Grimes - Venus Fly Lyrics

Hey, oh why you looking at me? (Against the music)
Hey, oh why you looking at me? (Baby I can use it)

[Janelle Monáe (Grimes):]
Why you looking at me now?
Why you looking at me again?
What if I pulled my teeth?
Cut my hair underneath my chin
Wrap my curls all around the world
Throw my pearls all across the floor
Feeling my beat like a sniper girl
(Cause I want it more)

Hey, what about me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
(Against the music)
Hey, what about me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
Oh, why you looking at me? (Baby I can use it)

[Janelle Monáe:]
Kitty, kitty, kitty cat
Why you always doing that?
Why you always talking smack?
Yeah, Grimes got my back
Kitty, kitty, kitty cat
Why you always call it black?
Why you always talking smack?
Yeah, Grimes

[Janelle Monáe (Grimes):]
Why you looking at me now?
Why you looking at me again?
What if I pulled my teeth?
Cut my hair underneath my chin
Wrap my curls all around the world
Throw my pearls all across the floor
Feeling my beat like a sniper girl
(Cause I want it more)

Hey, what about me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
(Against the music)
Hey, what about me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
Oh, why you looking at me? (Baby I can use it)

The floor
What about?
Why you looking at me?
Hey, oh why you looking at me?
Oh, why you looking at me?
Baby I can use I

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Grimes Venus Fly Comments
  1. Hank Hill

    This video is so well made, it's amazing.

  2. Nigel Buckham

    Ahahahah looks like a black umpalumpa

  3. Silegna a

    I've been trying to find a goo-like black liquid for a photoshoot, does anyone know where can I get something like what they use in min. 2:33 ? please and thank you in advance!

  4. Christian Deveze

    im high so...

  5. ew Cash

    Surprised you posted nudes last night on YouTube Grimes

  6. KTW

    Awesome. Just awesome!

  7. Darian

    this video is beautiful

  8. Tatiana Lavski

    почему так мало просмотров? этот клип достоин мирового признания

  9. Tomáš Anděl

    I need the slow version on Spotify!

  10. balegdah

    your mind wtffff

  11. Christopher Martinez


  12. highschool sweetheart 56

    Album in 2015

    Song in 2017

    The song was in 2015 2 years to make a music video

  13. Cira Wright

    I’m stripping to this lol

  14. anna stimac

    i watch this everyday

  15. Fat Cat Attack

    How did I barely come across this?!
    Better late than never.

  16. Chrissy Ortiz

    Just noticed they included the package truck driver in the credits 6:39 😂

    Deli Bird

    That's really awesome Grimes did that.

  17. jasmin R

    This song makes me wanna shake my ass in someones face

  18. Bre Rogers

    I can't stop playing this

  19. Peter Lindquist

    Great visuals & sound and a fantastic video. I have noticed that you often use swords in your videos... check out an american company called Zombietools... I bought a blade from them that looks like something from a Lord Of The Rings film (a bit Uruk-Hai:i, but anyways). Keep up the good work and please collaborate more with Janelle! You are a great match! :) Cheers from Sweden

  20. Penny

    She's hecking C A N A D I A N

  21. Elie Amore

    This song is hard af 🔥

  22. Name Last Name

    I absolutely LOVE this Video-
    TIDAL & Grimes needs to release this Stuff.!!.
    Time for Her.........
    #Grimes #JanelleMonae #VenusFly
    The Performance for this would be #EPIC
    Even the back end

  23. suelen da silva castilho susu

    Amoooo demais grimes 😍

  24. Warrior4Love

    Grimes x Bjork = Please Collab! The Future Depends on it! xx

  25. Angel Montejo


  26. Dudeabides

    Playback in x.75 and this is gold.

  27. Kira Kira

    This is super powers

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    THIS is proper 'Grimes'... .. .

    Bobobobi Bobobobo

    321... .. .

  29. Comic Gamer Kids

    This looks like those demos on the TVs in the stores

  30. AndreA IXIDOR

    This was my first time hear grimes and my first video of hers....

    Love her music at first sight!


    Welcome to the club 🙌🏻

    AndreA IXIDOR

    @Ivon Thanks! Glad to be in 😊

  31. Ella Susa

    I would love to see BTS and Grimes perform that be awesone

  32. Brianna Janelle Carlson

    I hope she’s collecting royalties from Billie Eilish.

  33. Joshua Hagon

    This video is the definition of awesome and at 2:16 Claire looks stunning, this video is so fucking rad, glad you got to meet/collab and make this piece of art together ❤

  34. M Thompson

    This music video is pure art.

  35. Lex Loevan

    Grimes and Kelela needs to happen.

  36. InTheory

    I've been here many times, but never left a comment. This is DOPE! Futuristic Funkadelic!

  37. Darko Luketic

    so stressful, do not want

  38. Camilo Bogado

    Does anyone knows the sample used in the begging is from? It sounds a lot like some brazilian Music, but I can't identify it

  39. Jezza Lenko

    There very few lyrics in this song.... it's like what Ladytron do

  40. Pink Diamond

    I feel all the elements of the earth and the oil we cast on it the pollution we make to strive for perfection and beauty.



  42. Sidrat J

    Billie Eilish fans should know that this MV exists.


    Billie Elish fans should just fuck right off, as far as actual music is concerned.

  43. PMART

    perfect song omg

  44. Emla Fairs

    most wonderful beautfil msuic video out there

  45. Spazmobot

    Coolest. Video. Evah.

  46. Bre Rogers

    Even though her and Ariel Pink dislike each other
    They need to have a baby

  47. Bre Rogers

    Wow. Wtf did I just watch. Unbelievable

    Nofal Adeel

    Welcome to grimes world 😂

  48. DaProdigy

    Santigold not receiving an invitation to feature on this song it very disappointing.

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    Gosh this video is amazing! Luv u Grimes

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    This is fucking art

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    Grimes is so underrated

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    Would be awesome to see Janelle live. My older brother and his wife got given tickets to see her live at opera house Sydney, years ago. Said she was unreal

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    Grimes just won the internet

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    first minute of this video is actually song from soviet animation , if anyone is wondering . source :

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    4:40 pretty sure this is where billie eilish got the inspo for all the good girls go to hell

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    The video is stunning, visually speaking. The song itself disappointed me, but to each their own.

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    Venus fly traps
    venus fly

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    The ultimate candy flip track!

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    I'm looking at you because you're the most amazing thing I've ever seen. God bless you.

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    Grimes is wearing one of my spiked collars are in this video. Kurt Veith NYC

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    these bitches weird af and i love them for it

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    This is amazing, a masterpiece!

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    3:29 reminds me of Pretty Bones by Yeule. Looks like a vanitas painting! It's so pretty

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    Я играю на гармошке у прохожих на виду. К сожалению, день рожденья только раз в году :<

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    One day I hope to see a Bjork collab *crosses fingers*

  77. altkovac

    This is my favourite song of Grimes, down to the beat, the fluidity of Janelle and Claire’s vocals to the visuals.

  78. Scott Halls

    Awesome video. Just spotted the Voyager pulsar map at the beginning. Great (and nerdy) touch :)

  79. Phillip Brewster

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  80. Phillip Brewster

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    I feel like i am dreaming in the jlo movie The Cell when watching this vid

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    That violin solo was totally unexpected and I really loved it.

  89. Phillip Brewster

    The cinematic visuals in tbis video is first rate and second too none

  90. Francois Carrier


  91. Mistur Fixit

    That line drawing next to the title 'Venus Fly' is actually the cosmic map which was placed on the Voyager probe. If it should be discovered by any intelligence life, they presumably might be able to decipher it to find directions back to Earth. The title may therefore suggest that it's luring the aliens into a trap (Earth).

  92. Manyu J

    Wonder if permission was sought from Soyuzmultfilm for sampling the birthday song at the start....🤔