Grizzly Bear - Gun-Shy Lyrics

The sky keeps staring at me
Frozen in my tracks
Nothing else to see
And when I move my face left
You're always standing there
A shadow I can't see
And even then I can't trace
You're walking away

I put my ears to the ground
Always pushing down
Nothing I can hear
I found the worst half in me
I'm cut off at the knees
Can't even take a stand
Against your words and beliefs
We didn't want to freeze

(All of the years
Leaving me here
The pain
Losing my aim
And why
Haven't we changed?
Story to blame?
All of my wrongs
You know it's wrong
You smile)

I don't want to say it all again
I never seem to see
And why?
Do I always feel it all the same
The blisters in my eyes
A guide that has only led me stray
And even as I limp
You smile

The cold keeps tearing at me
Slowing down my blood
Unable to speak
I left my mind long ago
Choosing something false
Always letting go
And when I try to face you
You're walking away

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