Grimes - My Sister Says The Saddest Things Lyrics

Ah, my sister
Ah, my sister
Hold my hand in the night
Ah, my sister
Ah, my sister
Hold my hand in the night

Tick tock, baby
Tick tock, baby

Ah, my sister
Ah, my sister
Hold my hand in the night

Ladies walk about, singing in the night
You will never tell
Ladies walk about, singing in the night
You will never tell

I will cry on the 4th of July, and
I don't really mind, and
I haven't the time, and
I will cry on the 4th of July, and
I don't...

Ladies walk about, singing in the night
You will never tell
Ladies walk about, singing in the night
You will never tell

My only friend
This is the end

My only friend
This is the end

My only friend
This is the end
My only friend
This is the end.

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Grimes My Sister Says The Saddest Things Comments
  1. Quattuordecillion

    oh, it's epic

  2. Chloé Laure

    masterpiece! so deep, melancholic, full of longing
    artwork <3

  3. exeter13

    love aint free

  4. epicfap


  5. Kathleen L.


  6. White Mark

    I miss this grimes so much. Such a shame being a celebrity was clearly such a big deal to her because this song proves she is such an amazing producer who dumbed down and commercialised her talents to get to where she is. This could really have evolved into something amazing.

  7. ceril lazuli

    listening on the 4th of July


    Good GO HALFAXA!

  9. theobjectivesubject

    I keep hearing
    about the 4th of July.

  10. PAPIMONDO510

    Doomer playlist

  11. Michel Julien

    There is so much beats creativity in this song . Another stroke of genius by Master Grimes.

  12. Slain Stimulus

    this song makes me want to kill myself

  13. sylvan

    This song gets better with each listen. Like I dunno, every other Grimes song.

  14. Keali gener

    hate this

  15. Timothy Williamson

    Why does this make me want to smile and dance and cry all at the same time?

  16. Strungsym

    This is her best song

  17. Funeral enthusiast

    i miss her creepy shit

  18. Miguel Ángel Martínez.

    This is a Master Piece !

  19. Michel Julien

    This is pure genius!!

  20. Gustav Grime

    Este tema fue mi crush con el disco. Me aniquiló la vida, fue un antes y un después en mí. Esto está a la altura de cualqier obra maestra de todos los tiempos. Te transporta a otro mundo, a un bosque verde y marrón oscuro, lejos de cualqier paisaje humano. Esto se sale de las casillas, me quiebra en astillas...
    Algo impactante y curioso, es qe la única letra qe tiene este tema es la siguiente: "My only friend, this is the end". Sin dudas habla de la muerte. Todos vamos a morir, vos que estás leyendo esto, yo que lo estoy escribiendo. Todos, hasta Grimes (lamentablemente). Lo qe "inmortaliza" a la gente es su legado, su música en este caso. Volviendo al tema de la muerte, podemos tomas a Martin Heidegger, el filósofo más importante del siglo XX. Con él se inicia el existencialismo (del cual Sartre es su mayor representante). Heidegger es el filósofo qe toma el tema de la muerte como lo qe realmente es: una posibilidad dentro de la infinidad de mis posibilidades. Somos arrojo hacia el futuro, somos nuestros posibles dentro de ese futuro. Y la única posibilidad qe puede manifestarse, haya tomado la decisión qe haya tomado, es la posibilidad de la muerte. Somos ser-para-la-muerte. Y Heidegger lo dice así, en una sola palabra: ser-para-la-muerte (en alemán se usa una sola palabra formada de todas ellas, en español tenemos qe escibirlas con guiones medios para qe se entienda qe el concepto proviene de una sola palabra en el escrito original en alemán). Somos seres qe sabemos qe nos vamos a morir, y aún así seguimos viviendo igual. La grandeza del humano radica en el valor de cada segundo de su vida. Por ejemplo, si fuesemos inmortales, nuestro tiempo, nuestra vida no valdría nada. Porque viviríamos eternamente, todo el tiempo, para siempre. No moriríamos nunca, por ende se repetiría hasta el hartazgo, hasta la nausea, cada momento de nuestra vida. Por el contrario, al no ser inmortales, tenemos un tiempo qe es acotado. Promedio de vida (aprox en Argentina) es de 80/85 años. Qé son 80 años en el inmenso infinito del Universo? son menos de un pestaneo. No somo nada en comparación con la inmensidad infinita del espacio-tiempo. Pero eso mismo es lo qe nos hace especiales: cada segundo de nuestra vida vale infinitamente. Vale por todo lo qe te imaginas y más! porque tenemos los segundos contados, los días contados, las décadas. 80 efímeros años (incluso a veces menos). "Mi única amiga, este es el fin". Es un ser humano diciendole adiós a la vida, acompañado de su mejor amiga (supongo su hermana, dado el título de esta obra maestra). Este tema es filosófico, en su meollo radica el dilema trascendental del ser humano: la muerte.

  21. 우리한글사랑협회

    It is sex

  22. Kuba Niedźwiedź

    Ah, my sister
    Ah, my sister
    Hold my hand in the night
    Ah, my sister
    Ah, my sister
    Hold my hand in the night

    Tick tock, baby ahhhh
    Tick tock, baby ahhhh

    Ah, my sister
    Ah, my sister
    Hold my hand in the night

    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell
    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell

    I will cry on the 4th of July, and
    I don't really mind, and
    I haven't the time, and
    I will cry on the 4th of July, and
    I don't...

    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell
    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell

    My only friend
    This is the end

    My only friend
    This is the end

    My only friend
    This is the end
    My only friend
    This is the end.

    wiktorynka 420

    Kuba Niedźwiedź dziekuje

  23. MDN Moonbean

    Any asian here?

  24. MDN Moonbean


  25. tundra

    I started listening to Grimes when I turned 13. I'm 19 now, and it's so crazy listening to her music now. Her music defined my teenage years. This song is and always will be my most favorite song ever made.

  26. Kelly Catbagan

    "I want pizza, I want pizza"

  27. Zach Humphreys

    I feel like grimes and björk make the best artworks in the entire world

  28. Dima Deni

    best. high. music. ever.

  29. dreamandwake

    LOVE U C

  30. athena christine music


  31. Sal DiMarchese

    i always thought this song was about the grimes sisters murder during the 50s, google it!

  32. m m

    1:00 1:00 1:00

  33. Wood Gecko

    This album is a gem. I love all her albums but Ican put this on and really enjoy listening to every little thing about it. The songs are very free form and natural Grimes understands what it is to make art: in my opinion it is a very personal thing that is ruined when ego and outside perception get in the way. She goes to the heart of her own personality and realities and pulls out some awesome shit like this. Anyone expecting her to return to this doesn't really understand that the creative soul moves on, never satisfied. Satisfaction only stifles, searching is the way forwards <3

    Sometimes I feel sad that I don't have a rfiend like the one Grimes is describing... and that it's unnatural. I've tried to make friends but I seem to always fall into the wrong crowd... surrounded by racists, sexists, bigots, bullies and other insane people. I grew distant from one set of friends and they sought revenge. They ended up stamping on my ceiling, banging on my walls and doing more when I was vulnerable... while I said nothing and let it happen for a year. But then I realise that a perrson's best friend is themselves, and that I should love myself like these two friends (sisters) do. Maybe I'll never find that perfect friend to spend all my time with. My sister's are obsessed with friends but they put friendship before their own morality. Is that the only other option? Will a completely moral person who tries to think clearly at every moment ever have a friend?

    Any friend seems to have hangups and they will put me down for things outside of my control (the way I look etc.)

    I graduated unversity and rarely leave the house. I went to a doldrums concert and hoped to meet people that are involved in a music scene... I met someone on my way home but they called me awkward. I took this as a bad sign... maybe no-one is 100% nice but then why would I want to be around that. Asher was super cool and wanted to meet fans after the concert whiile he was selling his albums. I was way too shy to interrupt his conversation and didnt want to be seen to be just trying to talk to someone famous. I'm sure he gets that a lot. I bought his albums and left... but I talked to his girlfriend who was super cool. She seemed a bit sad as I left, but maybe just bored with no-one there except me. There was hardly anyone at the gig which was super disappointing... he's one of the most talented musicians around today and all his music is fantastic. I hope morepeople support him in Canada.

    I went to see blue hawaii in the same vain but ended up getting super drunk before hand (35cl vodka)... it was possibly the worst night of my life. I was drinking to overcome anxiety about meeting people but over did it. I never drink and didn't know how much was too much. I ended up getting kicked out because they found weed in my guitar case. I barely remember the night. All I wanted was to live my life and meet people. Drunken me smashed my guitar on the way home. To dedicate my life to the instrument and then smash it was heart wrenching. If I still had it, I doubt I'd be writing this. I'd probably be playing it. It was the guitar I learnt to play on and I had it since I was a kid. I was attached to it and have spent days of my life setting it up perfectly. After that I wanted to kill myself. I nearly did it when I ran out in front of a car... but I didn't go through with it. The only thing that stopped me was the fear of living through the accident and explaining what happened to my family in hospital. It could have been shameful and painful... Not the end I wanted. I ran out in front of buses and banged on the vehicle when they didn't run me over. I was so drunk and I'm so embarassed about having scared people. The bus driver was laughing at me... so maybe I didn't scare anyone except the car driver and whoever saw me smash my guitar.

    I dedicate my life to music and it's a beautiful thing. I don't expect anything from it, and it's easy to feel like you're getting no-where... but making art teaaches you that negativity, while natural in this world, is a waste of time. At the same time I do have problems in my life. I got bullied at my last job until I was suicidal. I quit the week after my drunken night... the job was possibly responsible for my anger and near suicide attempt. Alcohol made me not think straight. I try not to give a fuck about negativity from others. I walked back to my home at 3am playing my guitar every day from university, the streets were empty and some people looked at me like I was insane... but others had encouragement and were excited by what I was playing. Maybe I'll never have the opportunity to make music for the world... but I sure as hell won't let that stop me from making bad ass shit. When I die, that's exactly how I'll spend my time. Making music with people... no worries and no bullshit to deal with. Just putting our minds to work :)

    Maybe this is a sad story... but I want to be happy. I want to connect with people but I just don't know how or who. Maybe I should just exist and make art... put all this doubt to the side. Be a loner. I feel like I need to escape my situation, move away from home and be free. But then the few people in my life would be gone... and I'd be alone dedicating my life to work with possibly no-one in my life forever. Maybe I was born to be alone. I could connect with people in high school through my programming talents. I would program games websites for the whole school, put minecraft and N64 emulators on the school files. I programmed gammes that people liked. I could also play drums and guitar for people.

    Also, I don't want to be a slave to a company working for pennies. That's the only job offer I have after leaving university. I will barely be able to afford transport/housing and will have to use a credit card as a buffer. My family thinks I'm lazy but they don't understand how hard I've worked for the past few years. I can't afford the plane ride their and will have to grovel to my mum who works hard. Nothings going right... Ive decided my purpose is music... and have managed to also attain a degree. It was hard work, but both appear useless in reality.

    This is a random ass unplanned rant aha. But I just need to put my feelings out there. I'm just hoping to organise my thoughts... and this song is helping. But I know Im wasting my time. I should be doing some Ableton work

  34. Don Quixito

    Maybe the spirit will move me some day to provoke the clouds to answer to my writings to show my effection..seeing as I have little will to not die....and little will to manipulate this world further not much of a chance but that perfect day exist....

  35. Don Quixito

    I will alter my personality enough with out drugs or med intentialy taken just on the YouTube video and blogs or published and polished exerts from her life

  36. Don Quixito

    Trying to still love the person behind the music of Grimes the dj chick

  37. Arbiter567

    If colonialism was a song.

  38. starry violets

    we are so lucky to live in the same time as grimes...

  39. Qi Mu

    At 1:02 my heart begins to fill up before it shoots me to the moon

  40. Michel T

    This song takes me to a different place .... grimes is a true genius

  41. Keanu Marino

    happy fourth


    The Clarences love & support Grimes!

  43. Ezequiel MR

    "My only friend this, is the end" Her sister probably die the 4th of July for this reason she will cry.

    Frances Grimes

    Ezequiel MR claire doesn’t have a sister. it’s metaphorical.

  44. The Aussie Bloke

    I love this song, especially from 3:00
    It reminds me of another song

  45. ilse

    this song makes me cry

  46. Anderson Berrios

    This is art, Pure Arte... Grimes in this song.. Pain
    ..Glory... heaven... beautiful

  47. Kevin

    ahora el hell
    la night

  48. Anderson Berrios

    oh my sister...

  49. due whit

    I have a $1.59 to spare so Claire can get some pizza. How about you?

  50. Ozymandias

    What album is this from?


    Halfaxa. Best album EVER.

    Ezequiel MR

    Halfaxa i'ts the album of the milenium

  51. Brandon Dávila Sánchez

    I like piiiizza
    I like piiiizza
    All I have is a dimeee

    All the pizza
    All the pizza
    All I have is a dimeee



    kira g

    Brandon Davila 😂😂😂


    maybe she actually says that and is mocking on us in this moment for thinking that her songs have meaning

    Peep Layingpeephole

    Brandon Davila yass


    69th like!

  52. lil mofo

    "my only friend, this is the end" gave me chills.


    I've always heard "my only friend is in the air", meaning it's not real. But omg. I've always misheard Grimes songs, so that's not a surprise factor, but now I hear what you said and omg.

    Larissa Karla

    @woLLhardt wow

  53. Jamily NP

    hora da piiiizzaaa

  54. Marlucia Paz

    i love this part 1:28

  55. Cameron Dutton

    from beginning to end, its pretty good...modest

  56. Isabel Sophia

    I feel the pain of this song every time I listen to it, it's so much more then just a beat, there's true agony in her voice and I feel all of it. I'm in tears...


    I concur.

  57. Jerry G.

    Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, Wagner, Beethoven, Grimes.


    haha, i love her too

    Mike Lopez

    Jerry Gaucin 👏👏👏

    west shape

    Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, Wagner, Beethoven, *Lorde* and Grimes


    meet bjork

  58. Sam Naokwegijig

    Potatoes taste good


    Go ahead and eat one then.

    Sam Naokwegijig

    +Nostalgic_Chaos that's a good idea

  59. Paul Anstey

    This is one of the best songs of all time

  60. Moirk M


  61. Laura Duarte

    One of my favorite song 💖

  62. Nostalgic_Chaos

    Really good stuff. Would love to use this song in my film.
    Aside from that, it's a very addictive song. I can't even get through the entire thing without having to keep rewinding it after 1 and a half minutes through. The build up is just so good.

  63. Gustav Grime

    La mejor canción de Grimes, por lejos :,)
    Es increíble... este tema me parte al medio... no hay con qué darle... sin palabras...

  64. Wanderlust

    Love it <3


    0:58 omg

    Andromedario droite

    if you can write and speak Japanese you're able to learn anything else,using youtube comments'section is a very good idea because you have a lot of common grammatical mistakes to identify

  66. pink cloud

    Are there any live versions of this song? :/


    I doubt it. Her live sets at the time were largely improvised, though she did do some Halfaxa songs

  67. kevin molina

    I miss this grimes

    eric bryant

    bi-polar sucks no scribed SSRI for me only herbal HTP

    R Ξ Ẏ N

    don't miss it enjoy it


    She is died


    true. I don't think she'll ever make anything good again. Art Angels was a travesty. I remember some chick being like "dude have you ever heard of GRIMES??" and she put on the Kill v Maim music video. I almost threw up, I couldn't believe the path she chose to take with her music. Long gone were the days of Oblivion and Symphonia IX.


    @VintageMeh let's hold out hope for her new album !! Lol but u are right i could never fully get into art angels I only liked a few songs from that album...halfaxa and visions made me fall in love with her .

  68. sophie

    I've always interpreted this song as the relationship between two sisters, and the younger sister has the ability to see ghosts. She sees ghosts from old times walking in their long dresses and hears them sing to her- hence the line "ladies walk about, singing in the night". when she talks about the 4th of july, I imagine a scene of the sister seeing the haunting ghosts, with fireworks in the background, and the older sister is holding her hand and staying with her because nobody else understands why she isn't celebrating. the ghosts are telling her that she is going to die soon, that this is the end- her older sister, her only friend, comforts her. I don't know why but I just felt the need to write a paragraph long comment about this! It's a beautiful song any way you interpret it.


    I know she doesn't have a sister, I'm just saying that to me the song sounds like it's from the perspective of a girl singing to her sister. 


    +Sophie Pizzo Super good interpretation!! Fits very well with the sound and style of the song!!! Thanks for sharing... Now every time I listen to it my mind travels to your story!!

    Consome II


    Nancy E. Garcia

    sophie I love your interpretation of this song. I was reading ypur comment I was picturing it in my head and then I though ""hey, this could be a great music video for this song"" except there could be grimes watching these 2 girls from far away while singing

    Killgrl P0werhead

    please paint this

  69. beeharbour

    This is the worst sound anyone has ever made.

    松田 啓人

    +beeharbour You obviously haven't heard of holly herndon or whatever the fuck her name is

  70. dezystargalaxy1

    Her artwork is amazing

  71. Chipmunk Lauren

    At first I had to carefully listen to the song multiple times and read the lyrics again and again to be able to tell what she was saying and when she was saying it. I finally can hear the words clearly despite the fact that they underlay the music in a sort of way where the words are soft and faint and almost inaudible--but once I understood the words, being sang in that certain tune, the song suddenly became completely more meaningful. It's so beautiful.

    Chipmunk Lauren

    @Natalia Martinez Yeah, from what I've put together from the different online lyric sources that's about the same thing I'm hearing. It's really cool how Grimes is unique in the way where she muffles her voice in a way where it takes an effort to understand-and then once understood, it sometimes seems like a riddle. Her mysteriousness is pretty much what makes her so awesome! 

    Natalia Turner

    Yeah I love it :) I'm a big fan of Cocteau Twins and discovered Grimes through them a few years back. Can hardly wait for her new album! <3

    Natalia Turner

    Thanks! And you are right, they are very CT/Claire-ish =) Add it to my playlists lol <3

    Chipmunk Lauren

    I've never heard of Cocteau Twins or Cranes, thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out! I think if you guys like Grimes you might like Clams Casino, to me his best songs are "Illest Alive" and "God".

    blu melod

    +shewasneverhere Alison Shaw has the cutest voice ever. so sweet and child-like

  72. ufis567

    When you love someone and lose them, but never forget, you live in a kind of dancing hell, where nostalgia and memories echo and haunt you like reverberating demons. To me, this song is exactly like that. What a rhythm there is in feeling immense pain and regret.

    Sarah Lebovits

    I lost a good friend but there's an Israeli song " The dead cry for those living, we don't have time to think so much or always be good." That always helped me let go.

    Drew Glenn

    ufis567 wow, spot on.


    ufis567 guilty feeling has no rhythm- George Michael

    cindy lovelace

    @Sarah Lebovits if you have a dead friend people dont wanna know cause its personal

    chloë anne

    ufis567 owch

  73. James Gilder

    my sister died suffocating to this song


    Wait, really? Shit

  74. Suri

    Love... Love... Love...

  75. Camilo Viveros

    Love the voices and sounds, its a gorgeous and sick song to cry haha my fav of Claire <3

  76. ingle tingle

    Im getting an acid trip vibe from this ;) perfect killer 

  77. Maria Navarro

    Beautifullllllll omg At 1:02 sounds (Spirtual, Goddess Like,) the whole song is spectacular, but yeah at 1:02 beyond, out of this World, GRIMES~OLOGY

  78. Rachel Rubio

    Beautifullllllll, just another amazing song by ~*CLAIRE*~ she literally knows how 2 touch your SOUL & set it FREE, ~*GRIMES*~ 4EVER

  79. stachiano

    my fave my fave my fave


    wow omg its so hard to find people that like her, specially this song!
    i love it


    haha, really? i know a few people that dig her - she's fabulous; this is defo my fave song of hers 


    Its a really nice song! I wish she made a video for this one!

  80. Slime Bubblz

    Yes, thank you Grimes, for not producing one bad song! This is my first time hearing this song, and I think I just found my favorite song.

  81. vulnikkura

    Pickles and cheese

  82. Mario Santos

    Just close your eyes and you will see the most amazing things ↭ Grimes is really doing something amazing. Here


    My Sister Says the Saddest Things is a good song...I didn't mean for my comment to be hurtful lol, I like Vanessa but I just mean it's far from being her BEST song...Her most popular songs, Genesis and Oblivion, are far more interesting, as well as Nightmusic, and I really like Rosa, Zoal Face Dancer, and Feyd Rautha Dark Heart, etc...Vanessa seems kinda boring in comparison to many of her other songs, but I guess it's all a matter of opinion. Regardless, I love Grimes. :3


    I didn't say Genesis and Oblivion are the best, and btw Vanessa is also one of her most popular songs, I said those two specifically are better than Vanessa, and all the songs I listed after that except Nightmusic are off her FIRST album, and are all also better than Vanessa.


    I'm not singling out any one of her songs as the best actually, or saying any of her albums is better than the other, I just named a bunch of songs from her new AND old albums that are better than Vanessa in my opinion.


    Including this one, My Sister Says the Saddest Things.


    After listening to all of her albums through, I think My Sister Says the Saddest Things is her best song of all...I love it more every time I listen to it, which happens with some of her other songs too...Vanessa still bores me though, even after repeated listening. :p There seems to be more soul in this one...

  83. Izabela Ramos

    Muito muito boa.

  84. annette owen


  85. Bo Dez

    Love pickles and capsicums
    On twilight by the africans
    Cartwheels and jello monkies
    Got caught in the friday funnies
    It's seigfreid and apple carts
    and lots of bloated goats in tarts
    Time for the the golden shower
    and lots of sparkle hammers


    Really now

  86. Marco Diaz

    a lot of weird people here, very nice mood


    Weird people make the world a better, much more interesting place.

    R M

    perfect music, 

    Cameron Dutton

    +e l f t e a r s what is weird anyway?...


    something to be proud of

  87. Christina Huckabay

    My baby, down
    Take my baby
    All I eat is life

  88. Jose Emmanuel Tabares Sotelo

    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell
    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell

    My only friend
    This is the end

    My only friend
    This is the end

    My only friend
    This is the end
    My only friend
    This is the end.

  89. Jose Emmanuel Tabares Sotelo

    Ah, my sister
    Ah, my sister
    Hold my hand in the night
    Ah, my sister
    Ah, my sister
    Hold my hand in the night

    Tick tock, baby
    Tick tock, baby

    Ah, my sister
    Ah, my sister
    Hold my hand in the night

    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell
    Ladies walk about, singing in the night
    You will never tell

    I will cry on the 4th of July, and
    I don't really mind, and
    I haven't the time, and
    I will cry on the 4th of July, and
    I don't...

  90. Miguel Lumip

    Sería tan genial conseguir la letra de esta canción