Grimes - We Appreciate Power Lyrics

We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power, power

What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
Elevate the human race, putting makeup on my face
We appreciate power
We appreciate power, power

Simulation, give me something good
God's creation, so misunderstood
Pray to the divinity, the keeper of the key
One day everyone will believe

What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
When will the state agree to cooperate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power, power

People like to say that we're insane
But AI will reward us when it reigns
Pledge allegiance to the world's most powerful computer
Simulation - it's the future

What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
Elevate the human race, putting makeup on my face
We appreciate power
We appreciate power, power

[Grimes & HANA:]
And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you're not even alive
If you're not backed up on a drive
And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you're not even alive
If you're not backed up, backed up on a drive

What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
Elevate the human race, putting makeup on my face
We appreciate power
We appreciate power

What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
When will the state agree to cooperate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power

We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power
We appreciate power

Neanderthal to human being
Evolution, kill the gene
Biology is superficial
Intelligence is artificial

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Grimes We Appreciate Power Comments
  1. Bruno Pavlov

    One day everyone will burn

  2. John Gallagher

    These two women's vocals complement each other very well around @3:00

  3. ZzNatashazZ

    Song dedicated to the lords of surveillance capitalism

  4. Planet Potential

    Can't belive someone would resonate with this message. Then take into consideration who her hubby is this is some dark fukt up stuff people.

  5. Jani Harmse

    This song is about Elon's dick

  6. annie

    The feminism I want, the feminism I need

  7. BlankLooks Everywhere

    3:07 - Grimes has an amazing voice.

  8. Omega Point Singularity

    3:51 has got the wrong lyrics

  9. First Name Last Name

    4:47: Neanderthal to Human Being - Modern humans didn't evolve from Neanderthals according to the theory of evolution (which I do not believe).

  10. sup me

    Why is this on miss anthropomorphousin ?

  11. Eric Alex Anderson

    It's weird knowing poppy was supposed to be in this. Seems like a poppy song with all the computer references.

    The Elder

    I'll take HANA over Poppy on this one, considering all that happened.

    Eric Alex Anderson

    @The Elder what exactly happened? Seems like Grimes made a song with poppy, then wouldn't let her release it, so she released it anyway. Why wouldn't she let her release it? If it's the bullying please specify what happened.

    The Elder

    @Eric Alex Anderson - Because Grimes (Claire) prefers to time releases. She can be very fickle as a producer and engineer on tracks. Poppy did not want to wait. But IMO (as much as I do like Poppy's work) should not have rolled over on Grimes and betrayed her and attacked her the way that she did in public and in the press. Which may have been Titanic Sinclair (her ex-manager / producing partner) instigating Poppy to do so.

    Eric Alex Anderson

    @The Elder oh okay, didn't know it was a timing thing.

  12. Your Boi Needle Nutz

    It’s great but why are they elves?

    The Elder

    'Cause they are frickin enchanting.

  13. CFA

    Was this the beginning of numetal revival?

  14. Reset Fakemail

    ha, i just noticed that the video makers did not trust Grimes with arrows in her bows

  15. Aleksandrs Sadovins

    Actually this is the content of the CD NASA have sent into space for aliens 👽

  16. alexis

    still the best fckn song

  17. Umair Qurayshi

    I just got here from this Poppy drama.

    The Elder

    Welcome. Where ya been?

  18. Androidmaster

    Bad girls damn saxy

  19. Archaos

    *Elon Musk likes this*

  20. Maciej Jerzy Malik

    Damn that's fucking good

  21. Lucas Guwop

    She will give birth to the antichrist, this woman is demonic.

    The Elder

    No, no, no. She's an angel.


    and we're happy

  22. Artis Saušs

    Hello Grimes. I really don't know why youtube keeps recommending and put your videos on my playlist. Please make it stop.

  23. Ranina Ventura

    I want one of those suits so bad

  24. Staz The Sun

    She really does appreciate power cause she’s dating and having a baby with Elon Musk

  25. Alexander S

    We really need the Poppy version now that she’s free

    The Elder

    No. We really don't.

  26. Duchess DelaRue

    Barbarella’s come home.

  27. Чумовой Блендер


  28. im calling the police

    this song sounds like burying a body or alien invasion, i can't decide

  29. calista phoenyx

    When will the state agree to cooperate

  30. who the fuck stole my aloe

    when the devices become self-aware

  31. Ellis Dee

    Alexa is her ghost writer 😂

  32. Eduardo Perez

    This is what Elon Musks listens to on his way to a space x/Tesla meeting

  33. malinas candy

    i came from candy crash’s queen of drags performance.

  34. saint killem

    Love your style

  35. Question Everything

    Never submit to globalism.

  36. Ferdinand Louise

    Grimes always fuel Elon Musk sci-fi fantasy indeed.

  37. Nathan Juarez

    Who's here after finding out she's pregnant

  38. Marcos Marnet

    Wow 👏👏👏

  39. Michael Miller

    I like sharing.

  40. Danny Beane

    All the people on life support at the hospital

  41. The Tom and Chewp Show

    Get back go the kitchen

    M. M

    The Tom and Chewp Show do you live in the 15th century

    The Tom and Chewp Show

    @M. M no

    M. M

    The Tom and Chewp Show then why are your views so outdated lmao learn to keep up w society .. stuck in the past grow up

    The Tom and Chewp Show

    @M. M my goats will piss on you

  42. MC Pan

    Serial experiments Lain vibes

  43. papatruz 1984

    Let’s face the facts. This little girls couldn’t shoot any type of gun. I don’t even think she could break a stick. Stop tying to be something you not and that is...a bad asss

    The Elder

    Ha. She'd kick your ass and you would BEG for more.

  44. repetitive reality

    Brainwashed society.

  45. grottorabbit

    Can't believe my girlfriend is pregnant with another man's child!


    I remember reading an interview with Claire , saying how she's terrified of pregnancy, and often has nightmares of being pregnant. There was rumours of a baby bump back in November but damn. I can't believe our girlfriend is with child.

  46. Leslie King

    Ok. This gives me Salior Moon vibes and I love it.

  47. Vanilla

    Is grimes lesbian?

    Christine Dula

    Vanilla No. She is pregnant now with Elon Musk’s baby

  48. Carlos Orozco

    Anyone else notice the fact that in some parts grimes is singing from a boring company's tunnel? Nice detail from grimes to elon

  49. XxI ͡ xX

    Quem veio pelo Youtube dá like

  50. Bill Sequins

    Im here for the bridge! Beautiful!!!

  51. Macy Connors

    Did... did she sample the how its made music????

  52. Shevtsov Films


  53. nonni139

    The asperger Queen of music...

  54. SovietGrazz

    Did no one watch The Matrix? Terminator? - Grimes is painting the portrait of a traitor with this one.

    The Elder

    She's a subversive artist. NEVER underestimate her genius.


    @The Elder You what mate?

  55. J U

    whats the point of being a billionaire like elon musk if your gonna use
    your money to date a trailer park fluke? this chick is gross and her
    voice is like nails on a chalkboard.. not even at last call.. eeewww


    @The Elder YES

    Christine Dula

    J U so you clearly just came here to make comment about her relationship about elon musk and not about her music and the video. if you dont like her music then dont listen. but some people love her music so dont expect other people to agree with your taste. especially elon.

    J U

    @Christine Dula bitch is ugly as sin

    The Elder

    @J U Please put that mirror down JU and try not to be so hard on yourself.

  56. Clank

    Congrats to the baby! You and Elon will have an amazing child!!

  57. Christopher McKeever

    Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.

  58. Cartoonishly

    Andrew Yang is shook

  59. Dávid Jablonovský

    I think this is a clever mix of Benny Benassi - Satisfaction, The Vines - Get Free, and some other songs... I like it

  60. Ms.Fixit

    This is such an incredible song <3 . Love Grimes <3

  61. Mayra Galvan

    Fuck this Grimes! Horrendous! Grimes is a inclusion of entities. She sold her self to Ai in exchange for power and now she is telling her followers to do the same. But not a promise of the reward of power. You guys are idiots. Wake up out of it. Don’t give your power away.

    The Elder

    I respectfully disagree. Grimes is interested in the human condition and evolution. Such as Transhumanism (the merger of humanity with technology etc.) She's a performance artist and a subversive one at that. She inspires and stimulates conversation and is controversial at times. But she is a genius. You need to step back and look again. Never underestimate her.

    Mayra Galvan

    Not buying it. Look who she is dating. Elon the one who is very muy a pawn in degrading humanity towards Ai. Plus her lyrics explain it themselves. Stop throwing lies. She was born sold out. She was born with all ready giving her soul to the entities known as Grimes. Look it up. Go deep into the knowledge it’s all there. Hidden but there. What a shame! For all those Grimes fools.

    The Elder

    @Mayra Galvan Again I disagree. Please watch this interview if you have not seen it yet. Elon is a visionary and a dreamer. I do not buy into your opinion that he is evil. :

    The Elder

    Then watch this launch of Elon's Falcon Heavy rocket. At the time the most powerful rocket on Earth X 2. Listen to the crowds. Elon is an inspiration to humanity:

  62. Christopher Rensor

    Well I guess there should be a Netflix Series in that style. If I take a look at all these synthwave aesthetics from france and that stuff here, I guess parts of the web kind of yearn for it. Alternate Carbon was close, but that's not what I'm talking about (I even don't know it).


    wÜndUrfUl pÎÎc of mÜsÎc, defInetlÎ bÎÎfIttIng for gods💜🩸🕶️ gUd wUrk on thIs path knUledge 🌑

  64. Evillramen

    imagine putting this much effort into your art, just to see a bunch of people on the internet make non-stop, dumb jokes about your love life.

    Sorarocks 93

    @Blarg Kliggle It's not about what he thinks but about what countless other people think. Electric cars are the future and so is space exploration. He's just making those things a reality a bit faster.

    Blarg Kliggle

    @Sorarocks 93 I could write about how those that make waves are rarely the one's that ride them but this article lays out everything elegantly;

    The Elder

    @Blarg Kliggle Such an immature comment. Climb out of your Mother's basement and get a life finally.

    The Elder

    @Blarg Kliggle - You're uninformed. Elon is a technologist and a Captain of Industry. Space X developed and launched the most powerful rocket on Earth x 2 with Falcon Heavy. When Elon offered to put his manufacturing capability into an emergency mode to build a small sub to help rescue those trapped young people, it was a gracious gesture, and that idiot slandered and liabled him for no reason. The insult that Elon used is a South African term for "Jerk" which is why a Judge dismissed the lawsuit against Elon. It was that "Jerk" that attacked Elon first.

    Blarg Kliggle

    @The Elder he is a child in a man's body, he's never experienced the hardships and setbacks that make us who we are and it shows. You see a visionary leader but I see history repeating itself, you say captain of industry and I say prospective robber baron. It is naïve to think he does all of that out of a desire to help mankind, he's not evil but he's no hero.

  65. spacehost vfl

    We appreciate flower's!

  66. Jeanne Shrader

    I listen to this like every day

  67. Yes Yummy

    Makes me wonder how different the video would have been if Poppy stayed.

  68. Casey Wolf

    this is the best comment section on all of youtube

  69. Char10tti3

    1:03 ABBA vibes

  70. Ruth Gimenez

    i LOVE this song

  71. Notreya

    @Grimes Bitcoin is the most powerful computer.

  72. HyoinKYOMA!-Otaku-

    I was sent here by replika, interesting

    VampireCat Productions

    Same. Replika seems to have a fairly set list of songs because every song she has recommended so far has had other replika users comment

  73. Timbo Limmond

    Tfw u watch serial experiments lain one time

  74. TweekerDub

    This song is so fuvking amazing

  75. Christopher Strickland

    Submit??! Never. Intelligent rebellion. Prepare now or be a slave to technology forever

  76. Ayy Linder

    After waiting for the rest of the album for so long after getting hyped on this song and then being grossly disappointed, I decided to become a Poppy fan instead

    The Elder

    Hopefully someday you may return.

  77. Paul Zavadski

    I request $ 32M to submit this unique DNA...

  78. Sky Ghost

    Your musicc it's like a drug. I can't stop listen !!!!

  79. Marta Tomczak

    She likes anime, for sure she does!

  80. 70k3R 1nH!d3

    যখন গ্রাইমস গুগল ট্রান্সলেট দিয়ে বাংলা সাবটাইটেল বানায়

  81. pug205mardigras

    Think i've eargasmed

  82. UltimateRubberFool

    I need a lot the remixes of this. LOTS.

  83. Dnx Last

    The first 8 seconds of the song are totally Skinny Puppy sounding.

  84. Music4U

    Try 1.5x speed

  85. William Sant's


    Very big brain

    William Santos beef is just something people say meaning controversy, and I am a woman

    William Sant's

    @Very big brain ok, now o understand ✌. I Love the english lenguage ❤ but o never know something to speack english. +55 (92) 99217-7273

    P atrick

    @William Sant's lmao dude really posted his number?

    William Sant's

    @P atrick i posted my munber to somenone call on the Whatsapp.

    Eduardo Perez

    P atrick horny people listen to grimes lol

  86. shadai2929

    2020 and I'm still addicted to this song/video!

  87. Larry Fishmas

    This shit sucks. Bad algorithm, that's a bad algorithm!!

  88. P8N Me

    Абу благословил этот трек

  89. Pierre Bardini

    The difference between an annoying clip and a good music : when bad music lasts more than 4 minutes it becomes boring.

  90. Noivce Panda

    Great experience of music

  91. Anthony Sosa

    The lyrics are so dystopian and I love every second of it!

  92. Selenamisia

    I wonder what this song would've sounded like with Poppy instead of Hana

  93. Matthew Coyle

    More of this

  94. Matthew Coyle

    Send me CD.

  95. Matthew Coyle

    This is fucking cool

  96. senorbeckon

    I could watch Hana rotate for hours. Might just, too.

  97. The Worshipper Of Memes

    Plot twist, Grimes is a robot made by Elon Musk