Grimes - Genesis Lyrics

My heart will never feel (be)
Will never see
Will never know
Oh, heart
And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know [x4]

My, My, My
Ever see, ever be, ever know
My heart
Ever see, ever be, ever know
My heart

Home and I know
Playing the deck above
It's always different
I'm the one in love [x4]

My heart will never feel (be)
Will never see
Will never know
Oh, heart
And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know [x2]

Ever see, ever be, ever know
My heart
Ever see, ever be, ever know

Home and I know
Playing the deck above
It's always different
I'm the one in love [x2]

Home and I know
Playing the deck above
It's always different (now)
I'm the one in love [x2]

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Grimes Genesis Comments
  1. Silly Pie

    Ok I have to ask, what the hell is she saying? What language is this?

  2. Ryan Loveless

    Cyberpunk 2077 is the reason I'm here.

  3. Holly Higinbotham

    Mad Max with only women

  4. Nodrodsky


  5. Duh Sunnyday

    Hard to believe she's dating Elon Musk the billionaire of Tesla

  6. yosuhara

    song so outside of time and space

  7. Lorrrelaic

    i feel just for just learning grimes

  8. Spoopy Skeletons


    this is all that goes through my head every day

  9. P k

    Cyberpunk 2077 brought me here

  10. SuperEvilnine *


  11. Firewertyhn

    funny but depressive track... very weird feeling

  12. Herp_Derp_Durp

    I came here after the new cyberpunk trailer . Where were you all my life ? 🤗😘

  13. ARC

    What the fuck am I watching right now?

  14. Donya P

    In a whole nother dimension here!!!! I never knew WHAT being on a whole LEVEL of bliss till I found the music🎵🎤 of Grimes!Pure musical 🎼 talent. Brooke Candy 🍬 gurl YESSS!!!

  15. Sir Daniel Fortesque

    I'm glad she's in Cyberpunk because that's how I found out about her.
    Somehow she has gone completely under my radar for so long.
    At least now I have a ton of new music to listen to :)

  16. ة ة

    Is this Brooke candy?

  17. Josiah Gutierrez

    I can see why Xavier wulf loves this sample

  18. Kyle Degraw

    They’re all hot

  19. Shannon Prendergast

    I literally remember watching this when I was 15 and losing my shit!!! Now I'm 22 and still lose my shit about this song. Grimes is an actual goddess 😭😭


    You're probably white

  20. Y Yy

    I’ve played this on repeat when I’m in a mood and my fiancé sits back and watches me dance. Good times. Thank u!

  21. aidenhill

    Every music video ever, has the most cringe worthy comment section of anything else on the entire internet, with people pretending the song turned them woke, or saved their life, or made them who they are, or stopped them from suicide, or made their friend suicide, or inspired them to become some other thing, or do something they didnt, ive seen people say that the music has made them into a millionare, or got them out of poverty, or helped them get addicted to drugs, or become clean from drugs, or stop a big event, or prevent a tragedy, i have seen people claim the artist was a sister/brother, that the song was made for them exclusively, or that they know the exact meaning behind the lyrics, or that the music was their mothers favorite, or that they listened to the song when they were a child [despite the time not adding up/being too old] or that they listen to the music when high, or that they played the song through their 'best' years, or that they were last here x amount of years back, or that they think the song 'deserves' more views, or that it is only at 50 or 100 million views, including criticism of other music and people that like said other music, shaming people and other artists, its all so cringeworthy and loserville.

    Ice Cold

    OK doomer


    ok libtard.

  22. Harry Satchel

    Came here with a prejudice against this song because it isn't Phil collins Genesis... But, now I like this song.

  23. DeadBoy


  24. Statix

    Anyone see the JoJo reference at 4:32

  25. Amateratsu Scrub

    Bones and Xavier wulf the goats for sampling this

  26. Karin Ochoa

    Grimes has always been ahead of her time, WHY IS THE WORLD STILL SLEEPING ON HER?! just glad long time fans were ahead with her!! XOXO all hail the queen

  27. Brey Fox

    this is the most relaxing song I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Xavier Wulf. Grimes, you have a new fan.

  28. Bladings

    Me : mon can we get Cyberpunk 2077?
    Mom : no, we already have Cyberpunk 2077 at home
    *Cyberpunk 2077 at home* :


    2019 ? My favorite sound track ever

  30. VICE

    the best music video of the decade

  31. Wasabe Wan

    shoutout to Tokimonsta!!

  32. Sarah Owens

    I am totally crushing hard on Grimes right now

    Mummy Napkin

    The classical queen of pop. Check out John Maus

  33. Adrian Poli

    I had an intimate thought about an old friend. When I considered messaging her the music stopped. In a frantic panic to keep my mood I played your song. You uplifted me to say the three least.

  34. Здесь Сейчас

    Люблю её🙌😍💞😊😘😍🙌🙋😻

  35. Til Schraeder

    Enya on acid.

  36. Ugapiku

    Feels like I'm listening this in 2077

  37. Kayla Burcie

    I found the weird side of YouTube again

  38. Kris Luzem

    cyberpunk brought me here

  39. Glenn Bailey

    Reminds me of bjork

  40. Luis Gutiérrez Herrera

    God, I bloody love her ❤

  41. Shadoestar

    Brooke Candy has mastered the art of being both freaky and hot.

  42. LordAssassin

    Utterly outstanding. The masterpiece!!!

  43. Carlos Martinez

    wulf- MORNING DREW! but i came to find out i genuinely like this song too

    btmn steffen

    Yeah man, its amazing puts me in a good mood

    Alex K

    Haha same

    cvvdy lira

    Yes bro underrated ass song.

  44. Melky chan

    olha onde vim parar mano

    Carol Jones

    E se observar o conceito do vídeo é esse mesmo: "um passeio louco" Kkkkk

  45. Moon

    grimes is hot, as expected from her voice

  46. Moon

    music videos is good vibes it smells good rn too

  47. Xavimon

    only came her to see what elon is up to

  48. Nono Soso

    Thanks CD Projekt !

  49. R’lyehian Bunnyman

    Dm: Just try to have your characters fit the setting.
    The players:

  50. AntonioModer

    у Илона вкус конечно пздц

  51. Janos Marta

    Welcome in Cyberpunk!

  52. LaVida Loca

    I love Genesis❣️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  53. Person Unknown

    She is beautiful and I love her voice and the beat to the songs

  54. pepper rock

    present time they would be part of SJW and LGBTQ gang

  55. Christine Han

    reminds me of autobahn by the kraftwerk a bit :----)

  56. Strawberriie Milk

    Its called Vaporwave.

  57. The Worshipper Of Memes

    When you lose your mom in the supermarket this plays ominously in the background

  58. Matthew Williams

    Morning dew

  59. Imprezaguy 99

    Bones and Xavier wulf anyone?

    Water Bottle

    Yessir I saw it on Twitter I always wondered what the sample for morning dew was

    Imprezaguy 99

    Water Bottle same bro lol, this song is actually pretty nice

  60. WINKE

    This makes me feel sick 🤢, don't know why

  61. Zay Xen

    Don't litter

  62. Christian Mull

    Who’s here because of morningdew

  63. Evelynn Lozano

    no necesito drogas si tengo esto

  64. Your Mom

    She gives me 90's vibes 💚 I dig it

  65. Arch

    Still listen to this every single day.

  66. Katie Ceshe

    I remember when Grimes used to make music not cryptic tweets 😔

    Oxylyon //

    she's still making bops tho

  67. papuaoshi

    help me, I can't stop listening to this...

  68. Vladis4 love

    Зашё сюда после того как узнал что она девушка Илона Маска :)

  69. Sherry Xu

    These so called musicians/singers are heavily demonized people. What they produced are Satanic propaganda used to poison young people. We bind the evil strong man behind music industry and free up the captives in Jesus’s name!

  70. Avi Ash

    My heart, I never feel
    I never see
    I never know
    Oh, heart
    And then it falls
    And then I fall
    And then I know

  71. chemo horizon

    still best thing everrr

  72. My Music Diary

    Grimes- à frente de seu tempo


    muito , Crystal Castles tb...

  73. Julius Makuna

    Literally 10 - 15 lyrics in this song. And it's better that 99% of music out here...

  74. Stephane Sug Lima

    Gigi D'Agostino.

  75. Crowga 88

    The future of music has been here

  76. Norelle French

    Derivative... good job bastardising kraftwerk.

  77. wayfaringshaman

    This accurately describes my first shrooms experience.

  78. Echoeversky Ü

    I find this alt universal meme template supplemental in the Bassnectar Remix. Sense I don't make. Make your time.

  79. Infinity Enterprises

    Thats mg name

  80. Cristina Marie

    ✨✨She’s such a hottie ✨✨

  81. joão rodrigues

    ok, we're closing the decade now and unanimously
    we can agree that this is the VIDEO OF THE DECADE... she did it for the gays.


    This comment made me think harder than I ever had before. Mostly because I was trying to decipher it.

  82. Veda Adara Nadleeh Bizaad

    when I first use to see this vide on the internet i thought Grimes was Brooke Candy


    Trevor Something : sega genesis/ Berserk: Earth

  84. SisterAudrey Grey

    I was laying in bed. January of 2013. I was 14 years old thinking I was going to die of my fentanyl addiction and I listened to this song on repeat all night long the day I planned on overdosing. I made it through those hard. Hard. Difficult times.

  85. gwakon

    i wish she would get back to the simplicity like this. wee bit ahead of the cosplay trend, especially its representation of sexual power.

  86. Cholly Sa

    Can we get an updated music video one day for this song

  87. rosegoldbb

    Slime 🐍 time

    cvvdy lira

    slatt shit 🤮💯

  88. Racer 67

    Comic con in the desert! The chick in the pink and chrome scares me,,but its a good scared!!

  89. Cain Velasquez

    She is Helga from "Hey Arnold!"
    I never would have thought that I would fall in love with her

  90. Adebayo Taiwo

    2019 and still rocking this

  91. julietspaghetti


  92. Sophie Williams

    listen on 1.75 for otherwordly experience

  93. Yung Benji

    The only good grimes song

  94. Amy P

    I just realized brooke candy is in this video!!! Yall should check her out :)

  95. bella mariee

    POV: you’re laying on your bed staring at the ceiling or the ceiling fan thinking about life questioning it. you get called to eat you hear your parents. you go towards the kitchen but your parents aren’t there. you start wondering around your house scared to death. running around the house checking every nook and cranny. you look through closets and you oddly spend eternity running back and forth forever. You wake up from this monstrosity of a dream and the songs over. you call for your parents, they respond. walking down the hall or stairs you see them chilling in the kitchen and you smile hugging them tightly. a dream? or a bad trip?

  96. Burned chicken nugget

    Came out 6 years ago but still sounds like the future