Gripp, Parry - Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You) Lyrics

Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat
Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat
Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat
Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat

(Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat) I weep for you
(Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat) Spaghetti cat, it's all I can do
(Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat) Spaghetti cat, to keep from falling apart
(Spaghetti cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat) Spaghetti cat, 'cause you're breaking my heart

Oh, yeah
When I first saw you
On that daytime TV show
Sitting behind that plate of spaghetti
I knew that you were no ordinary cat

Haters will hate on you and make negative comments
Such as "That cat looks scared"
And "A cat should not be eating spaghetti"
But you just keep on eating that spaghetti
Because you will always be

(Spaghetti cat) I weep for you
(Spaghetti cat, oh) Spaghetti cat, it's all I can do
(Spaghetti cat) Spaghetti cat, (Yeah) to keep from falling apart
(Spaghetti cat) Spaghetti cat, 'cause you're breaking my heart
Spaghetti cat

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Gripp, Parry Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You) Comments
  1. hamza janjua

    So y'all just gon' forget about spaghetti cat? I'm still here weeping for it in 2020...

  2. Adrian Malacoda

    cats can have little a spaghetti

  3. BrianReacts

    Before Smudge (Salad Cat) was born into the ultimate meme, Spagheti Cat his older brother ruled the meme world.

  4. BrianReacts

    Before Smudge (Salad Cat) was born into the ultimate meme, Spagheti Cat his older brother ruled the meme world.

  5. ChiPahjogwin ndeznicaz

    some how i wondered on to this for the first time 4 am dec 13 2019

  6. Iron Addict

    When i was 8 i sung this in a talent show and guess what I WON

  7. BuckBucktheWookie33

    A masterpiece !

  8. Abdul Awan

    That cat looks scared and cats shouldn’t be eating spaghetti

  9. Jacob Tuchelt

    2019 anyone

  10. A N A T H E M A

    Eternal classic

  11. AvoltageGaming

    Where my 2019 listeners at?

    Lydia Snow

    Parry Gripp is an immortal god of music; the cherry on top of the internet. It’s only a matter of time before his music is performed in symphony halls.

  12. koolkiwi77



  13. Adam Rang

    A cat should not be eating spaghetti

    Travis Ryan

    I will skin you alive

  14. Robert Koeller

    OMG, this is parry gripp.... I'VE BEEN WATCHING PERRY GRIPP SINCE I WAS 5 😀

  15. Pikaroth

    STILL in my favorites! Never forget the apotheosis of Spaghetti Cat!

  16. Hed wig

    I'm here to pay tribute to an old friend.

  17. Nate Unrestricted

    My Origen

  18. Johnny Richard

    I was born on the day this was made. I feel a strong connection with this song.

  19. Spaghetti Cat

    Spaghetti Cat

  20. marcus4ever

    11 years later and still hilarious.

  21. Galaxy animations07

    When I first saw this I had to push the replay button immediately..

  22. Leonie Klein

    Youtube: its been 10 years! Lets recommend this

  23. Galaxy Creations 25


  24. why qu the third


  25. Not Lauren

    Here I go again, falling into my monthly urge to look at ancient YouTube videos and reminisce about the good ol days

  26. snape first

    *10 years later...*

  27. Michael Kovich

    11 years later... still solid.

  28. Awebud

    Who’s cutting onions?

  29. Antoinette Herrera

    This was my bop when I was 9
    Btw I was 9 in 2008 and this video makes me feel old

  30. snowboy V.2 {sealed God}

    The Spaghetti was my family.
    I will now get revenge

  31. พชร สุมาลานุรักษ์

    He is not JEEPS!!

  32. Ken Cardenas

    Omg that was ridiculously retarded and equally awesome &funny.... poor spaghetti cat. He looks scared.... cats shouldn't eat spaghetti! 😂🤣 our cat will carpet shark black olives off the floor after pizza 😂🤣 shes fed well! still smiling about poor spaghetti cat

  33. sherrifjam917

    My 10th grade teacher used to play this all the time...while he was supposed to be teaching us about IT Foundations.

  34. Anonymous User

    2019. Never forget

  35. Déjà Vu

    that cat looks scared

  36. Wande N


  37. wt8012

    This song makes me want to go to the pet shop and buy a pet cat.

  38. Кусочек Капкейкс


  39. Luca Moise

    Hey guys wanna know something sad, the cat is probably dead 😢

  40. Luca Moise

    Can someone make a 10 hour version please?

  41. Lucy Doll the Fox

    If nobody doesn't know what "weep" means, its another word for crying

  42. san tiago

    Hola k ase

  43. Requiem Blanchett

    all these fall out boy comments make me want to cry i have found my people

  44. -kibō-


  45. Elliot Salem

    How many of us fucking came here from Fall Out Boy?

  46. Pikaroth

    10 years later and still just as amazing!

  47. dukem991

    I've chosen baby monkey on a pig as my swan song...this ones a close second...I think I'll have two funerals ...yup

  48. Trinity E.

    10 years old and still a masterpiece

  49. MCM MCM

    2018. I watch this everyday🍝😺

  50. Amaya Rogers

    Anybody here from bunkd

  51. EmblemBlade9

    Oh god this song still stays in my head some days

  52. Frost

    This is 10 years old and still funny.

  53. Leto Burrito

    I weep for spaghetti cat

  54. llama geek

    Anyone in 2018?

  55. Jokemaster

    Your what again

  56. Rabbitprettypaws

    I’m literally crying

  57. Please sign out Sergio Please

    Can I have this played at my funeral please?

  58. ฿en

    Can’t believe this song has been in my head and heart for almost a decade now..

  59. Flame Mane

    Truly a classic in songs about memes, which are reversals of memes about songs.
    In the world of memes, songs meme you!

  60. Dylan Bennett

    And this was the day party grip made the best song of the decade

  61. Emily NoneYa

    I watched so many of these videos in middle school, I forgot how happy they made me. I definitely need more ParryGripp in my adult life. Someone, please make more; I need a sequel or something. 😂


    Parry still makes songs, quite often! Some of his most recent songs include “Guinea Pig Olympics,” “Oh Potato Dog,” and “Chicken Nugget Dreamland.” However, Parry often takes long breaks from his channel to write jingles for companies like Hasbro and Wawa. He also worked for quite a while on the Disney show 7D, for which he won an Emmy Award (look up the song “I’m Not Very Nice”). He’s dabbled in the children’s book industry as well, penning the adorable, witty picture book Somebunny Loves Me. If you still need more Parry, watch the Netflix series Storybots. He composed and sang a large majority of the show’s soundtrack, and it’s really awesome. Also, look up the Nat Geo Kids “Party Animals” series on YouTube—it’s a series of Gripp-created educational music videos for kids. Hope my recommendations helped you!

  62. Flamin Cheetos

    9 years later

  63. WilliamHungVEVO

    How did this disappear from my memory?? I miss this lol

  64. Roelle Harvey

    *Spaghetti Cat! I Weep For You!*

  65. Za Caucasian Musician

    Rest in peace Spaghetti cat :C

  66. Mr Weird Reviews

    This is why I have a life of memes

  67. Kai V

    Almost 10 years...

  68. Sierra Forney

    That cat should not be eating spaghetti

    Galaxy animations07

    Just keep on eating that spaghetti, because you will always be: SPAAAGHETTTIII CAAAAAT

  69. Albus Dumbledore

    The great spaghetti monster in the sky will be happy

  70. Raymond Valles

    That cat should not be eating spaghetti!

  71. Knight of Shame

    My moms gonna think im insane

  72. Nation Decay

    God I remember filming a music video for this song using an old camera that took AA batteries. The song had just come out. I wish I could find the video. I was dancing at the bottom of a staircase in our basement and we threw noodles down from above

  73. Phantis

    What the heck.

  74. foxycritter

    I woke up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night because I remembered this song.

  75. Rachels3rd

    And I think I saw this when I was younger

  76. Rachels3rd

    Watched it I was 1 when this was made

  77. lowkey loki

    We should make a religion out of this.


    Do you like star trek like if you agree😘😙😍😎😀😁😂

  79. Uthum

    Buzzfeed brought me here.

  80. Jaslyn Kaur

    It been 10 fuckin years

  81. alyssa

    uh, it’s been 10 years. where does time go?

  82. EvilGenius447

    It's been 9 fucking years and this is still hilarious

  83. Yogurt Potato flavored

    wow genius i like the supreme court part plus who watching this in 2017

  84. Meowth and Victini lover Forever!! X3


  85. Oddi-Bun

    almost 9 years since this was uploaded. I love this song so much and I wish you would post more, Parry!!!


    I was 1 when this was made

  86. TEG bot.

    Now a cat can be famous while eating spaghetti

  87. MrGarlicPress

    Almost 9 years...



    Jake, heres to another 9


    Want to hear how to trick a idiot?

    Read more

  89. neon lights [1997]

    Sometimes my mom would just start randomly singing this song...

  90. Molina Long

    0:45 Sophia Loren

    Molina Long


  91. Molina Long

    0:34 match game

    Molina Long


  92. Molina Long

    0:16 Star Trek

    Molina Long


    Molina Long

    Starring William Shatner deforest Kelley and Leonard Nimoy

  93. Molina Long

    0:30 Jack Nicholson

    Molina Long


  94. account not used

    Cats die every day from eating the monstorous pasketti. Pasketti is very poisonous.
    ) , :
    1 liek = 1 cat saved from the pasketti