Grizzly Bear - Foreground Lyrics

Take on another shift
Palms in the middle, hands in the middle
Work out another rift
Something is muffled, another chuckle

This is a foreground
It is a foreground

A cross country miss

Take direction, can’t connect it
I’m afraid this is

Ten detected, nine in a wreck and

A little jetty fight
Pattern evolving, motion insolvent
Something about this might
Take all evening, I’ll just be cleaning

This is a foreground
It is a foreground

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Grizzly Bear Foreground Comments
  1. Kriste Andrea Tujague

    Blue Valentine. 😭 💕

  2. smriti kannan

    Blue Valentine.

  3. raji Ch

    I heard this song in radio 5 yrs ago when I used to stay in Redmond WA. Now we moved to East but missing WA badly. Daily i am hearing this song which sooths my soul.

  4. raji Ch

    this song reminds my stay in cold and rainy Redmond WA. Nostalgic.

  5. HelloJapan

    I’ve been listening to this song for years and it’s by far one of the my all time favorites yet it surprises me how little people have listened to it even now year after having it been out.

  6. Brett Faver

    you think you can love someone just by looking at em?

    Joe Nguyen

    You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?

  7. Arthur Dent

    RIP- Roman Mazurenko

  8. DidsGaming

    Amazing piece of music and performance by Ed, I think I hear a bit of Animal Collective's Bluish here too

  9. Soulwagon

    Grizzly Bear brought me here

  10. LV YC

    Out of a lot of music, they just get me feeling some sort of way. They're just so, different that I fuck with it on every level.

  11. Chris Guerrero

    I just had a daughter with the woman I'm about to marry. I hope she loves me as long as I love her. But who falls out of love at the same time?

  12. jolinha قمامة


    Take on another shift
    Palms in the middle, hands in the middle
    Work out another rift
    Something is muffled, another chuckle

    This is a foreground
    It is a foreground

    A cross country miss

    Take direction, can’t connect it
    I’m afraid this is

    Ten detected, nine in a wreck and

    A little jetty fight
    Pattern evolving, motion insolvent
    Something about this might
    Take all evening, I’ll just be cleaning

    This is a foreground
    It is a foreground

  13. The Marlon Diaries TMD

    Freddie & Effie from Skins & Blue Valentine 💙

  14. Frederick Core

    Sounds like Where Is My Mind? and Radiohead

  15. ithelrós

    i already somehow knew grizzly bear, but came here for porches

  16. Hilmi makina

    Vata fak ar YU duink

  17. Lô Ô

    a melhor

    Taylor Heitor

    Lô A perfeição

  18. TheYasawy97

    A dead person recommend this song to me.

    Arthur Dent

    ME TOO!!!

    Tyson Reese

    @Arthur Dent wtf

  19. Cpt Brncls

    everywhere says
    "Take on another shift
    Palms in the middle, hands in the middle
    Work out another rift,
    Something is muffled, another juggle"

    although to me it sounds like shaft and raft, rather than shift and rift

  20. MRxROID

    funny how old songs bring back so much memories.....god damn....found the song from the movie the bully project

  21. Sudev Sen

    this sounds so much like the piano cover of Where is my Mind by Max Cyrin(used in Mr Robot and Leftovers

    Julia Trainor

    love that one too!

  22. Claude Alain

    pour cette solennité, cette majesté, cette beauté stratosphérique, je vois Portishead, Angelo Badalamenti, Low, sur certains morceaux bien précis... n'est pas donné à qui veut de recevoir de telles inspirations...

  23. Paul M. Winter

    JJs Episode in the 4th Season of skins is a bit like this Film "Blue Valentine" I dont see the Film, but i read the Wikipedia Page of it. In both is this song. Coincidence? I dont think so...

  24. Ryan Folt poleyo


  25. Daniela Ticona Mayta


  26. Nell Sargent


  27. Libby J. 1218

    Blue Valentine brought me here. I freakin' love this song!

  28. Saskia. M

    skins 💕

  29. Official NS

    Its one of those days. TB days.

  30. Devin Sapp

    Woah guys this is crazy I'm feeling this weird sensation in my face and chest! This is really odd, it's making me tear up too! Okay, I've done some webMD and I guess there are other confirmed cases of this too! Apparently I am suffering from "the feels"


    +Walter “TheOneWhoKnocks” White Lol :)

    BK BK


    Shaina Piermattei

    I'm not playing this on repeat 🤥

    Dylan Lee

    stendhal syndrome, my friend.

  31. Giovanna Dias

    Skins <3


    which season? if u remember ahah

    Paul M. Winter

    +Kayla 4th

  32. efvio

    bukowski brings me here

  33. Deadringer

    Reminds me a bit of radiohead's Videotapes. Grizzly Bear is just a fanstastic band. IMO they're a combination of The Shins and radiohead with a dash of some 60's pop. It's a recipe for perfection.

    Eddie Hastings

    Perfect explanation.


    Grizzly Bear actually opened for Radiohead during the latter's "In Rainbows" tour. One of the best concerts I have ever attended.

  34. Dana Gawlak

    This song is dessert.

  35. Daniel Lawrence

    my ex's music taste

    Emily Torres

    Can I be friends with ur ex

    Daniel Lawrence

    Sure, If you can find her


    @InspectorJinxy stop looking up the songs she used to show you; not healthy :P

    Daniel Lawrence

    @HanBroman it's still a good song :P

  36. Sqrb3arスクエアクマ

    God I love this ❤️❤️

    Tim Schmidt

    I do too.


    It's lovely huh? @Tim Schmidt

    Tim Schmidt

    @Destiny Colona Exactly :)

  37. lily d

    absolutely amazing - favorite song

  38. Autonomous Ein

    Oh my god enough with that fucking nissan commercial Jesus fuck in a hand basket

  39. jenna foster

    just absolutely excellent 

  40. Celine Armstrong

    can't stop listening to this

  41. ck675

    significant Radiohead influences with this one, just amazing

    David Diaz

    @ck675 i love RADIOHEAD


    @ck675  yeah I know. Reminds me of Videotapes by radiohead

    Liam van der Spek

    +ck675 Johnny Greenwood said GB were one of his favourite bands and they opened for RH a few times.

  42. Rijaa Shoukat

    the beginning kinda reminds me of where is my mind by the pixies


    Maxence Cyrins piano cover of Where is My Mind, almost identical

    Audrey W


  43. jaykess_

    Beautiful ♥

  44. Alysse Adrianna

    i heard theyre good live

  45. Kristina Ramos

    I'm already a fan of Grizzly Bear but I was watching a documentary called Bully and the instrumental verison of this song was in it. Its really a great documentary

  46. rachel stiefel

    This doesn't have to be it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard the rise and falls

  47. 23Cerberus23

    I love the people who say passive statements on how they knew the band when they came out.  Like, 'oldie but a goodie' or, 'I remember this song when it first came out'.  Awesome... you guys know a band before it became somewhat mainstream through a movie or something.  Cookie?

    John Pacella

    I logged in just so I could thumb this comment up. Seriously, people need to shut the fuck up and listen. 

    Wyatt Sebourn

    This band is mainstream? Never heard them from anywhere or in any movie. I only recently found em through Songza.


    Well music is like treasure. If you found treasure would you share it with new comers or would horde it with the crew you stumbled upon it with??

    So what Im saying is you might have found copy of the map.. And it brought you to the treasure but the treasure is ours...

    Unless you steal it or the crew declares mutiny. Until then the treasure is ours lol


    @Wyatt Sebourn they are 'mainstream' if that's what you wanna call it. a very popular band. not that it matters a wank.

  48. carlina rodriguez

    Skins . ❤️

  49. Federico Gueli

    14 degrees lightly cloudly

    raji Ch

    Perfect for Seattle rainy foggy weather

  50. Miguel Franco

    like dis if u cry evrytime

  51. Mac Adam

    <3 Sometimes it's so hard to be alone...

    Queer Film

    After a while you get used to it. I know I am.

  52. OldSerpentOfSin

    That statement contradicts its self.

  53. Callum Binns

    I want to like this because of the irony but...that would...gaah!

  54. Claudia Madison

    Like if pandora got you here!

  55. Saba Akbulut

    oh, again skins :D

  56. cancerjuly1989

    Like this just for the hell of it

  57. Macey

    ;3; i love this song, makes meh tear up tho. Its so beautiful

  58. Benjamin Braddock

    like this if you can't feel your face when you're listening to this song


    so true

  59. ben foster

    Closed eyes

  60. Carrie

    Simply breathtaking.

  61. Levi

    Skins! ♥

  62. georgiamayjay

    like this if you breathe

  63. cyezak

    Amen. Veckatimest is a class album -- along with their others.

  64. Zohla

    i know it from blue valentine but i hope that you will all still accept me

  65. Rebecca Li

    So beautiful when they played this live.

  66. Bee

    My new goal is to learn this on piano.

  67. evoni fountouki

    it looks like radiohead style..very good!

  68. evoni fountouki

    Blue Valentine..


    this song makes me wanna become a better person

  70. Cece

    was it really? which version?

  71. Drpepper1437

    When they used this in the documentary Bully, I lost all the feels.

  72. jellygirl99

    This is such a beautiful song

  73. Audrey Cé

    After listening this, if I die now, I'll be in peace.

  74. HeyyItsRenee

    Gives me the chills every time, makes me want to sit outside on a rainy day and just melt.. the song needs to be longer though :)

  75. Emilie Poirier

    This song gives me goosebumps..

  76. Rebecca Burden

    This is brilliant

  77. chris kossès

    reminds me my ex...that boy had such a good taste on music...i'm gonna miss that.

  78. Sare Boonstra


  79. David Butler

    charles bukowski brought me here

  80. Noel Flynn


  81. YoungStevesie

    This song and Blue Valentine just fit so well together

  82. th3giv3r

    I disliked, because you're an idiot.

  83. AntwanTheSwan19

    Don't mean to drag away from the music, but I knew this song before they played it on Skins, and it's awesome when you hear a song you love in a different context than you're used to, and you develop a whole new feeling for it and adds a different dimension to it. But i have a lot of respect for the show, they played Knife like three times. Anyways, can't wait for Shields AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  84. Ernin Plinsch

    funny how youtube changed a whole generations behaviour in discussion in an extremely bad way.

  85. iRyeGuy

    blue valentine anyone? with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams

  86. Christian Richtsmeier

    Honestly crying

  87. TruckT1

    Goosebumps each and every time i listen to this song.....

  88. Eric Stevens

    Who's Grizzly Bear and what does Wonderful mean?
    Fuck..I ne'er get to like anything...:(

  89. doodSTORM

    life if u knowed dis song frem lissning to it n not sum moobie or hack tean show frum da UK. XDDDD

  90. Tom Baker

    What do you want, a medal?