Grimes - Angel Lyrics

Hey, little girl
Why don't you fall?
Why don't you fall?
Why don't you fall?
Right out of the sky?

Silence goes away
And I would pray
And I would play
And I would go
To see you every time

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Grimes Angel Comments
  1. Powder Stone

    I love this

  2. Dylan Givenchy

    this one deserved be on the international version !

  3. Camilo Mejía

    It's impossible that this song exists

  4. James //

    Love 💕 this✨

  5. epicfap

    3077 Future Elevator Music~

  6. Jack

    I just cried to this (while high), happy tears I guess, imagining this as the song to my life and stuff

  7. Aida

    Isso é uma das coisas mais perfeitas que eu já ouvi.

  8. Benjamín Muñoz

    This song has been my ringtone for 5 years and I still love it

  9. bands make us dance house band

    Video game music gold

  10. empty sky

    this is the perfect mix of art angels and visions omg

    Zion Hines

    empty sky technically it’s actually from visions lol since it’s a bonus track. But for me it sounds closer to visions than art angels anyways - yet still different enough from visions for me to be surprised it is on the album

    Prin temps

    empty sky ew shut up

    Даня Таргарян

    @Prin temps you actually should, why are you fucking rude

    Quentin Elliott

    @Prin temps bullies eat at weeniehutjuniors

  11. Marijn

    why am i crying at the club

  12. Junior Amorim

    meu vision nao veio com essa musica :/que linda

  13. Hey There

    THE GUITAR!!!!!!

  14. glittertearrss

    so breathtaking

  15. slow ketamine

    sounds like art angels, hmm

  16. May Circus


  17. Gustavo Ximenez

    This music deserved to be longer

  18. BEAR!

    sounds like space junk galaxys theme from the first mario galaxy

  19. Freaky Baby

    this is nice!!! Oh I wish she released this song in visions...

  20. Ana Leon

    Suddenly I remembered Skins intro

  21. Your # One fan

    This song is so awesome 💗 her voice is so angelic.

    Thank you for taking me to heaven for 1 minute and 23 seconds.

  22. Read Marx

    grimes is an angel

  23. Cameron Dutton

    And she has her a guiitar case...

  24. FES

    very moving lyrics

  25. Luis García

    sound of the guitar is the best

  26. peter dee

    it sounds like a good interlude

  27. athena christine music

    Be longer ugh haha

    athena christine music

    A year later and still obsessed lmao

    Dany De Rochefort

    Athena Jordan same 😂

    Dynamo Asträl • Channel

    Actually i have the same thought.. so i made a loop for 1 hour try. xD


    let's be friends @athena christine music

  28. Gerardo Vigueras

    Yourepeat... <3

  29. Ryan Parker

    Play this at .5 speed. Worth it.

    Dylan Wadsworth

    +Ryan Parker 2x speed is better hahaha

    Dylan Wadsworth

    +Jess Newsie Lolol those genre titles are so obscure where I'm from.


    @Dylan Wadsworth Theyre obscure Everywhere. 

    Dylan Wadsworth

    Good. Now I don't feel stupid for using Wikipedia

    Zion Hines

    Try .75

  30. gergsar

    she is her, and that's good enough for me


    Such short statement, yet so full of truth.

  31. Bad Reputation

    new ringtone found

  32. molly a

    one of my favourite songs of hers! wish it was longer

    Peretz Shlosberg

    i totally agree. i want this song to just keep rocking


    I was just about to write that...

    Zion Hines

    molly a play at .75 it literally will be longer lol! Different but unique too, slowed down

  33. Clarence Ong

    Love this track...but abit too short.

  34. Tragicide

    I wish this song was longer :(

  35. DancerID94

    like Know the way, I love that song, and extremly short D:

  36. ♡angelpuff♡

    wish this was longer

  37. MxxnLigght

    I Was Seriously Thinking The Same.

  38. livingdeadgirlur

    She said one to five times a week, which is actually normal for the majority of artists. You get wrapped up in your creation and forget to take care of yourself. Not eating for a day or more is also common due to this.

  39. ErikinMusic

    Beautiful Grimes! and now the replay button again...

  40. Bloofy1

    very sims at the end lmao love it

  41. Trevor Szuba-Schneider

    it is reported that she would at times layer up to 50 of her vocal tracks to make her voice sound ethereal/have the "echo" sound we hear!

  42. Bruna Rozenfeld Alves Fonseca

    some songs don't have that much ^-^

  43. Rae M

    Best before bed.

  44. Michael Parks

    yeah...she should have extended this track, one of Claires best

  45. NUKE

    άσε μας κουκλίτσα μου...

  46. Mayu Oyama


  47. Ashley Lutz

    Grimes and angel....ironic

  48. Emoke Reviews

    She is an angel! <3

  49. Rae M

    An angel track by a singing angel...

  50. Rue Pamyu Pamyu

    One of Grimes more pop-like songs, I think...

  51. Barbara P

    Artists nowadays earn from concerts and merchandise, no one expects to live thanks to CD sales! :)

  52. Pornografairy

    "Hey, ...why don't you fall
    Why don't you fall
    Why don't you fall
    Right, right of the sky?
    Silence goes a way...
    And I ...and I will go
    To see you every time" <3

  53. xchiaroscura

    Ohhhh I love her.

  54. Eric L


  55. Ryan Block

    True but the flaw is that obviously not everyone downloading her music is going to see her live or buy a shirt or whatever, the majority will just get it for free. But to be fair Grimes herself said she downloads music rather than buying so I doubt she'd be fussed, whatever.


    If I had the chance to see her live I would

  56. sildaghiadsygdsahg

    I completely agree. In fact, musicians make most of their money through concerts, whereas album sales go mainly to record companies or evil itunes.

  57. Ryan Block

    Great, how will she eat? These artists rely on people buying their music to live, they can't work for free.

  58. beardedscot

    TAt first I thought, this is a bit pop song by someone like U2. Then realised it was my beloved. She is so diverse and intelligent.

  59. SweetAmber

    YES. anyone who likes her should buy her album.

    buying albums isn't that hard. what? 10 bucks or so...
    we spend 10 bucks on a meal sometimes...temporary pleasure
    so why not throw down the same amount of cash for something that can bring you pleasure on demand for the rest of your days.....

    point is... IT'S WORTH IT. <3 ^__^

  60. Pornografairy

    Does anyone know the lyrics? *u*. Although short, this is my favorite song of Claire s2

  61. karla karen resendiz

    wooo0oowww super cute track

  62. XMHKHY

    Beautiful voice!

  63. stefanlast

    Thanks Raptordaddy! Would have preferred a higher quality verision (320 or 256) but this will do nicely until I can sort that out... :-)

  64. stefanlast

    Only just discovered Grimes and find her absolutely amazing! Anyone here who can tell me where I can download this? I live in Sweden so doesn't work (only works for people within the US), and it's not on iTunes or where I usually buy downloads...

  65. Oak Aitken

    Such a well composed track! And I didn't even know that it existed, so thanks!

    I'd so love it if a longer version was done! I don't mind short tracks at all. For example there are a few 'perfume genius' songs that are short and they are great than length but this one feels like i've just had something tasty taken out of my mouth.

    Or like happened to me once i'd taken one mouthful of my chocolate cake and then a gull came down and swiped the rest. The shortness of the song is the gull! :D

  66. beardedscot

    it's cute!!!!

  67. Capgungoesbang

    It's so fluffy ^_____^

  68. bfazenda

    just make my day

  69. G Serrato

    way too short...

  70. Luke Swailes

    Available in England 12th of March, hopefully its available with the bonus track on also, can't wait for it!

  71. Luke Swailes

    @Wartimelabor You can buy the album with the bonus track on.

  72. Wartimelabor

    This is fantastic. Shame it didn't make it onto the album.

  73. alienobservr

    cool track, to short though...