Gripp, Parry - Reggie The Christmas Hamster Lyrics

Yo Reggie! It's Phil, the elf from the North Pole
It's an emergency!
Santa broke his sleigh
You gotta deliver all the presents, or christmas will be a disaster!
He's Reggie the Christmas Hamster
Saving christmas day
Delivering the toys to the boys and girls
'Cos Santa broke his sleigh
You're doing it Reggie go!
It's a christmas miracle
But Reggie, where do you keep all those toys?
In your cheeks?
He's Reggie the Christmas Hamster
Saving christmas day
Delivering the toys to the boys and girls
'Cos Santa broke his sleigh
He's Reggie the Christmas Hamster (Yeah!)
He's Reggie the Christmas Hamster (That's awesome!)
He's Reggie the Christmas Hamster (You're ruling it Reggie!)
He's Reggie the Christmas Hamster (Yeah!)
Merry Christmas and season greetings to everybody
from Phil the Elf and Reggie the Christmas Hamster

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Gripp, Parry Reggie The Christmas Hamster Comments
  1. Olivia McBride

    I love all of your songs they are so funny

  2. Sean Ingram

    Heard this on WRIR 97.3 LP FM (Richmond, VA) "Thursday Morning Breakfast Blend" with "Galaxy Girl" :)

  3. Suzz Games

    I made this a tradition to listen to this song only on Decembers

  4. Zalgun's Trazyons

    I heard this song in raise a family on Roblox I think

  5. Dawn_ 543

    The roblox Christmas jam

  6. fortnyte parodes

    rip adopt and raise a cute kid

  7. Torcheded

    you're doing it reggie go

  8. calc


  9. maelkys la grana

    Yea Me Too...

  10. cris pm

    kevin u also play roblox?

  11. cris pm

    your pitcher is a roblox human lol i saw last time at december

  12. cris pm

    and adopt and raise a baby party rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. cris pm

    i heard this on roblox too

  14. Monica McCullough

    we all heard

  15. Monica McCullough

    we all heard

  16. StandardReel

    Me too on adopt and raise a cute baby

  17. TheCharizard Attack On Titan

    most people heard this on ROBLOX

  18. EpicMemesshouldliveon

    It's was on adopt and rise

  19. EpicMemesshouldliveon

    Same I heard in Roblox to

  20. Moonrise Howler

    Best song for Christmas 2015

  21. Nancy Clark

    I do this song for real it is a catchy song to sing

  22. ya_boimemester

    I understand Reggie

  23. Bazz

    I hear this on roblox too

  24. sushi octopus

    actually is cuteorange12356

  25. sushi octopus

    if someone wants to be my friend in Roblox my name is cutebubbles12356

  26. sushi octopus

    me too I head it in Roblox

  27. Itati Chavez

    I herd this on ROBLOX

  28. Slideshow Pony

    ROBLOX i heard this if know what i mean ;)

  29. Sam Rivera

    My ROBLOX account is Samatrain
    plz follow meh

    Ojia The Roblox Guy

    +Sam “Samatrain” Rivera maybe i will or maybe i wont

  30. Elioot Bae

    annoying but I had to look up. legit.

  31. Good Nitrogen


  32. Cohen Cockerham

    this is on adopt and raise a cute baby

    Jordan’s Life 6000

    I know bye tremity

  33. Cohen Cockerham

    i heard this on roblox so i dicided to look it up lol its the weirdest song

  34. Mari Cue

    I heard this roblox with my friend.

    Kawaiime Aniwaii

    so did I

    Monterial Guyton

    +barbaredreamer girlgammer me too


    Mari Cue Same I heard this on December around 1-2 years ago

  35. Hudhud Razak

    OMFG I hate this song when it comes on roblox.BTW my roblox username is hudathebluewuver follow me I follow back

  36. Ab's Family Fitness

    should have more views...

  37. Flappy Pappi

    i heard this on roblox too!!!

  38. Chloe Pritchett


  39. lily brown

    awww i showed this to my 5 year old sis she cried of joy my hamster is also a christmas hamster

  40. Shannon Bryant

    I here it on roblox to than I looked it up it is weird lol xD


    +Shannon Bryant same

  41. Daisy Donnelly

    i heard this on roblox ;]


    Daisy Donnelly SAME xD


    Daisy Donnelly me too


    me to on adopt a child

    Suzz Games

    Daisy Donnelly lol same

  42. Kool Kid Bobby

    one time i heard this i didint hear hamster i didint even kne it was The cristhmas hamsters i thaught of the nintendo one if it was base on the nintendo guy this would be a total meme

  43. Kawaiime Aniwaii

    it' beautiful.

  44. Ben Spencer

    i store my presents in my mouth too someetimes

  45. Ben Spencer

    parry gripp makes a lot of songs with hamsters


    just hamsters? he has them about a lot of animals, cats, dogs, chickens, skunks, penguins, gerbils, etc


    @fintan bailie And every song is freakin awesome. 


    @kampfmeersau ikr

    Dakoda The Cat

    Do not forget the nachos...


    Nachos :D

  46. Christine Chow

    REGGIE THE CHRISTMAS HAMSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Declan Edwards

    i wish i understood all these songs, but i bet icoould fit much much much much much much much much much much much more

  47. oxning

    Still listening to this day ...

  48. Warriors Next Generation

    Watching this in June. :P

  49. Warrenfanguy205

    Oh my goodness I haven't heard this song for like 5 or 7 months since either the last day of April at bedtime, or one of the last weeks of June this year (2012).

  50. Izzy Hallam

    Dont judge the hamster!!

  51. dylan oberaigner

    That's my hamster name!!!!,!,!,!,

  52. Warrenfanguy205

    Thumbs up if anyone has watched this in December 2011, I first discovered this music video in December 2011.

  53. Rachel StumpUrieWay

    @dethklok745 How the ''f'' is that racist?

  54. Rachel StumpUrieWay

    @massiekkur95 I love Reggie :D

  55. April Scott

    @dethklok745 I totally did.

  56. Rachel StumpUrieWay

    Thumbs up if you came from American Hamster and before that Canadian Hamster.

  57. Rachel StumpUrieWay

    @abbyroxish That's racist to me. .-.

  58. Wolfehh

    50 likes and ill sing this after disco christmas in hamster land (if i get 25 likes) on my hamsters b-day (TOMARROW)

  59. Ryan Siggins

    Santa was drinking and flying again...

  60. poptropicaturtle

    @TehNerdQueen he broke his sleigh, it was foggy, he dropped his contact lens... and he possibly slipped on slushy

  61. Mars

    Don't forget about Roy the Christmas potato! xD

  62. MissCocoHeart - Meranii Tsuki

    Santa Claus is just tired of sledging

  63. Michell Romero

    hey reegie

  64. eef2020

    reggie sounds like a zhu zhu pet

  65. TheBigSnake1231

    im sorry for all the 10 year olds that belive in santa, but..he's fake. My mom even admited it.

  66. TheO arca

    is that the same hamster from goodbye hamster?!

  67. Tay Turner

    in ur cheeks awesome

  68. Avi Shaw

    I LOVE YOU REGGIE :D I'm 11 AND I WUV U. why can't my hamster be like Reggie....

  69. DarkGalaxy10

    Red white and SNOW!

  70. Crazy Dane

    Reggie <3 <3 <3 and more <3

  71. MooMooCowz1001


  72. Gijs Kohlen

    does parry has a hamster as pet cause the most songs are about hamsters

  73. Julia Wilson

    i <3 this song :)

  74. TheKAblOOY

    hes reggy the christmas hamster!!!!!!!

  75. HomeworkSlipMan

    this came out on my brother and sister's birthday

  76. seltric1

    4 people are naughty

  77. abryanmon


  78. viotyers

    All the hamster songs are amazing!!!

  79. Karasoki

    4 people hate Reggie the Christmas Hamster. OMG

  80. bobby bob

    this song makes x-mas even more magical :D

  81. Tombocartoons

    4 people were naughty this year

  82. anima2221

    that's the hamster from "goodbye hamster goodbye"!

  83. HoodDood972

    roy the christmas potatoe is better

  84. Yanchea

    3 people hate christmas... :(