Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able Lyrics

I'm going to take a stab at this
Surely we'll be alright
Make a decision with a kiss
Maybe I have frostbite

And when I shuffled on back home
I made sure all of my tracks in the snow
Were gone

Tissue and bones it was a tryst
This isn't a gunfight
Checking it off of my list
Unable to rewrite

Five years, countless months and a loan
Hope I'm ready, able to make my own
Good home

They go we go, I want you to know, what I did I did
They go we go, I want you to know, what I did I did

They go we go, I want you to know, what I did I did
They go we go, I want you to know, what I did I did

They go we go, I want you to know, what I did I did
They go we go, I want you to know, what I did I did

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Grizzly Bear Ready, Able Comments
  1. Luci Grey

    My dad showed this to me when I was a baby to put me to sleep. 10 years later I'm rediscovering it.

  2. more

    thank you jesus!

  3. antiergenable

    1:26 cute doggo

  4. Ali Topalan

    Grizzly Bear Awesome ....and Extraordinary

  5. Jarry Lune

    I met ed droste nye 2020 drunk as shit and he made me sit on his lap when I asked for a picture. Ama


    did he get a boner

  6. Pedro Soares

    Why do you assume this as indie instead of alternative rock?

  7. walter baltodano

    Grizzly Bear songs takes me to places i’ve never been.

  8. Serkan Sayar

    Yorum yapanlar hep bizim çocuklar Maşallah 🇹🇷

  9. Ricardo Zamora

    Most awesome video of all times luv it

  10. H. U.

    Happy birthday Hasan Mezarcı the Messiah

  11. Frank Olivas

    Good thing , I no high. Wait tomorrow night. Start here.

  12. Taconator121

    This song kinda feels like love

  13. Sponge Crypto

    2:23 den sonra tekrarlayın..
    Düzcede doğdu da mesihte oldu Hasan Mezarcı
    Düzcede doğdu da mesihte oldu Hasan Mezarcı
    Düzcede doğdu da mesihte oldu Hasan Mezarcı

    Bthn tp

    Bu müzik neyin nesi anladıysan açar mısın

    Sponge Crypto

    @Bthn tp 140 journo Hasan mezarcı yaz anlarsın bro

  14. Madmunkey123 Madmunkey123

    There music goes so well with there music videos

  15. RAGE OWL

    Finding lyrics for this song is hard af if you turn on captions it only says "oh" and "we" god damn it!

  16. Kudos AKi

    I showed my friend a video of Mushrooms 🍄 growing and he replied back with this 😂

  17. Mike Jones

    977 thumbs down why and really u big mad or what or u miserable .... relax ....n enjoy

  18. Bribble Brabble

    To this day I can’t stop myself froM belting out “THEY GO WE GO..” when this track comes up

  19. Yran Camilo

    Que som gostoso

  20. diego, qué

    mmmm i heard this on Summer Camp Mix 2011 by Tyler The Creator XD
    i feel fortunate now, this is a beautiful songgg

  21. Kent Kollath

    Came for the visual.
    Stayed for the lyrics.

  22. verviecat

    This song always reminds me of my ex and I’ll always cry when listening to it

  23. Joie Monster

    This song, this band... makes my Soul happy. 🥰🤙🌠
    P.s. The river is wide & has many tributaries. 🏞

  24. Candice M.

    Is that the Wilkerson brothers? The clay monkeys

  25. Dave Scare

    If you play this for your CBD it becomes THC...

  26. TUNCA


  27. Andrea Dreismeier

    I loved the melody! and like 2 weeks I hoped the video would not disappoint! It did not!!! I loved this Video!!! I put this song on repeat I love it so much. Then I decided to look up the lyrics. It hit close to home. Having this done to me, it kind of ripped my guts out. At least in the song, the singer is sorry. He didn't continue to see the other person and walk her into work every day. Powerful song! GREAT VIDEO!!

  28. M416 Films

    I have been listening to this song for the past 5 years and never seen the music video until now....

    M416 Films

    The song itself in my consciousness is already beautifully created with the music to my ears.

  29. Angel Reynoso

    This song is just too fucking special, 10 years later, it’s still as beautiful as the first time hearing it


    absolutely. whole albums still amazing. Great band, one of my top 3 artists.

  30. Henrik

    A masterpiece... one of which we may never see in our lifetimes again.

  31. Günel Aziz

    Thanks 140journos

  32. Nick-E Nicole

    I always love love the digression into the dark waltz (that also sounds like part of a dirge) section of this track. god I love this album!

  33. jordass2 J

    My favorite video for psychedelics, fkn music... life...

  34. Busra

    Aşırı iyi şarkı, aşırı iyi klip. Thank you the man who make a joke that no one's laugh

  35. Yeshaiyah White

    This song is so beautiful

  36. true dedective tr

    is life worth living should I blast myself?

  37. Matthrick O

    1:53 It feels like your soul is leaving your body... what amazing things real music can do!!!

  38. Sugar Waves


  39. Rutledge McMillin

    This song is an amazing composition. Makes my skin crawl every time.

  40. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Çooooook Güzelden daha da ÇOK GÜZELLL!!!..💪❤👍

  41. Caroline Corbett

    I love this song. The melodies, the reverb, the harmony of singing. After hearing an interview of the lead singer regarding the musical genius in his family, I can see how something this beautiful can be dreamed of. Takes me somewhere else, with someone else, where I should be.

  42. Özgür Aydın Sarıcıoğlu

    I don't know why, but for me seems like this video is about human discrimination, especially like Europeans once did in Africa, such as putting the native tribe people which are isolated from outer world into the zoos.

  43. TheAtonne

    I haven't taken any drugs but I still feel like I'm on a bad trip watching this video. 😐😐😕😕

  44. 825 Studios

    Did anyone else feel like they were on an acid trip watching this?


    Wow this song make me feel so weird

  46. yasemin dereci


  47. oğuz karatufan

    a melodrama by itself

  48. Ersan Aslan

    Mesihten geldik

  49. Inter Stellar

    thanks again for such a good music 140 and their team.

  50. Erokay Gürz

    I hereby, as a former atheist - and then agnostic - ; have an irredeemably desire to declare that I have a heartedly faith in The Holy Spirit.

  51. Douglas Bueno

    LSD- Ready, Able

  52. Eliud Lopez

    You came. Come with me.

  53. Furkan Deniz

    Aradığım şarkıyı buldum. Ben bu şarkı eşliğinde sevgilimin gözlerinin içine bakmak isterken yaptığı öküzlüklerden dolayı yalnız dinliyorum. Anılar müziklerin içinde saklanıyor ilerde ne zaman bu şarkıyı dinlesem aklıma bu depresif şeyler gelecek lütfen size değer verenlere değer verin.

  54. Grace Kelly


  55. Parliament

    Hasan Mezarcı ruhuna...

  56. Redder

    Fahişe meryemim

  57. Chikirin Doshi

    Song of Jesus ❤️

  58. ali kemal gözkara

    İ said said you didnt believe me what happened? Things that happened is discover the song :)

  59. katilrhyme90 03

    Dedim dedim inanmadınız bak nooldu şimdi xd

  60. Alperen Kaya


  61. anıl yastı


  62. Umit Kara

    Hasan Mezarcı we Love you ❤️


    Vesile oldu sağolsun smxmsm

  63. Gg Xd

    listening for THE MESİH

  64. beyza kaya

    Hasan mezarcıdan gelenler

  65. Tayfun Yavaş

    dedim dedim inanmadınız

  66. Euren De Lisle

    Thanks Hasan Mezarcı a.k.a jesus

    Stok Graffiti

    Türkiyede herkes İngilizce biliyor ama fikir olarak , grammar etc.bilen az

    Fatih Sağıroğlu

    Ya yine her yerdeyiz aq

    Serkan Sayar

    Demek tek değilmişim mezarcıdan Şarkıya ulaştık 😀😀😀

    Serkan Sayar

    Yorum yapanlar hep bizden çocuklar Maşallah 🇹🇷

    Sweet Home Alabama

    Türk Kürt Türk Kürt Türk Kürt bu nedir Allah aşkına ya..?

  67. Samsa K.

    140 journos/Hasan Mezarcıdan gelenler

  68. ufuk töle

    140journos'tan geldim süper şarkı

  69. `Francesco Petrarca

    Çoğğk gözel amk

  70. Slow Tumb

    dedim dedim inanmadınız

  71. Lokman Özcan

    140 journey ekibi,👋

  72. Coskun Anlar

    teşekkürler 140journos :)

  73. Baran Yagız


  74. Hüseyin Gümüşboğa

    2:30 speed 1.25 good musıc :)

  75. çağlar şenlik

    14ü journos tan geldik

  76. Alican

    Mesihten gelen var mı

  77. Muhammed Ulusoy

    Mesihten geldim.

  78. doğukan hançer

    140journos hasan mezarcıdan gelenler?

  79. Fabian Herrera

    Lit up a joint at 2:00 am and listen in this order the next tunes :

    1.Weird Fishes Radiohead
    2.Ready Able Grizzly Bear
    3.Chamber of Reflection Mac Demarco
    4.Trouble Coldplay
    5.hoppipolla Sigur Ros

    Now tell me how you feel?

  80. Izzy Mounth

    El video siempre me recuerda a radiohead-weird fishes

  81. Cyborg Godfrey

    This song has a cold feeling to it.

  82. Clare Schaefbauer

    When I was younger, like probably 11 years old, I was obsessed with stop motion animation. I found this video and it scared the crap out of me. Today, I'm listening to Spotify and this song comes on. I think, "I should look up this song's music video!" I open YouTube, search this bad boy up and low and behold, my childhood trauma. Even so, now I see this in a different light. It's a great song and a great, trippy, music video!

  83. Michal Mroz

    watch this on shroms ...holy mosses

  84. Chaylen Tejeda

    I listened to this song and this song only for a month around autumn. I heard this the first time and it made me feel a way I never felt before. I've tried to find another song that hit me the way this did. Late night, got some bad news and told a friend, he sent me this song and told me it makes him feel good. I threw on some head phones and listened. My chest hurt with joy, I felt adrenaline rush threw me and I wanted to sink into my bed and punch a hole in a wall at the same time. I wanted to cry but I didnt know why. Even now when I listen I feel a little tingle, but never will I ever feel the way I did that night. Thank you grizzly bear.

  85. Fabian Herrera

    I normally listen to this tune 4 times a day!

  86. bonfire 112

    I love the style stop motion

  87. Joel Galarza

    My friend Lucas showed me this song he be dead for a while now I really miss him every now and then I smoke sum gas and listen to this n remember my friend

  88. Justin Gumataotao


  89. Joseph Critchley

    Why only 360p? : (

  90. Maria Sg

    2019 ... its still like the first time! Mesmerizing!

    Abraham Herrera

    I can agree

  91. Roberta Hatchett

    This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

  92. Space Bender

    Nice voice

  93. Mango Slushii

    2:44 is the best part of the song

  94. where is everyone

    It says 3.3K comments but I'm the only comment... YouTube's drunk

  95. Goran Čanković

    Песма слична ТРАФАЛГАР СКВЕРУ  од  Дистројера...  лепао, лепо, буди неке емоције..

  96. ParteeDowne

    I love this video..... but at the same time it gives me nightmares

  97. Marcus Marceline

    This art-piece might be the best performance of existence I’ve ever seen... How beautifully charming, and yet utterly tragic.


  98. Kelly Vosberg

    909 people need help

  99. Night Nurse

    Absolute ear candy.