Grimes - Scream Lyrics

沒有爆破前 毋庸置疑的
曾經 乾燥的 都被潑濕
膨脹後彈牙 多肉 黏膩多汁
就像….快 張開沒有欲望的大腿
我咬下去 你還是無動於衷嗎
我的手指 戳出一個冰涼的湖
四處張望 無人看守
暴露狂脫掉風衣 淚流滿面地 跳進去

計劃把你高潮的尖叫聲錄起 來
一去不復返 無能重複那時刻
和逐漸冰冷的液體 撕扯著
黏膩 透明 在我的手心開出具有彈性的花
我覺得不夠 想從你身體裡擠出更多
窗外的鹿群 飛奔離去 同時
急遽消退 藍色的風 抹去世界邊緣的泡沫
接起電話 靜默降臨
剛醒來的情慾 在電話裡喘氣 尖叫
我邊聽 邊把你的汗一滴滴舔掉

不能吼出來 那就吞下去


A scream that hides in the lungs
Hides within your flesh and bones
There is no way for a cure
It becomes a disease
Once dry then dripping wet
Swells and is meaty and juicy
At the same time a woman with her full black hair
walks on the mountains in dreamscape
Memories siphon like mosquitoes
Open their unblinking eyes
Like huge half-flared, unlusting nostrils
I’ve bitten down – are you still unmoved?
You you you can scream out now
Following your spine
My finger creates an icy lake
Look around – no one’s watching
Tear off your jacket and jump in with tears streaming

I want to record you orgasm
But I pressed the wrong key
Lost time cannot be taken back
Lying pitifully
Fighting fluid
Sticky and transparent in my palm – it stays elastic
I can’t have enough – I want to milk more from your body
At this time the telephone rings
A pack of deer waits outside the window at the same time
The blue wind almost scatters but froths
Escapes from your opening eyes
Pick up the phone and loneliness falls
The lust and screams that are born
I listen to as I lick off your sweat bead by bead

If you can’t scream it out then swallow it down

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