Grimes - Flesh Without Blood Lyrics

You claw, you fight, you lose
Got a doll that looks just like you
Remember when we used to say
"I love you" almost every day
I saw a light in you
Going out as I closed our window
You never liked me anyway

I don't see the light I saw in you before
And now I don't, and now I don't
And now I don't care anymore
(And now I don't care anymore)

Baby, believe me
And you had every chance
You destroyed everything that you know
If you don't need me
Just let me go

You hate, you bite, you lose
After all, I just don't like you
It's nice that you say you like me
But only conditionally
Your voice, it had the perfect flow
It got lost when you gave it up though
Cause you want money
You want fame

I don't see the light I saw in you before
And now I don't, and now I don't
And now I don't care any more
(And now I don't care any more)

Baby, believe me
And you had every chance
You destroyed everything that you know
If you don't need me
Just let me go

Baby, believe me
And you had every chance
You destroy everything that you know
If you don't need me
Just let me go
Baby, believe me
And you had every chance
You destroyed everything that you love
If you don't need me
Just let me go


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Grimes Flesh Without Blood Comments
  1. blackmeinu

    The real joker. & she a woman. :)

  2. Chris 011 Fresno

    GRIMES i hope you realize how much this means to me.

  3. Kim Spearman

    If only she could sing.

  4. Mind Psy

    Why is this creepy ass shit mainstream? What a negative regress our society has become . This is purely satanic

  5. trimob gog


  6. trimob gog

    БоЖе имаш ци⁴⁴

  7. versages versages

    i love elon and grims very matching and unique personalities and styles. they really fit well together. two very unique artist meet.

  8. versages versages

    so this song is grimes and elon's secret language song?

  9. Monk Lyfe

    Could not be true that she hates this album. This song alone is a literal timeless masterpiece. 100 years from now people will still be listening to this. I'm pretty sure.

  10. Rose

    Grimes ilah🥺

  11. Joseph Casas

    This was such a moment in time ugh I love ittt 💕💘💖

  12. boris ruban

    Ахуительная девочка !))))

  13. Mariela r.

    💗 I don’t know who you are but ,I heard your music in Melanie Martinez’s story . 💗

    💗 I kinda dig you music 💗

  14. M S

    This song is very catchy

  15. spicy angel

    Thank you Melanie for showing me this song

    Red Diamond

    spicy angel YASSSS

  16. Tyjuana Green

    who else came here cause of mels insta story😂?

    Red Diamond

    Tyjuana Green MEEEEEEE

  17. Ahmira Saunders

    Here from Melanie’s story💗😗

    Red Diamond

    Ahmira Saunders MEEEE TOOOOO 💜

  18. Karissa Grams

    Always my favorite :)

  19. Luna Morici

    This video is a mood.

  20. Beatrice Norman

    Anyone know where this was filmed?

  21. Ricky Boy

    In 2020 still very good

  22. Randall Makhanya

    so who is this E. Long Husk fella?

  23. E L E C T R I C_ F L A V O R


  24. Richard M.

    #DriscollChildrens #GotBoucher . . . ?


    😭 i luv it ❤️ grimes


    2013 until now i following your music , i love it forever ❤️ grimes , please come in Indonesia

  27. D G

    Uncontrollable 3:22



  29. Vicki Murray

    Old here but disturbed video THE KNIVE blood the song just fine

  30. Kelsee Blain

    I love it. That high kick though lol

  31. William Topping

    It's okay Grimes, Elon is working very hard to get your safely back to your homeworld.

  32. Jessica Gardner

    Love this song haha :) so true n catchy

  33. ʞɹɐp

    her music touches my soul <3

  34. Loue Bottomy

    I see fields of sculpture, film, and gorgeous photography 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  35. RottingAristocrat

    It must be so fun to be one of grimes friends.

  36. Jeannie Jeannie

    Do you understand you are touchi millions witch way will you go ? Salvation or Satan who dies in the end that sux👻

  37. Jimena Talamantes

    What’s the song at the end ???

  38. Não Uso

    Não tenho palavras para descrever o quanto essa música é boa e perfeita

  39. maaskaasboer

    Hi girl. Just wanna let you know that someone out here understands what you are trying to Express, emotionally. With sound
    You do that, for us. When we have no words, your music is our soul Expression. Thank you. Keep doing it. Does not matter in what form, name or picture it takes place in. Express you. We see you and love your art. Dont fuckin care. Rock out. Skin out babi

  40. Lilly3344

    Is this how elon musk discovered her

  41. Mix

    Grimes Shouldn't Never Dated Elon Mask smh XO

  42. Gloria Cervantes

    Elon Musk house in Bel Air? How? already knew?

  43. C6H12O6 Daddy

    I fucking love this song I would let it top me

  44. Edu M

    It's 2020 and I'm still addicted to this!

  45. Kawazaki sama

    Mr robot ✋

  46. nightpost

    i liked part one. Then i liked part two more.

  47. Andrea Carol Taylor

    Wow impressive artist and such a beautiful angel loved the song too

  48. Donna Hazen

    Yep shes my sexy angel all her

  49. María Paz

    For those who are loving the sound of Grimes I will highly recommend you to listen to Blue Hawaii untogether album 😘😘😘😘

    P.s: this is my fav song of Grimes too! ✨❤️

  50. Nestor Ismael Flores

    daaaamn, was trying to remember the name of grimes so bas till I finally found it!! ❤❤

  51. Richard M.


  52. cod traper

    Praise God for good true boyfriend Breck up song .no bad words no violence no boobies JUST A HURT LITTLE GIRL

  53. Zuzu

    Hey Grimes....y u so pretty now? Ya looked better as cool weird. Just okay as cute weird.


    Grimes i love you from Indonesia-Asia tenggara

  55. Marco Grade

    Her voice touches my heart... Also, other body parts...

  56. IceScreaming

    there is 4 Grimes alter ego:
    3)fallen angel
    4) cyberpunk rebellioner

  57. ian elder

    If years and years covered this song it would be perfect

  58. Rustin Jichards

    The song is phenomenal!!!

  59. Emily Fingerhut

    This woman is ahead of her time

  60. Luana Arruda

    Grimes is now my sexuality

  61. Esau Martínez

    2020 and beyond 💫

  62. Ruby Stone

    Well after watching three videos I know why 8 haven’t heard of this auto tuned mess, at least with a rich baby daddy her kids won’t starve

  63. Red-Rook

    why is this in the 90s alt?

  64. etherealmist76

    It's stuck in my head

  65. M. Davit

    Anyone is 2020?

  66. Kardelen Devrim

    Flesh without blood is like science without Neuralink 😉

  67. myosotis 4

    I could tell you that people are good in the end, but why, why would I?
    my favorite line. 💔

  68. Alexa Massey

    Im. Obsessed.

  69. Paulo Victor

    Mr. Robot

  70. Ohshitethatsright Channel

    Thank a lot everyone for spoiling the ending of mr robot for someone whose only on the second season. Shame on all of you.

  71. Ohshitethatsright Channel

    Who just came here because of Grimes?

  72. Laura Fongaro

    2020 and this song is always in my heart

  73. Mimi Wey

    No one:

    Me to anyone who'll listen: So have you ever heard of Grimes, she's so amazing she writes, composes and produces everything, I could totally introduce you to my top songs to start with, well unless you want to, of course, I could even list the songs right now, if you want- no sorry, I'm being to extreme, that's a bit much, I'll stop... unless???


    What's your most favorite song all time from grimes? I'm a little new to the scene!!!!

    Mimi Wey

    @MAstaCheez I would say Flesh without blood and pin, both from her amazing album "Art Angels" !!!

    C6H12O6 Daddy

    Me promoting Grimes on club penguin.


    @Mimi Wey YASSS thank [email protected]@@@

  74. Tabi A

    What’s the song from the very beginning of the video from , before flesh without blood starts?

  75. Asi Ihsan

    Jumped dianah's ship, then destroy?

  76. Bozhe naSh

    Beautiful voice!

  77. Lauren Zimmerman

    this song got elon musk and grimes together

    C6H12O6 Daddy

    muska34 um wtf


    C6H12O6 Daddy the character in the purple wig is “rococo basilisk” it’s a pun she was making and mentioned on her Twitter. I guess elon made the same pun and that got them talking.


    @Orla It is not a pun and if you think it is then you have failed the Elon/Grimes Intelligence test.


    @JamesJoyce12 bruh can you explain it to me please because I don't have 300 IQ

  78. Code Cake

    I love this music 💕

  79. Enamel_ Dicc

    Great bgm but I still don’t know how to play badminton

  80. tisdue

    the use of color in this video is incredible. one of my favorite videos on YT

  81. The Hamster Zone 2.0

    y’all sleeping on life in the vivid dream

  82. Leo Costa Paisagismo


  83. Chi Me

    When she said she’s a fan of. “Doja 🐱Cat” I loved her even more. Two underrated artist 💓💓💓💓💓

    Chi Me

    Cliche Guevara well I’m saying underrated because she’s not being named along other big super stars such as: Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Taylor, Rihanna and she should be and Doja... she may be more respected internationally. I love her for sure!! She’s talented

    a slut for sabrina spellman

    Jerica C grimes herself said she got "knocked up" in her recent vogue video. with those words soo

    Kuchana Bhaskar

    She herself used this word in vogue makeup tutorial.

    Night Memes

    doja cat is NOT underrated she is very mainstream

    a slut for sabrina spellman

    Night Memes within the last few months, shes been on her way to being mainstream. this comment was posted a month ago

  84. Felicia H

    She is SO beautiful here

  85. im_so_ bored

    ok i wanna know who this song is about. i know she wrote it because she was disappointed in a female friend of hers she looked up to. but who? methinks it's brooke candy

  86. Cherry Day

    I love and respect her so much. I hope life is good to her. Congratulations on motherhood, also!!

  87. Purple Papilionem

    Idk wtf is "Mr. Robot"

  88. Shanna Lae

    Feels like I'm watching an acid trip gone horribly wrong.

  89. Becky Weaver

    No talent, what do u guys see in her?

    Becky Weaver

    Eduardo Perez It’s fine if you like her. I just think she’s ridiculous that’s all. And pointless. I’m shocked Elon musk can even have a conversation with her.

    Eduardo Perez

    Becky Weaver straight people are so weird now a days.

    keka galindo

    u blind lol

    Ferencs Salvoski

    she wrote, produced and engineered the song like any artist nowaday🤦‍♂️ stfu

    Becky Weaver

    Eduardo Perez who u callin straight?

  90. The Dude

    wel lwe know where Billie Eilish got her style from. Billie Eilish is a copy cat

    The Elder

    There is room for both. Billie is a genuine talent too. No need for them to compete.

    danielle miller

    how is this like billie eilish at all??

  91. Ash Bash

    Fact : This is Elon’s favorite song by grimes.

    Riko Saikawa

    He has really good taste

    May Châteaux

    mine too. Does that mean I can be their baby's Godmother?


    Vodka a pretty similar story here

    Ryan Petz

    Fact: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

    Emi E

    its mine too

  92. Master Rodrigues

    Cheguei aqui através de Mr. Robot e descobri que já conhecia essa música ❤

  93. X W

    I want the lyrics

  94. Craig Stepanek

    Synth drums suck life out of what otherwise could be good

  95. Ruth Hermosura

    They just used this for Mr. Robot season 4. Completely lost it when it suddenly played.

  96. solange tornabene

    I heard the song in Mr Robot 😍

  97. Brandon MR

    I really like her Marie Antoinette style