Gripp, Parry - I Got No iPhone Lyrics

I hate my life and I wanna die
I ain't got no iPhone
My heart is breakin', thinkin' suicide
I ain't got no iPhone

I hate my life and I wanna die
I ain't got no iPhone
My heart is breakin', thinkin' suicide
I ain't got no iPhone

Like a boat cap-sizin'
No hope on the horizon
Got a two-year contract
And I'm stuck on Verizon

I got no iPhone
I got no iPhone
I got no iPhone
I got no iPhone

I got no iPhone
I got no iPhone
I got no iPhone
I got no iPhone

(I got no iPhone) I hate my life and I wanna die
(I got no iPhone) (It's 2009 people, and everybody should have an iPhone) I ain't got no iPhone
(I got no iPhone) My heart is breakin', thinkin' suicide
(I got no iPhone) (Aw) I ain't got no iPhone

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Gripp, Parry I Got No iPhone Comments
  1. jarred ross

    Now it’s " I ain’t got no AirPods "

  2. It Your Boy Fruit Snack

    I ain’t got no AirPods

  3. U sure Bout dat

    My Alexa say I want to cry but why is this I want to die?

  4. Kevin Ortiz

    I remember being young not worrying about anything on my nintendo ds :(

  5. Delaney Sins

    IF PERRY MAKES A REMIX OF THIS SONG BUT REPLACES I phone with DSI! I will buy all versions of the song.

  6. existing human

    Iphone is trash anyway

  7. Daniel Larsen

    Do you have Android?

  8. XxxBreezy Gamer

    I don't get how this is annoying

    I used to sing this all the time....😑

  9. balilo baludo

    10 years later no one wants an iPhone

  10. Noobizas Productions

    2009: I got no iPhone
    2019 I got no iPhone 11

  11. Icar-us

    finna an hero

  12. Briana Anderson

    10 years

  13. Aaron Loving [Pikablu]

    It’s unsettling to hear this song in a higher audio quality than the Flipnote

  14. Ruby Ron

    He have no iphone

  15. Iamout E.

    This is fake parry gripp this is perry gripp

  16. Iamout E.

    He heck

  17. coco

    this hit different listening 10 yrs later.

  18. •Pepper Gacha•

    This was VERY interesting for parry to make.......

  19. shane reyes

    I hate my life and i wanna die, I ain,t got no iPad,
    My heart is breaking thinking suicide, I ain't got no iPad

  20. Danieldoes

    This brings back memories.

  21. Brian Conklin

    Two versons, one singer, WHOOOOOT?

  22. LUEKAM

    This shit got me in my feells 2019 yall

  23. Yariel Martinez

    😭 i got no iPhone 😭

  24. perpslo1993

    Hey at least I got an iPod.

  25. Odnoo Sukhbat

    2019 anyone?

  26. Yoshi Yt

    I miss 2009 😭

  27. PeriPower

    Me when I forget to bring my phone on a car ride

  28. FrederickIsCool

    My dad die in 2k9 when I heard this. (Natural causes)

  29. Rickys Misaventures

    The latest and greatest iphone 3g and 3gs

  30. Xerneuss300 Gaming & Reviews VEVO 2

    the deleted rejected version

  31. mega michael

    Nobody is gonna talk about that this guy made its raining tacos
    The voices sound similar

  32. Emerald Blaziken

    time to flex on that suicidal kid

  33. The Fandom Queen

    Why are there such recent comments here XD

  34. Meme Commenter

    The old perry gripp nice

  35. Abby The Silent Red Wolf

    Me when I get my phone taken away from my teacher

  36. Shawn Murphy

    the verizon thing used to apply to me but... MY PARENTS SWITCHED

  37. Michael Tarsikes

    I was born January 25th and it says January 20th :D

  38. Jaden Coucopoulos

    Who else remembers the suicidal Shy Guy?

  39. The Potion Master

    ow this is bloody old

  40. Edmonchuck

    back before he made the politically correct version. Classic

  41. Shawn Murphy

    I got no iPhone because I switched to android.

  42. Nathan V


  43. Unoriginality Is My Specialty

    2009 ladies and gentlemen. A song written in history for many who owned a DSi

  44. A Guy Named Ryan

    It’s not the same without the Shyguy

  45. Sir Optimus

    My version back when I was a young teen was

    🎵”I hate my life and I wanna die, I ain’t got no girlfriend.

    My heart is breaking, thinking suicide, I ain’t got no girlfriend”🎵

  46. CollieTheGamer

    I hate my filter and i want it gone

    I aint earning money

    I got demonetized thinking quitting youtube

    I aint earning money

  47. Drizzy._ Jakez

    Bro only legends remember 🙏🏼

  48. Mitchell Davidson

    I got an Iphone 4. I have 2 of them. The whole thing is glass. Whi has my charger? I have one for each iphone 4.

  49. Empire Entertainment

    This should be refreshed in 2019 for AirPods

  50. GET NaE_nAed

    I can relate exept without the iphone part

  51. Hexinity

    i aint got no flipnote

    mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23

    I used to love filpnote


    @mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23 same :(

    mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23

    @Hexinity i remeamber the stars


    @mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23 yeah and the people beggimg for stars


    Bruh only a fucking idiot would wanna die just because they aint gotta iPhone like this if you wouldnt kill your self over an IPhone (you dont have to like this just comment or whatever and dont kill yourself)

    mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23

    ik right


    @mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23 seriously im even typing this on a stylo and idc i wouldnt kill myself over an iphone you wouldnt right?

    mich93793VYONDGAMER!123 ands23

    @05COUNCIL [REDACTED] yeah ik but this is a song

  53. Shawn Murphy

    y’all sad bout y’all not having iphones but i got the new airpods

  54. __jaybird

    Its been 10 years, boys

  55. chibbi


  56. release his solo album in 10 July EXO baekhyun will

    I was listening to this when I was 12 I was having iPad I swear I was crying while listening and now after I got iPhone I feel so emotional

  57. Rickyisthe1

    I was like 8

  58. Rickyisthe1

    Flipnote hatena

  59. Rickyisthe1

    Remember when this exploded on flipnote

  60. Gentleman

    To think this is my childhood now.....jesus

  61. DeadMango

    whos watching this

  62. Greasejunky8 TV

    2009: I ain't got no iPhone
    2019: I ain't got no AirPods

  63. Rockford the Roe

    Don't worry, In ten years, you'll wish that you never got one.

  64. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?!


    Me too

  65. Mark Angelot

    It's been a decade and this song still bumps 🔥🔥

  66. Chloe PlayzRoblox

    Suicide over a phone? Lol

  67. Jesse 7797

    Yeah now you’ll be glad you didn’t got an iPhone

  68. - Mʀs.Dᴀᴡɴ -

    My childhood song

  69. Happy Emo

    these days when kids whipping out iphone XS Max's and us back in the day recording this song on nokia and razors

  70. NinjaYTMaster

    Bro, just get an android...


    @Paladin Miraak ik

  71. kltsunya

    2009 was a better and simpler time,,

  72. Camoman

    Ten years guys. It has been ten years.


    R. I. P. Flip notes

  74. YourLocalGothGamerGirl

    iPhone users:
    Android Users: *turns volume all the way up, blaring this song throughout a video on snapchat*

  75. Latina Tucker

    I got no iPhone

  76. Danproud

    It's 2009 people, Everyone should have an iPhone 3G, and it came out at July 2008, and the iPhone 3GS is about to come out on June 2009, btw, i look sooo young at 2009, i was 3 at January 2009, and when it's May 2009, thats when i turn 4

  77. PanzerDragon

    Can we get a fat F for the DSi

  78. tyler shar83

    Finally found the original

  79. Mr. RockTable

    The new one is better for te kidz

  80. Corey Playz

    Rest In Peace Flipnote
    We will cherish memories forever...

  81. McDrippy YT

    It’s 2019 people and everyone should have airpods

  82. kiero

    Hard to believe it's been 10 years.

  83. J_duude

    Rip flipnote hatena memes

  84. Velocity HDMI

    *tick tock has entered the chat*

  85. Tgg_ Guanaco

    I hate this part of my childhood.

  86. Smoke Dogg


  87. Intensed Creator

    Found the unclean version just how i like it

  88. Crab

    I ait got no airpods

  89. Hell oWorld

    It really do be like that

  90. Haley Meacham

    arnt samsungs better

  91. ima litten 0w0

    I got no airpods

  92. Trinal Fish

    0:53 "Its 2009 people, and everybody should have an iphone"

    ...time flies

    mega michael

    Its 2009 peaple everyone should have an iPhone and a ps3

    Its 2019 peaple you should have androids with pens and a ps4 with limited edition headphones
    Time flys

    Yoshi Yt

    I’ve had my iPhone 3gs since 09, still have it to this day.

    Harry Potter

    2009 I got no iPhone
    2019 I still got no iPhone 😂😂😂

    shane reyes

    My Cousin used a Samsung phone as an iPhone

    James Carson

    In eight weeks it will be 2020

  93. Jakob Wendt

    Now this is the real one, i really do like this one more than the 2015 update

  94. Mr.Pat

    This song came out on the first day of Obama's presidency.

  95. Yolontis 14

    I'd probably commit suicide if I had to own an iPhone