Gripp, Parry - Robot Dog Is Coming Home Lyrics

Robot dog is coming home
Through the wilderness alone
The dangers that he's seen we'll never know

Through the darkness, through the night
Fields of fire and blinding eyes
Is there any way that we can make it right, woah

Walk on
Walk on all through the good
Walk on
Walk on all through the bad
He's state of the art
We've made him too smart
And gave him a heart

(Home home home...)

Robot dog is coming home

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Gripp, Parry Robot Dog Is Coming Home Comments
  1. I am the worst

    This used to be me and my brothers favorite song when we were little now I'm watching this now and I'm older I feel like I'm cry TwT

  2. SongsAboutEverything

    One of my favorites.

  3. Kathleen Hamrick

    Robot shiki: home! *Whimpers*

  4. ChattyCat

    When I was little, I made a dramatic, bad quality, littlest pet shop music video with this song, I was recording with an old Kodak camera, and the music was coming from my computer. idk where the video is, I’m pretty sure i deleted it. But whenever I listen to this song, it gives me intense memories of when I was 6, I’m 11 now! Thank you for making my childhood amazing! My favorite song used to be space unicorn. 🦄 ❤️

  5. OnePixelLine

    I have a trick
    read more

  6. camone loves memes 517632

    😭😭😭 so sad

  7. Kathleen Hamrick

    Doku is the robot dog so cute

  8. Random Encounter

    Their you are rexx where the hell have you been?!?! Oh yeah youfell through the floor in vault 11 or was it 13? (Fallout new Vegas reference)

  9. Random Plushes

    Does the wizard and seagull die on wizard on cupcake mountain

  10. Babs likes cartoons

    This melody is a punch in the feels. I want Robot Dog to get home safe :'(

  11. Klownkake

    when I was little i cried listening to this song

  12. Matt W

    This song is an emotional roller coaster.

  13. Gummy Cat


  14. gurl bye


  15. Andrew Slade

    Kind of sad. :(

  16. Crystal Robernson

    I watched this in 2013 before I had a channel  here on youtube ❤❤❤

  17. Crystal Robernson

    oh the nostalgia...

  18. x_Aliciaッ

    At least he's coming home

  19. x_Aliciaッ

    Awwwwwww it's so so sad I'm literally crying right now irl in real life

  20. Eric Hull

    waaaaaaa so sad

  21. Eric Hull


  22. Kat Hughes


  23. Grimsly

    Omg K-9 the small robot dog from Doctor who


    +Alysse Lucas Welcome to the fandom, young fan.

  24. vocodowpeprnnzctxi sldoviciksnwmwpsp

    I cryed a little bit when I saw this😥😥😢😢💦💧💦💧not kidding

  25. Maya

    A minecraft world 0:45

  26. Lovely Creatures Club

    So sad, I don't even have a real dog!

  27. Orrespeon

    This song is amazing it reminds me on one of my characters named poison a dog with a robot leg

  28. James Bond

    I'm getting a big green day vibe from this

  29. Grant H

    And at 1:18

  30. Grant H

    The pic at 1:14 is creepy

  31. John Johnson

    I have been searching for the lyrics EVERYWHERE to this... there's just ONE word that I am unsure of what he says..."Fields of fire and blinding...?"

    sarah stop

    Fields of fire and blinding ice


    Blinding ice

  32. Ieuan Griffith

    This and The Whole Worlds Laughing At Me show just how talented Parry Gripp, Not that his other songs don't show this it's just that those two stood out to me.

  33. uschii

    It sounds like this song has a lot more to it than we can see or hear. I don't know if this is just me being weird, but doesn't it sound like there's a story behind this? I know it's just a silly little song (less silly than sad, but you get the picture) about a robot dog, but it seems to have a story. Like, maybe the robot dog had to run away to defeat some evil marshmallow cat or something, or was lost and is finally coming home months after saving something. I don't know, I'm very weird and have an odd mind, but I really do think this song has a little more depth to it.


    It sounds more like the dog died and was repaired with robot parts in heaven and instead of coming home the owner is going to heaven 😱


    i didn't need my heart anyway

  34. Snowseal AJ

    this song sounds so sad, then you see a hamster on a piano, cheered up already :3

  35. TheCultOfMelon

    Salute robot dog!

  36. Felix Minou

    I keep seeing K-9 and just maybe fangirling a little

  37. Camicoon Luv

    I don't know why but this almost made me cry
    : ( ...............

    The Internet

    Because it's a slow song

  38. Cookie Troll25

    Did anyone else see Gir?


    I did, and I fangirled.

    Cookie Troll25

    @Thechocolatezorua AJ as did I

  39. TheToxicJamYT

    kinda sad :_)

    Biglad 7

    too true

  40. So1othurn

    1:15 Wow

  41. Heather Hagley

    I SAW K9!!!

  42. Aliciagkittycat

    Is this from Doctor Who???

  43. Evette

    I like this song

  44. JoshLeGrow

    0:40 GIR!

  45. Girl Vs Games

    0:18 doctor who k9 nerd alert


  46. Colin Chandler

    rush megamans dog

  47. jswp5



    lolz k9 from doctor who

  48. Furry Trash

    soooo sad

  49. Cassandra Colondres

    Such a sweet song

  50. thejudge305

    I miss secret of evermore

  51. Old Acc

    Hey i saw K-9!! Lol DW

  52. Cameron Inferno

    Something tells me that he never made it. :(
    RIP Robodog


    He didn't make it. He didn't die either. He is simply coming home.

  53. Sarah Giebink

    Omg it's K-9 and gir!!!

  54. Ilovecrafts22

    I never cry at mostly anything..... But I cried at this. :( so emotinal

  55. Lily Hogan

    0:12 That is awesome - 0:41 *OH MAI GAWD IT'S K-9* - 0:48 Console dog! :D - 1:14 - 1:15 - 1:16 - 1:17

    David Skaggs

    K-9 also appears in 0:17

    David Skaggs

    @David Skaggs and 0:27. I guess there are a lot of Doctor Who fans out there!


    Yaaaaay K-9!!!

  56. Cindy Habetz

    This touches my heart

  57. nanrasor

    K-9 from dr. who! (like if you like dr. who!)

  58. jickermeow

    Surprised that this is not as popular as some of his other songs. I personally love it. Well I'm gonna watch this forever now, leave me a message every 10 years and give me a status update.

  59. the blam

    0:44 robot dog in mine craft

  60. the blam

    0:06 robot dog from mega man

    Tank Fox

    Thanks C! I was looking for this

  61. Madilyn Moate

    Real good pics

  62. idealhoneybear

    No it is a show.

  63. MattMC

    Ilove how many people here are pointing out the fact that K-9 is in it! Doctor Who FTW!

  64. GhostclanGames

    Awwwww :'(

  65. NeradaBanana

    goddammit parry gripp.

    you lure me in with funny songs about cats and tacos, then you rip my heart out with this. WHY. WHY DUDE.

  66. Warriors Next Generation

    ...It's a really popular fandom. The dog at 0:17 Is a character in Doctor Who.

  67. MalunSum

    who the heck is doctor who?

  68. lolzylol115

    why it's so depressing ;)

  69. S H

    That's cute Robert Nicho.

  70. firmesTree 64

    I sleep to this song

  71. S H

    I made a robot dog ones but forgot the eyes so there just whight. Which is super creepy.

  72. Warriors Next Generation

    @0:17- K-9 From Doctor Who~! :D

  73. NeradaBanana

    three times ;)

  74. theskyman20

    0:45 Minecraft :D

  75. AWKrok

    K-9 in there- twice !

  76. AWKrok

    Love that thay have K-9 IMF here

  77. Daniel Conway

    blahbbleeblah K9!!1 BLAHBLEE!

  78. expensivecrayon

    omg k-9

  79. Frility

    lol i like it :D

  80. LostMomentum12

    I've spent 2 hours looking for this song and by captain kirks nipples were those 112 seconds worth it.

  81. John Mantooth


  82. HellomynameisJoney

    i have returned home, mistress

  83. Trey Jones

    0:46 is my f*cking horrible picture xD its f*cking backwards...

  84. smol boi ash

    I now this sounds really pitiful, but this song always makes me cry. In fact, I'm crying right now. This song just reminds me of my old dog Bear who died 6 years ago. He died from heart worms at my old house. I miss him so much. :'c

  85. vivent

    YO! PARRY I LOVE YOU ( even if you missed my pic )

  86. Alyssa Sarb

    Hah I like how alot of these are K-9 from doctor who

  87. Sam Holloway

    I want a robot dog

  88. Amaya Boutilier

    i love perry gripp

  89. Amaya Boutilier

    this song touhed me

  90. Milkweed

    1:34 is just a dog photo shoped into the picture from the song creepy crawlys by liquid stranger

  91. Wolf-fighter

    k-9 doctor whos dog :D

  92. cr0wbar

    0:45- MInecraft?!

  93. Mattab29

    IT'S GIR!!!

  94. VizonRok

    Ha. Took me a year to see your question. 1:16 is mine if you really want a print.