Grimes - REALiTi Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
When we were young, we used to live so close to it
And we were scared and we were beautiful
And when I peered over the edge and seen death, if we are always the same

Oh, and I feel that nothing in life could ever be like this again
'Cause your love kept me alive and made me insane

There were moments when it seemed okay
(But I go back alone)
To this moment away, where do you stay?
(I go back alone)
There was a time when the music would play

[Chorus 2x:]
Oh, baby, every morning there are mountains to climb
Taking all my time
Oh, when I get up, this is what I see
Welcome to reality

[Verse 2:]
When we were young, we used to live so close to it
And we were scared that you were beautiful
And when I peered over the edge and seen death, if we are always the same

There were moments when it seemed okay
(But I go back alone)
To this moment away, or where do you stay?
(I go back alone)

[Chorus 2x:]
Oh, baby, every morning there are mountains to climb
Taking all my time
Oh, when I get up, this is what I see
Welcome to reality

Oh, baby, every
(Give me a sign)
Oh, baby, every [2x]
(Give me a sign)
Oh, baby, every
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh
(Give me a sign)
Oh, baby, every
(Give me a sign)
Oh, baby, every
(Give me a sign)
Oh, baby, every
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh
Oh, baby, every [2x]
(Give me a sign)
Oh, baby, every

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Grimes REALiTi Comments
  1. Woj Sal

    I am sad, that this is not mixed or might sound so much better (said no one ever.....)

  2. mugen 008

    Hanging out in Cali, after a day in the trenches, watching Ms. Tesla tear it up

  3. Declan Lynn

    personally this is peak grimes. Rocking a potentially bad dye job, just vibin

  4. Oscar Ashford

    This is my morning tune


    Elon Musk scored with Grimes!

  6. tjames22123

    What a great song, thanks for putting this out there!!

  7. Tiffany P

    Beautiful ❤️

  8. Ohshitethatsright Channel

    Don't ever doubt your musical talent Grimes.

  9. MsCaitlin7

    This song is utterly fucking fantastic

  10. pr0ns

    its a banga mate, ask tokyo

  11. Bespoke Original Design

    well, I tried her out. zzz. sorry. the vocals need some punch[in general not this vid only].all sounds the same too.I suggest Santigold. she is gold.

    Beatrice Norman

    whats a good santigold song to start with?

  12. Andrea Carol Taylor Blood

    Love this song as it so true what a wonderful and beautiful artist

  13. George Reynolds

    Grimes reminds me so much of Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine. The way Grimes moves, it identical.

  14. luis Vasquez

    Elon is Lucky

  15. Donna Hazen

    Love her...

  16. Stéfano Tiezzi

    Omg i love lost in translation

  17. Jonathan Ahlen

    i fell in love with this, reminds me of Xtal with Aphex Twin. Bless

  18. Brown Bread

    i fucking love how grimes is a different fucking character it seems like

    in this song she is very uplifting like opening the curtains to a bright day and good memories

    in other songs she can be very dystopian like bro this is like a fucking saga or something

  19. もちゃ


  20. Rodrigo Díaz

    I fucking love grimes

  21. The Virtue of Love

    I just found Grimes less than 24 hours ago. This is great music.

  22. Ivo Vo

    Its a great song

  23. l Redeemer

    Like seriously I love this version so much more than the album version. Since iTunes refuses to make this version available for purchase youtube to mP3 here I come!

  24. Radiatex

    so computerized its not even her voice.. whats the point.


    Uhm...are you serious?

  25. Daniel

    Heard this song in a porn vid. My only song I like from Grimes.

  26. Jorge Okay

    The description is wrong!! this is the last track on the album

  27. MS3300

    This is how every westerner feels in China and Asia in general!

  28. Matthew G

    I am a metal dude and this is one of my favorite songs of all time

  29. Ziabatsu

    Sounds like pop from the late 90's,/early 2000's, lol

  30. Jordan LeClair

    Thriller influence here

  31. maciej wrotek

    lol lucky tesla guy

  32. SnifflyWhale

    Been listening to this for years. 2015 was the year my life went to shit, so this has kind of been the soundtrack to my rebuilding it.

  33. James Gant

    I've been a fan since "Oblivion" first came out like 11 years ago. I really love the way Grimes music has developed. 😊

  34. Tony Vilaysack

    This song makes me feel young and carefree again. But I also get sick with the feeling of nostalgia and longing for the past. Amazed this song has that power over me

  35. polar syko

    is that gdragon at 2:28 and 2:35??

  36. Bradley David Lockyer

    If your billionaire ass actually knows about the pandemic coming and your playfully posting all this end of the world shit with the new album. I honestly hope you have a fucking miscarriage you drugged up bitch.

    Marcus Ettling

    What is wrong with you? Get help!


    jeez dude i hate elon too but thats cold.


    I love how you called hear a drugged bitch, yet you're the one sounding like one..

  37. joseph hawk

    i would love to hear what this would sound like if Grimes had finished. Cause its a amazing sound as is !

  38. Elena Baricca

    This is my favourite song . Love u Grimes

  39. I Lang

    I come to Grimes when I wanna feel something I never felt before.

  40. Leonardo Ramírez


  41. Soren

    This reminds me of early 2018 Im gonna cry

  42. bionic olly

  43. D Robinson

    Seriously this is one of the best songs i heard in a long VERY LONG TIME! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  44. David Marinho

    I've been with you since Geidi Primes, rapariga. <3

  45. Foil Grim Timmy

    How do I get this demo legit?

  46. temporal_t

    this song takes me to another level of nostalgia

  47. felixbusso

    My Grimes favorite song ever. Absolutely love this video.

  48. k8 y

    Сама ты обезьяна с бананом вообще ты здесь на меня похожа. Сейчас ты обезьяна с пол России


    Чего блять?

  49. David Hunter

    One more artist on my list i'm glad i discovered him :)

  50. Dollatella

    02:36 is that G-Dragon?

    polar syko

    i think so

  51. Sh'Ē is v't


  52. Harsh Chandra

    I am Elon Musk and I approve it. I am down her rabbit hole

  53. Jrg Vsqz

    Elon introduced me to Grimes. Now I can't get enough.

  54. Youssef Kaâk

    even Grimes' left overs are awesomely good

  55. Will Andersen

    Smooth sounds. Mmmmm

  56. Sh'Ē is v't

    'Ē is Ven

  57. Marvin Gracias

    Sounds like a GTA 3 song

  58. Sandwich

    Me: This is my favorite song by Grimes.
    Grimes: This is garbage.
    Me: *sad noises*


    What's even weirder is that this song.. It's nothing special. I don't get the views.. Bots?

    Glip Klopsyiop

    It really is


    yeah she butchered it on art angels and thinks she "fixed it"


    @Mindphaser it usually go that way with artists.
    as time passes you know what you improved on and its kinda weird going back to past work.
    I'm a 3d character artist and yes I too hate some jobs i did 5-6 years ago. i look at them and sometimes wonder wtf is that and why did this shit was bought

    John Back

    Yep, she should drop her range more often. Great musicality.

  59. fluidling

    I didn´t know this chick until 1/2 hour ago and was thru her relationship with Musk and in the 1st seconds I was hooked

  60. Lucas An

    *"but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone"*
    Alright, we prefer REALiTi anyway.

  61. jon broadhead

    Elon musk was already the luckiest guy on earth... No fair!! 😅

  62. Jeremy Z

    Love You Claire🙂💖

  63. sifat shams

    Musk wasn't happy with his billions. He had to have the most beautiful woman in the world as well.

  64. Lettie Williams

    Imagine dancing with her in a club

  65. Amanda Rodriguez

    Doing acid to grimes is so amazing wow

  66. Jamile Muniz

    A loucura da Grimes bate com a minha

  67. EvilestGem

    I like some of your music and you have one or two truly amazing songs (this is coming from someone who grew up on 90s music) and a lot of whats in your music I can relate to in terms of an emotional translation. However, I do find you put yourself in your videos a bit too much and end up doing the same thing and if I'm honest it's really off the mark in this video - just a minor critique but for some reason an annoying one.

  68. TheRageMaker

    Man shes got one of those annoying mouths that looks like she has a bad lisp


    She does have a lisp LOL


    @octopusballoons I Knew it I can always tell their mouths move wrong xD

  69. Bonnie

    Take a shot Everytime Grimes touches her hair.

    Denis L

    Why do that?


    @Denis L cuz if you do you'll get fucked up


    can't focus on anything else now lol


    duzz nozt takk zat advizzz!

  70. Leothelion357

    I’m 100% sure this is the song that hooked Elon. He heard and saw this video and said to himself, “I love this free spirited angel.”
    I said the same thing to myself when I first saw this video a couple years ago. Elon has the means to make his dreams come to fruition whereas I do not. 😁
    I still listen to this video multiple times a week!

  71. Violet Moon

    Im in my 40's i power walk and dance to this song everyday 😊

  72. El Taco Destroyer

    Fucking computer voice singers.

  73. Emil Grokhotov

    Sheeeeeet, can't stop listening dat masterpiece

  74. Love Great Life TV

    Good running music.

  75. Gone Fishing

    Your music is fucking trash

    Vincent Larsson

    Someone here is allegedly deaf.

  76. Jung_Min Youn

    so GOOD .

  77. BlackDwarf Obsidiane

    Congratulations on your pregnancy Claire. We love you spatially


    Mrs. Funk yup with Elon’s kid


    who the f you calling claire this is Grimes ...

    DankAlpaca 66

    UnrecycleRubdish bruh her name is Claire, did you actually think that her parents named her grimes?

  78. limagirl

    Her dance moves makes me cringe....

  79. Cohesive G-unit

    Hear this in my head every day

  80. neovxr

    the way it came out, it's a magic first take.

  81. Josh Clark

    How come I can't find you on amazon music? I really like this song and would like to add it to my playlist.

    Josh Clark

    Wait, Never mind. I found it

  82. Ahmad Abdullah Faiz

    The Nerve movie vibe and Carly Rae's Emotion album vibe combined. Favourite

  83. Ophelia Bells

    Finally realized what sounded so familiar and that's the part where i'm pretty sure she took a little sample from Blondie. I'll let you find it if you even know who Blondie is if not look her up. Love your music and your energy!

  84. Jonathan Lau

    this leather jacket grimes and the boujee airplane grimes from world princess are my favorite grimes.

  85. Neonknight77

    can anyone link me to a playlist with similar style music?

    Jodi Simmoms

    Kalandra song is called The Waiting Game

  86. C C

    There's songs that stick with you over the years. Sometimes these develop into a love of the style of music. I think I will always like this song because of the moment I first really listened to it. (Also think the spontaneous vid production is great.)

  87. Chicken Inspector

    This is the song that turned me into a grimes fan back in 2016
    Loved it then and still love it now.

  88. Ktaldoxx

    Holy shit dood, whean I read the description i couldn't believe myself... wth was she thinking?

  89. sion sko

    Honestly I like the album version better..

    Vincent Larsson

    This version is so much better i think

    M1 Shankerz

    This version feels distorted and sadder

    sion sko

    I just wanted to say that maybe the reason I like the album version better because it is the first version that I heard

  90. Alberto Gómez

    Who in 2020?

  91. Dave

    I love when her hair bounces

  92. [cheeky。]

    Love her hair oml

  93. Teresa Trofimov

    I can't believe it's almost 5 years of this song

  94. Patrick Rijn

    The year is 2020, but this song feels like yesterday, what a masterpiece

    Berthil Reymound

    but yesterday's also 2020


    William Fugerer 😂😂😂😂 u roasted kyashi san

    Anton Boludo


  95. Zireael

    my song jumping into 2020.
    fuck yeah

  96. volcommerce

    one of my favorite songs

  97. D.Numesh

    I love how this has a completely different beat from the album version but it creeps in slowly at around 1:13