Grimes - So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Art Mix) Lyrics

Oh, silly love
Coming here
When I said go

Weigh me down, oh, love
Weigh me down, oh, love

Yeah, oh
So heavy I fell through the earth
Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh
So heavy I fell through the earth
Yeah, oh
Cuz I'm full of love from you

Oh, silly love
Coming here
When I said go

Weigh me down, oh, love
Weigh me down, oh, love

Yeah, oh
So heavy I fell through the earth
Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh
So heavy I fell through the earth
Yeah, oh
Cuz I'm full of love from you

So heavy I fell...

Yeah, oh
So heavy I fell through the earth
Yeah, oh
Yeah, oh
So heavy I fell through the earth
Yeah, oh
Cuz I'm full of love from you

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Grimes So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Art Mix) Comments
  1. King Kazuma

    *MojoSoDope* was here...

  2. Rachel S

    I dont care what Grimes told Pitchfork. I think she felt this song when her and Elon Musk unfollowed each other on twitter. ^~^

  3. Stephanie Futi

    Du grimes comme on l’aime beaucoup de talent
    Dommage que sur les ondes françaises elle ne soit pas plus exportée
    Je l’ai découverte grâce au film de Xavier Dolan juste la fin du monde
    Et ce fut une révélation
    Pas une journée sans que j’écoute un de ses single

  4. damnyourpasswords

    Hey Grimes...., I like you.

    Wish you the best

  5. Sambol Misaghian Shirazi

    Reminds me of London Grammer

  6. lucius0malfoy

    Im here again. in earth hiden till i know what to do. the goods demand my return. i don't know if i can make it. will you reconize me ? not at the beggining.

  7. Eduardo Perez

    Is the message SHIFT The Earth?

  8. nixe

    Damn this makes me feel so emotional. Beautiful

  9. Elizabeth Padilha

    Agora q ela contou sobre a gravidez... Essa letra faz tanto sentido. 😍

  10. FreeThinker73

    Loving this tune a lot.....what does the sound remind me of though?

  11. IloveSPIDERZ

    This song is getting a lot of EQX attention, and it has completely grew on me ten-fold since I first heard it! Loving it!

  12. Zmei Drakonov

    Граймс рууулед, nice song for.....

  13. sergioh’s

    三angelo ??

  14. IamDruidess

    Grimes is born in 1988, year of the Dragon.
    Elon’s Tesla logo is the shape of a sword.
    She’s the dragon and he is “jabbing” her with his sword. Representative of conception, in front of a “world” audience?

  15. maaskaasboer

    Holy Shait....This piece....swollowed all of my being whole. I understand that this piece has been hard work, but hail to the success and outcome of it. Wow. Abso Beautiful. All the synth sounds you put together amplifies through my blood flow. Thank you so much. For all your astonishing work you pour into your pieces

  16. Zireael

    this is so relaxing and deep ... truly makes me think ,goddammit I want this album already

  17. Irina Ovsyannikova

    Super sound and voice :)

  18. Empress SunBow

    The Grimes sound I like is back!! So stoked!!!

  19. Magic Bean

    you're almost there Grimes

  20. sonny bear

    lots of MUSE inspirations in this music, particularly this and we appreciate power.

  21. david dangerfield

    nice trip! big respect to grimes... for more neo psychedelia please check out my new young adult fantasy fiction novel 'The Music Of The Spheres : The Songlines Of Orpheus' . featuring Australian indigenous, musical, poliitical, mythological and metaphysical themes... Paperback eBook now available online and in store...

    Story synopsis : The world of the not-too distant future is plagued with ecological disaster, economic collapse and ruled by a tyrannical corporation called Omni. A 12-year old Afghan named Orpheus, cast among millions of ecological and political victims within a mass detention center in central Australia, can bend reality with their singing voice... Careful to evade Omni's brutal oppression and obsessive control over emerging new dimensional possibilities known as the 'The Spheres', Orpheus teaches their gifts there to a growing counter culture of 'Orphics'.

    With the help of a blind Australian indigenous elder named Yunuringa and the arrival of the comet causing the dimensional anomalies, prophesied to be an anancient artificial intelligence arc known as The Argus, Orpheus leads the Orphics at mass Corroboree's in The Spheres... With collective voice, they heal the sick, empower the poor and mend the Earth's ecology... Evolving the hearts and minds of all who can hear... The Music of the Spheres..

  22. Anakin Wildstar

    Oh, silly love
    Coming here
    When I said go

    Weigh me down, oh, love
    Weigh me down, oh, love

    Yeah, oh
    So heavy I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause if I can fall
    Yeah, oh
    So heavy I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause I'm full of love from you

    Oh, silly love
    Coming here
    When I said go

    Weigh me down, oh, love
    Weigh me down, oh, love

    Yeah, oh
    So heavy I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause if I can fall
    Yeah, oh
    So heavy I fell through the earth
    Yeah, oh
    'Cause I'm full of love from you

    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby
    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby
    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby
    So heavy I fell
    Through the earth, baby

    Rahul jariwala

    I can just hear so heavy I fell through earth part properly

  23. Pink Berry

    I feel like she sampled pieces of the Game of Thrones scores, like when Daenerys attacked the city. That was like Daenerys’s attack sound lol

  24. Te'Ara Proctor

    5:00 to 6:08 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤🖤🥺😭😭😭

  25. Hayley Anna Mathieson

    Just beautiful. Grimes you are one inspiring and badass artist.

  26. Paul Anderson

    Samus and Ridley vibes.

  27. Trendafila Trendafilova

    Love you grimes my lost sister

  28. S.K.

    Damn Grimes I love your music more every time you produce new stuff! Just gets better and better. I wanna hear this in movies and games for sure!! It creates a perfect ambiance

  29. nocmnt

    my previous comments ... she was pregnant!

  30. Ners Marte

    6 mins almost slaying the dragon

  31. batchout

    1:09 :)

  32. Xander Brink

    Cant wait to hear her next album after this one with being pregnant and then having a child and all, it changes a persons perspective on life. She will give us something even more magical I bet.

  33. Zac Richards

    Does anyone else see this fitting perfectly with certain scenes from Snyder's Sucker Punch? Especially with the Bjork feature on that soundtrack..

  34. ofek LA

    Makes me want to die and fell to heaven

  35. Captain.Danny

    4:44 sounds like the alien scene from Annihilation

  36. Ooma HuntressProtectress

    as for the transit of the so called Neptune directly thru Erde?
    as to the transit of Russian intelligence services thru American intelligence services? ..I'm telling you there's the KGB/FSB kinda thing, and the GRU, as to the SVR and relativity gravatasized with the FBI? ya() sure we can comment.....

    no! She pleaded, do not to be the such as submarines in such Manor or fashion! but then yeswhy she pleaded in rhetoric, the eisenhaur why did he leave the greteledhansel, the twinstars and that yummyness? and?

    athe submarines! what about thatthem!! their such needs, their such calls, why did they without bringthem?? these child soldiery, experienced so wellness in sodery? the feltlings too as wants did schry and of

    yes! indeed to be captured now as either a Russian or Ukrainian agent, but indeed, Mazzy Star is always waiting, and has Wants Elle..

    anyways, as for the schry, its mentionry, ?? that is for the schry to describe, that diamante, well dunno hun? coulda been drappcasted behind the draperies!

  37. Martin Weltchek

    This shit is lit! ;)

  38. Vishal Baswani

    Whos here from cristines insta story

  39. Daiquiri

    If Celldweller was a girl.

  40. Random Name

    Little know fact: This song wasa written about my mother

  41. 90sDRgirl

    Wait ..she's pregnant ???

  42. Animax


  43. Animax


  44. Ege Yılmazoğlu

    can someone write the lyrics please

  45. Pedro Miguel

    This is why its so easy to be obsessed with Grimes: Music written, produced, performed & engineered by Grimes

  46. Asiska

    This is the best song i ever heard from her 😐👌👌💕

  47. jamie ann

    So fuckin sick

  48. Brandon Kieran

    This track is now about Grimes in her third trimester.

  49. Martin Heinlo

    5th element remake please

  50. Kanye Rae Jepsen

    When you're pregnant

  51. axel usul

    DUNE soundtrack GRIMES.

  52. darkmaitri

    That looks totally like Roger Dean art work. The artist who used to design Yes album covers.

  53. Lottari

    " 'cause you f*cking hot~ "

  54. Möebius Droste

    mami tu si sabes

  55. psy beano

    So heavy I had to go underground..........

  56. Ravi Christian

    Masterpiece !

  57. Dupire Christophe

    The Dragon and the human... the raw wilderness and the domesticated in us fighting but each time at the last-minute understanding, they are a team and not enemies... At one point in Prince of Persia, you jump into a mirror and get separated from your reflection. Next time you get confronted to your reflection again, your reflection draws its sword... which makes yourself do the same. At that point the only way to pass is to put your sword back into its sheath, encouraging your reflection to do likewise and then reunite with your reflection.

  58. ReverbAndBeer

    trip like i do

  59. The Reality Exposer

    Did you happen to see that other satanic bitch on the way down? What's her name again...Billie Eilish?

  60. David Valdés

    ¡Te amo Grimes!

  61. Ebbs 3000

    What is the song in the ending?

    Ezequiel MR

    It's a full song of 6 minutes. Ending is the outro of the track.

  62. SolarXdame

    So that's where the vaulted infinity sword ended up.

  63. Ally Seraphim

    I literally can't stop listening. ❤️🎶

  64. Orla

    Why am I crying

  65. TreyNitrotoluene

    I follow engineering news and Grimes pregnancy popped up, now my ears are so damn happy! I take back everything my 40 year old ass said about music these days! Well maybe not everything but NONE of it applies to this space siren!

    PS can we get man at arms to make that heart blade?

  66. Rèka Gót

    Irresistible zen

  67. Casey Stone

    This song makes more sense now that we know shes pregnant.


    Casey Stone yeeeep

  68. shelby rann

    I can’t even hardly tell what this girl is saying... she doesn’t even have any musical talent to be honest!

    shelby rann

    The Elder learn how to spell “ you’re” before you go judging people’s opinions.

    The Elder

    @shelby rann - I can easily fix a typo, but you will never be able to fix yourself.

    shelby rann

    The Elder you won’t either.

    The Elder

    @shelby rann Poor Shelby.

    Führer Richard Nixon

    ​@shelby ranngo fuck yourself shelby

  69. Knifymoloko

    If yall dig this check out Slowdive's In Mind (The 147 take)

  70. Rick and Rygel

    Now we know why she is so heavy.

  71. vinicius gomes

    São Jorge e seu dragão (versão futurista).

  72. GreenDaddy

    Why won't that dragon just die already?

  73. Melissa Renee

    Two weeks ago while I was withdrawing from Suboxone I kept listening to this song over and over with my headphones and I cannot describe what I felt but I’ll try...I felt healed, better, safe. I felt like this song was opening my pores releasing the poison faster. Lol sounds crazy but I’m dead serious. I love you Grimes

    Ashaliyeva Marie Wilson

    Melissa Renee wishing you well and sending you healing, loving energy! 💖

    Pink Berry

    Wishing you well, I’m on my way there soon after a surgery. Going to have to remember this song for that time.

    Ashaliyeva Marie Wilson

    Pink Berry I hope all goes well and that you recovery ASAP!!! 💗😘💕

  74. Addam Phaleil

    This song...

    Addam Phaleil

    This song...


    This song…

  75. Fábio Oliveira

    Shit, I just watched Blade Runner. Now I understand why that caption at the beegining. Great movie btw.

  76. Skrim

    So Heavy I Fell Through Tesla

  77. Ricardo Mourita

    2020 and now they are going to have a Kid!!

    Impecable!!! :)

  78. George Reynolds

    Grimes is dating Elon Musk!! True! Now those offspring would be awesome.

  79. Brock Leasy

    shame to all the haters that down voted this or any other Grimes music. that is all... well and I love Grimes (Claire) <3

  80. sunshine ghoul

    here after she announced her pregnancy and boiii the lyrics hit different now

    J V

    @Alex Ferguson where did you hear this ?


    Alex Ferguson o my go

    kitch bitch

    @Alex Ferguson lmaoo when did she say that?


    talk about a couple of freaks.. (I mean that in the most flattering way possible)


    He nutted in her DansGame

  81. PFunky

    It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?

  82. Kvinstak

    Goddamm son

  83. Spoopy Skeletons

    she should pull a Melanie Martinez and make a movie with her own soundtrack/directing/writing

    Hazard 777

    I’d watch tf out of that!


    can you imagine that would be sickening

    Daisy G

    That would insanely good

  84. Farrah Pellegrind

    I can't STOP LISTENING TO THIS! It's flippin ADDICTING! I can see why it's a visualizer! I close my eyes and I let my mind and body go where it wants to. I swear I feel like I leave MY BODY! NO LIE! So far it's my 2020 song of the YEAR!

  85. Pasta Pasta

    난 이게 왜이렇게 좋지,,, 영상도 그렇고 왜 자꾸 들어오게되는지 모르겠다 grimes 원래 좋아하지만 이거 뭔가 영상분위기랑 노래랑 정말 잘 맞아떨어지는듯

  86. sam me

    Yo mama so fat, she be like:

  87. Ahnika :3

    It's 2020 now and this song feels like it fits the feeling so well. This is not the end it's the beginning.

  88. Nova Dion

    My eyes are rolling back

  89. הראל אגמון

    Thank you for your art, Grimes.

  90. chaoticsilence7

    I'm kinda thinking you could provide a new level to songs if you cooperated with Tool 🥰 They have so much talent you would be a perfect match...maybe a perfect circle....options are limitless 🤗

  91. Ravi Christian

    I feel like I m on Moon


    Ravi Christian Youre in Paradonthas

  92. darth g0ldaR

    Cool screen saver....😐

  93. Mary Dragonee

    there's some interview where grimes described art angels era as aggressive...and i think that's changed from aggressive to unapologetic. this is grimes and claire and everything in between them melded and distilled down into a singular sound. its cohesive but complex and multidimensional. its stunningly beautiful but it has its wonderful imperfections and personal touches. i love this.

  94. Leonardo Zúñiga

    this feels like 22 mins long but its only 6 mins

    The Elder

    She's bending time & space.

  95. Ring0fSaturn

    The video is more important than the song?

  96. Nenashawn Autumn

    The more i listen to this the more i love it//

  97. Laurynas Tamošauskas

    Hello Grimes,
    Thank You for Being The Mystress of Our Times to Sooth a Calmness of personal Beyonds.

  98. J L

    sounds like the ending credits to a movie. A good example would be to the movie: Faster with Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock.