Griffin, Patty - Faithful Son Lyrics

Oh, my god, I cry in fear
Afraid you have forgot me here
Afraid you haven’t gotten long
Your quiet dove and faithful son

I went to work, I worked all day
When I wanted to run, I stayed
I kept the promises I made
I kept the promises I made

Little children came and grew
Moved away and never knew
Who I was or who I am
Well, they never knew this lonely man

When those mornings came, stiff with rain
I thought the sun would never shine again
With the sleeves of my old raincoat stained
With the salt of my own tears

And I never would tell you then
So I never will tell you now
All the things that break an old man down
The real truth is I don’t know how

Oh, my god, I cry in fear
Afraid you have forgot me here
Afraid you haven’t gotten long
Your quiet dove and faithful son

Who’s seen the loneliest of days
And fought the dirtiest of ways
With the man inside who would have run away
From the promises I made

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Griffin, Patty Faithful Son Comments
  1. Sean Crotty

    Patty as a Army veteran I love your music. It helps me relax. I've wanted to skip out of my dirty duties many a days. I like to run astray. The fall is here keep so your head up and keep making music. :-) Yeah i get it!

  2. Karolyn Herrera

    Pretty song, I like it. Love Patty Griffin. But I don't understand the song....

    Sean Crotty

    Karolyn Herrera the songs about a soldier a farther

  3. James Williams

    Thank you, this song talks to me.

    Sean Crotty

    This song reminds me working and helping others as work. 100ft up looking down across a skyline.

  4. Zachary Crowe

    It reminds me of people I miss/ love......Forever to be honest... always only be as fast Love away!¿.

  5. tree Climbing

    WranglerStar brought me Here..!

  6. Christopher Manis

    Such a great song, thanks!

  7. Walter Morgenroth

    here because of wranglerstar

  8. Marcus Andrade

    Only three Words : What a song!
    i've been listening this all day long, i cant stop, congrats patty

  9. Robert Davidson

    This song is for an older man, who lived during "interesting times" (as the old curse goes), did what he had to then, came back, continued to do what he had to do, raised kids, and now looks back on his life in his remaining few years. Every word in the lyrics is true to that.

    Katie .Woodlief

    Robert Davidson it’s about her father .

    Zachary Crowe

    Def seems to be about family!!!!

  10. Carl Holden

    She's outdone herself on this one..... beautiful.

  11. Mike D

    So awesome!