Grimes - Visiting Statue Lyrics

So, so, so, so, bring it all back
I wish I could see that I was scared
Bring it all home, bring it all home, bring it all
Oh, oh, I'm a ghost, ghost

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Grimes Visiting Statue Comments
  1. delet

    is this song even finished

  2. Kaily

    So so so so bring it all back I will starve the sea bear 😂😢

  3. Mauro Viana

    I fucking love this song but don't know what it's about

  4. majira2001

    I can totally imagine the video for this. It shows shots of grimes and friends visting Japan. And at the 0:55 mark it shows grimes trying on different outfits, dancing and posing in front of a statue.

  5. Jolëne C.

    tooooooo gooooooooooood

  6. Valerio Buda

    It reminds me a little of cocteau twins' song to the sirens... Just crazy?


    There's nothing crazy about hearing Cocteau Twins in a Grimes tune

  7. Scott Tricky

    When you think you walkin..butchu actually floatin

  8. Emily J. Tafahms

    so, so, so, so bring it all back
    i wish i could see that i was scared too see..
    bring it all home
    bring it all home
    bring it all home
    oh, oh i'm a ghost, ghost.

    Visiting Statue

    so, so, so, so, bring it all back
    i would start to see it (i would to start to see)
    bring it all home
    bring it all home
    bring it all home
    and it goes

  9. T. AS

    those synths reming me of the wonky sounds in Give Up by FKA Twigs

  10. Rossete S

    por que esta bloqueado el álbum !?😭

  11. Tanya Dalton

    OKAY people, listen to ghost - pvris! Does this intro not sound identical to this?!?!


    Request a mashup from some channel because it would probably sound glorious~ ♫


    its completly different tempo no its not identical

  12. SpiritsDayDream

    I still can't understand why she said that this album has a lot of filler material xDD

  13. Bella Dewanti F

    so so so so bring that your bag..?

    Andreea Lupu

    Bring it all back


    +Bella Dewanti and later the other part sounds like, bring it all home..

  14. olivia sun


    Dead Weight Soldier

    all of the musics of the visions are underrated, genesis and oblivion are overrated

  15. Hema Cann

    so so so so

  16. briauna jalsevac

    I know..wish it was longer also

  17. antonio miguel

    why isnt it more popular?

    antonio miguel

    she creates music by confusing her mind, by not sleeping for  2 to 3 weeks like she posted (or not for all it matters) and i guess that confusion´s unique to her besides she seems to do it more for fun and sells it not to spread her message but more to idk, to make herself more usefull,if no one bought her music, she would keep making it but i get it , shes unique and i get it you do not want her to become famous, drug herself and lose her talent so the best peole and in smaller proporcional size to the ones who are 1d and jb and´´...........................................................................................................................´´ fanatics the better

    local loser

    @antonio miguel ah ok dude , all i was saying i didnt want her to be on the radio and be burnt out

    local loser

    @***** lol 99% of my school doesnt know who she is

    local loser

    @***** your a basic bitch , ok i dont care if she is good for her

    local loser

    good im saying i havnt heard her on the radio, actually i dont even listent to the radio what am i talking about

  18. antonio miguel

    but if it was longer you wouldnt like it as much nor listen to it as much, trust me, i know, this is the best

  19. Karen Mysti

    This song should be longer <3