Gripp, Parry - Surfin' Taco Lyrics

Surfin' taco
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Surfin' taco
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You've got to get what you want when you want it, now
You've got to get what you want when you want it, now
You've got to get what you want when you want it, now
You've got to get what you want

Surfin' taco
Surfin' taco, oh yeah
Surfin' taco
Surfin' taco, oh yeah
Surfin' taco, oh yeah
Surfin' taco
Surfin' taco, oh yeah

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Gripp, Parry Surfin' Taco Comments
  1. Galaxy animations07

    0:19-0:22 what all little kids want their mom to say to them

  2. Warrenfanguy205

    Was this the first song by Parry Gripp containing a taco (by the way)?

    Pixelated Power

    It's raining tacos.

    Galaxy animations07

    @Pixelated Power It's raining tacos came out in 2012, this came out in 2008 or 2009.

  3. 777/247


  4. marierains onyourparade

    this is epic!

  5. Nicholas Shepherd


  6. OrmeDios El que todo lo ve y todo lo sabe

    like si vienes de fando :D

  7. Bailey Dysart

    food thats all he can sing about!! im hungry nao XD

  8. Sir Akasis

    i want this played at my funeral so badly

  9. Clark Everett

    Afterward it would Soggy Taco *Clap Clap Clap*

  10. Jennie Hirsch

    i want this song as my ringtone!!!!! :D

  11. Skitty27

    It's so random I love it!

  12. Patrick Kercheville

    Funny but taco and water not a good combination

  13. poptropicaturtle

    surfin taco and crunchy taco met on taco night

  14. Kianna

    30 thumbs up and i will sing this to my taco and put my surfboard underneath the taco!

  15. YuyuFangirl

    Why was this in my recommended for you? LOL

  16. Audrey Edler

    I liked the part where the taco was surfing.

  17. ethenar,

    20 likes and ill sing this in school during homeroom

  18. ritatwn2

    crunchy taco aint got notin on surfin taco!!

  19. Nitsua Dragon


  20. Samantha Wells

    Yeah not as good as Crunchy Taco!!! :P

  21. Ray Harper

    You just got a subscriber LOL

    Put it in the back of your refridgerator!! Haha wrong video

  22. ella-the-sherlockian

    Ya like tha bit that says surfin taco

  23. ExpitheCat

    @CookiCreamii I know, It's a JOKE.

  24. Shania

    @thomasfan69 Shut uhp, tacos are equally good.

  25. hawkeye7117

    Look at FuMe tacos one its funny

  26. rachels3000

    Eww soggy taco :(

  27. smpfilmsfanful

    Now thats one taco i MUST eat O_O

  28. Big J

    Surfin' Taco....

  29. Wolfehh


  30. thevelocimotion - OLD CHANNEL

    surfin taco YEAH!!!

  31. Breanna Martin


  32. Amy Quast

    29 tacos are nachos in a secret disquise

  33. amelia r

    I love Parry Gripp!!!! :)

  34. banan harald

    29 people fell of the surf board

  35. Amy Quast

    if there was a mcdouble song i know someone who would love it forever

  36. Max

    Ima get my groove on.....

  37. TheO arca

    i entered my taco in the surfing contest and he won.

  38. Sarah Hoeing

    28 people are tacos but can't surf.

  39. Ashley Sykes

    If parry gripp had his own commircials, they would play over and over. Even interrupt obamas speeches. :P

  40. computercat101

    oh snap here we go! check out my surfin taco XD

  41. tylorsky123

    Kinda sounds like a 70's song

  42. Elise Renae

    @weegee223 OMG same happened to mine!!

  43. ThisLazyPanda


  44. supernickyX45

    26 people suck

  45. Stabbed

    Oh, Parry Gripp, and her tacos...

  46. lild526

    @cosmicgrl01 cause i want a surfin taco

  47. Blarg

    love it

  48. MegaYallow

    @samnseq89 He shaved :o

  49. Diego Urbina

    26 people

  50. ExpitheCat

    @venombladepictures Um.. That comment was made 1 month ago, So 24 people will burritos then :P

  51. MegaYallow

    Crunchy Taco learned how to surf?

  52. clay cooper

    @Pd4aNv1eK yepp

  53. David Stewart

    Yea Yea Yea SURFIN TACO.

  54. ExpitheCat

    24 people are burritos

  55. I dont know man

    @Pd4aNv1eK same....

  56. Danna M

    I would totally blast this in my car with my windows down so people could hear it at red lights.

  57. August Jackson

    when i clicked on this i expected to hear "surfin bird' by the Trashmen but with taco instead of bird.

  58. Willow Kerr

    @kksldrluvmi its cool huh?

  59. kksldrluvmi

    @Dovefeather888 omg i saw it now that you pointed it out kool!

  60. Willow Kerr

    @kksldrluvmi in this one its on the surf board

  61. kksldrluvmi

    @Dovefeather888 WHAT? WHERE?

  62. Gemdowner

    24 poeple are surfin'birds

  63. Willow Kerr

    theres the word MAZUR hid in every back ground

  64. nack287

    @Pd4aNv1eK i can arrange that nah jk i cant

  65. Sara Lucas

    24 people are swimming burritos

  66. Danna M

    Oh my gosh that funeral comment had me rollin

  67. TheKAblOOY

    YOU GOT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT WEN YOUR 10000000.000000.0.00000.00000.

  68. RobotNexus

    @Pd4aNv1eK lol

  69. TheKAblOOY

    i sware parry gripp is a awsome human 0_0!!

  70. TheKAblOOY

    @hammiezrule im with you man this is golden

  71. Skycrazed1

    I want to go to rio grande or san marcos now after seeing this... lol :)

  72. Konanza

    Damn, i want to smoke what this guy smokes.

  73. normaloldweirdo

    sounds like a miami cop show theme song

  74. warlerker

    SING LAKSHIMI SING lol love that at teh bottom :D lol

  75. dawsons300

    Surfin taco yeah yeah yeah surfin taco yeah yeah yeah you got to get what u want when u want it now you got to get what u want when u want it now u got to get what u want when u want it now u got to get what u want surfin taco surfin taco yeah

  76. coolhackerguy

    @zackychane no 24. :(

  77. Urška Eloms

    this song is super sexual ;p
    my new ringtone!!

  78. sometimestigz

    Teaching tacos to surf is cruel.

  79. chihuahuacutie9

    this is my RINGTONE

  80. Jack Le

    taco is a word

  81. Mr Pie 5

    @Pd4aNv1eK don't tell people that, they'll want you dead faster

  82. nerd3.14

    This is pure RANDOMNEZZ!!!! YEAH!!

  83. ELODV


  84. Jester


  85. cheerthinker

    justah spore song then u have done everyting

  86. David Stewart

    im having this played at my funeral

  87. suwakee

    i like the music haha

  88. NotWorthTheTears

    @Starztori1 I Realized Those Were Missing.! And There ARE 10 Facts.! I Feel Smart.^.^ Ndd Like a No Life Also... ]:

  89. Shallibodhran

    eat a taco and try not to laugh while listening to this.

  90. StreetKitten473


  91. randomnumbersequence

    i think this would sound really cool without the words (tho the words make it cool 2)

  92. AmyRose3910

    Wow this reminds me of the time i saw some guy eating a taco thing while surfing but he fell and dropped his taco is wuz so frickin funni

  93. Sara K.

    @Starztori1 Yeah! I was trying to figure that out too!

  94. nemomoo

    @DaWasabii no they're not, they're just playing reruns.

  95. DaWasabi

    Nicktoons is creating new episodes and they are on TV u juts gotta find out when its on

  96. Starztori1

    singh lakshmi singh?

  97. riley omega

    17 ppl missed the like button =]