jamison

    Clément Fievet It's out.

  54. Vanilla Blue

    their best

  55. Mike Matthews


  56. Mike Matthews


  57. Opheilas

    I've listened to this song all summer long,loved every moment of it ! (I know that its irrelevant but what the heck :p )


    +Opheilas Personal connection to art are always significant!


    +RAWNLEY aww thank you ^^

  58. Millie Darling

    Heard this on triple J
    My mind is blown

  59. Anita Casalina

    I'm just hearing this ... just amazing. 

  60. mariobreakbad

    this song is so well put together. This is a masterpiece. 

  61. Just Queenin

    amazing song.

  62. .JPG

    Wow, I've been listening to you since 2008/9 and it's very cool to see you take such an important role in the youtube community now. Great band :)

  63. Harry005

    Lol why does it matter whether he is gay or not XD Freddie was too

  64. Natalie Myers

    the lyrics to this song are phenomenal, possibly the bands best work.

    Natalie Myers

    reminds me so much of Arizona

  65. Karen Campa

    so glad my brother introduced me to this song, I love it

  66. Genesis Corral

    Welcome to perfection

  67. KipperTheArt

    Fuck I love this

  68. Quoth

    "Ute Mountain (or Ute Peak or SLEEPING UTE Mountain), is a peak within the Ute Mountains, a small mountain range in the southwestern corner of Colorado. It is on the northern edge of the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation. The Reservation forms the southwestern corner of the state and of Montezuma County."
    There. Mystery solved. Everybody shut the fuck up now.

    Gusto Formula

    The word "ute" in Norwegian means "outside" so I kinda thought it meant "Sleeping Outside". xD

    Arne Mostad-Jensen

    Ute is also a German female given name. I first thought it had something to do with a girl named Ute, who was asleep.
    There. Mystery deepened.


    @Quoth. 0: i always thought that "Ute" was used to refer a song or piece of music.

  69. Kanye South

    At 3:10, when the beat's dropped out, and all the commotion and grandness that had been building through the whole song gives way to an entirely different place, and it's just Ed and the acoustic guitar, mysterious and sweet, that's my favorite moment of the song.

    Ryan Chon

    that's Dan, not Ed

  70. SkISl0pE

    Can you guys shut the fuck up about the band members and just listen to this amazing music?

  71. SirKendalMintcake

    A bit Jeff Buckley - nothing wrong with that!

    Lord Rake

    Yeah the beginning time signatures. Still awesome indeed

  72. Dillon Tyrrell

    I heard them talking on an interview on the radio that it's about a mountain in Colorado called "Ute" mountain and that it was deadly quiet while they were there

  73. Mercury Cut

    I'm sorry and how long have you been making music? Bands evolve. I love them no matter what. They are amazing and there is no premise for people spitting mad shit about it.

  74. Mercury Cut

    He is actually gay though, which is both irrelevant to the music and amazing for me.

  75. magua4

    if you listen to the lyrics they seem to support this line of thinking. however the ute just might be an analogy for the singer himself

  76. magua4

    Ute's are a native tribe to the american southwest (hence utah). honestly i have no idea what the song is supposed to be about, and im not the kind of person to try to relate everything to drugs but.. i think this song is about tripping. the sleeping ute might be a reference to a native in the dreamstate of mescaline.

  77. nostaligic

    a ute is a utility truck or vehicle - kinda like a pickup truck sometimes?
    i guess it's kinda an...australian term?

  78. Travis Smock

    Who cares if someone cares that the singer is gay?
    Opinions. I hate intolerance as much as the next guy, but we're all entitled to our opinions.

  79. zombigfoot

    for the likes brah

  80. Richard Wieburg

    John Mill sucks chodes

  81. soupermanist

    Dan said something about it being a mountain range (or the mountain itself).

  82. zenscape87

    Does anyone know why it's called Sleeping Ute? And what an ute is?

    Esilena Orarrac

    "Ute" is a mountain in Colorado and its called quiet

  83. TemplarReturns

    You idiots stfu. Grizzly Bear is playing. Stfu.

  84. Anthony Gutierrez

    thank god.. STFU!

  85. Anthony Gutierrez

    John Mill your music taste is for shit fuckers

  86. wdm2112

    This song is seriously amazing

  87. randomprimate

    1:32 is one of my favorite moments in the history of Grizzly Bear music.

  88. John Mill

    god fucking damn right you shit fucker

  89. Amici Veritas

    Being an elitist fuckbag doesn't make your opinion universal. Grow up.

  90. Nick Cothran

    John Mill must have a huge dick and lots of followers on instagram

  91. hungrybear543

    Dude, I agree with your original comment, but go eay on Halfdan Ekins.

  92. John Mill

    every month* you respect my opinion because it's respectable, I don't respect yours because it's not. their new album is just some shitty hipster bullshit, they've been going downhill since satanic satanist and after their last album they've just plummeted

  93. Halfdan Ekins

    whoa sorry there, just thought i'd give my opinion on ptm's new album. I respect your opinion, but in return i expected you'd respect mine as well. And by the way, no i am no musician and i dont listen to HUNDREDS of bands everyday. I just enjoy the occasional good music, which i find in ptm and grizzly bear among others.

  94. John Mill

    because people like to see themselves as defenders of invisible, and extremely easy arguments. they can't take on the difficult ones so they make them up and waste everyone's time with their bullshit

  95. John Mill

    yeah and your opinion is fucking wrong as fuck. are you a skilled musician? do you have several hundred bands and artists you listen to monthly? if yes to either of them then never mind your opinion has validity, if no, which i suspect based on your wrong musical views of ptm's new shitty album, then you have no opinion.

  96. Halfdan Ekins

    what? i think portugal. the man did a great job on evil friends, just like grizzly bear did here. But its all opinion i guess..