Griffin, Patty - Little God Lyrics

Good morning little god
I see you've come for me again
With a noose between your teeth
You are not my friend
Pouring little cups of tea
Humming a little tune
You sit across from me
And fill my little room
Little god

Smoke is in the air
From your little cigarettte
You tell me to throw the fight
Go and place your little bet
Shake, little god-
Shake your little fists
All the strippers think you're odd
But you leave the biggest tips
Little god

Where oh where did I leave myself today
On the bed, on the chair
Did I send myself away
On a sleepy afternoon
Will I be returning soon

Laugh your little laugh
Stomp your little feet
They sulk behind your back,
All the people that you meet
They say time is running out
And you don't know what to do
And I hear them talk about
Another place without you
Little god
Little god
Little god
Little god
Little god

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Griffin, Patty Little God Comments
  1. Anita Melon

    thanks for this beast of a song

    Anita Melon

    MrFreakwent did you see the above reply?

    Anita Melon

    it seems I put my replies in wrong place, kreskin is a klutz on keyboard

    F Duquenne

    I sure did!

    F Duquenne

    No, it's right there!

    Anita Melon

    double Klutz on my part, I forgot about that little bell icon to look up for any replies that came from my comments, so glad I remembered because I found one that meant a great deal to me on the song All My Tears, a woman also thought it very comforting and played it at her father's funeral

  2. Kaykatniss G

    Great of my favourites...and I love this song!

  3. rob068

    A&M were fools for not releasing this album! Look where they are now. Gone. Defunct. Ha!

  4. Skeeter NYC

    This is fucking great. How do I get a bootleg copy of this album, please?

  5. Kevin Clark

    I would LOVE for "Silver Bell" to be relesed,somehow. "Little God" is great. Thanks.


    It's finally been released in 2012.