Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song Lyrics

Ohhhhhh Yeaahhh

Oh lady when ya come on down
Won't ya come on down
I said to my town

Oh mama when ya come on down
Won't ya come on down
I said to my home

Oo lady won't you move my way
Can't ya move my way
I'm getting hazy

Oh mama when you
Give your lovin'
When you give your love
You drive me crazy

Ah mama what you gonna do
With all that love in your heart
Ah mama what you gotta say
About that love in your heart
Oh mama when you walk this way
Why don't you give some lovin'
Oh mama what you gonna do
With all that lovin' in your heart

See mama gotta feel your
Feel your everything
I really wanna know

See mama when you shine
You're shinin' bright
Give your givin' right
I really want your love to grow

See mama when your heart
Is in its place
See that smilin' face
It's all I wanna do

See mama every time
That you are near
It's when you're gonna fear
You're never gonna come
Back home

Ah mama what you gonna do
With all that love in your heart
Ah mama what you gotta say
About that love in your heart
Oh mama when you walk this way
Why don't you give some lovin'
Oh mama what you gonna do
With all that lovin' in your heart

Do you remember what I said
When I got down on my knees
Gotta get your lovin' baby
Lovin's all I need
Don't make me beg now baby
Don't make me bleed
I gave you all a man could give
And you still walked out on me

Ah mama what you gonna do
With all that love in your heart
Ah mama what you gotta say
About that love in your heart
Oh mama when you walk this way
Why don't you give some lovin'
Oh mama what you gonna do
With all that lovin' in your heart
Your heart
Your heart
Your heart
Your heart

Aww yeahhhh

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Greta Van Fleet Safari Song Comments
  1. SouthSide WhiteBhoy

    I bet these kids are banging all divorced empty nest boomer MILFs. Keep it going boys!

  2. insert name

    Hey, if a guy I like recommended this song, uhhhh what does this mean-

  3. Durchaus Durch

    Some people say they copied the sound of led zeppelin, I say they make music, that sounds fuckin great as led zeppelin ones, every great artist has its influences an they picked the finest one!
    It may sounds similar to led zeppelin but they also created a new sound which is fuckin awesome (especially compared to much bands who tried to but only produced big bullshit)

  4. Nostradumbass 8

    Robert Plant is the sexiest woman alive.

  5. Addie Burt

    The cavalry has arrived

  6. Julius Lee

    These guys are not reviving rock. They are beating a dead horse.

  7. John Williams

    I think Robert Plant would be proud.

  8. Diane Fiddler

    This mama with all my Lovin in my heart ❤️Your Heart Burnin 🔥 Awww Yeahhh Boo...🥰♥️😎

  9. shasha tarot

    This is fucking amazing! They don't just sound like zeppelin they have great lyrics as well. Brovo!!!

  10. Tashawn Sheffield

    Nickelback is better

  11. Kostas Mad1

    I had the same reaction when Kigs of Leon released Molly Chambers and then they changed their sound and oh well...

  12. Hwyel Francis

    Ok, they copied the style of Led Zeppelin, but they have done it amazingly and it's great so what's the problem people have, I'd rather have a good copy that owns it, rather than a bland one that butchers it.

  13. Ivan Castillejo Flor

    World "we need good music but there isn't in 2020.
    Greeta Van Fleet "exists"
    World "😦♥"

    Tashawn Sheffield

    These people are a ripoff of zeppelin bruh

  14. Ver Taminazzz

    That “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” been hittin my ears like🤩

  15. Shannon Tarrant.

    Gretta. Van. Fleet. Suckfari. Song. As. Sucking. As. Sucking. Can. Get

  16. Caden Dore

    L.Z Reincarnated

  17. AMH Live

    Check out this other good young rock band -

  18. Sunny Mae

    Jesus Christ this is what I’ve been waiting for, rock n roll is alive and well!!! Thank god

  19. analía

    why does this have lots of more views than the one in the original gvf channel?

  20. Amanda Montes

    I love Greta van fleet

  21. Fábio Rodrigues

    Led zeppelin lembra muito

  22. jim young

    I like the Georgia Satellites/Led Zepelm feel.

  23. John Gulotta

    love these kids

  24. Ragingttv

    im drunk i dont give about your ads

  25. Best Buds

    Zeppelin - Cocaine + Weed

  26. PaliBandra

    Awesome band.... The tone sounds a LOT like songs from the 'Houses of the Holy' album

  27. Chilly Lily

    As soon as I heard that, “AWW YEAH,” I was hooked. This was my first song I heard by them! They have soul!

    Torrie Curtis

    Check out "highway tune" It's amazing

    Chilly Lily

    Torrie Curtis I’ve been a fan for a good while. I remember when I first checked out that song I flipped! I love them!

    Torrie Curtis

    @Chilly Lily yea same☺

  28. Tolga Aksoy

    Aferin len çük suratlılar. Bu ne sound yaa

  29. Joanne McKann

    Finally, some decent music coming out for once!

  30. gypsy luck

    Rock has a spirit and knows when it’s needed.

  31. sharpenedpencil

    alright we get it they sound like led, can we start talking about greta van fleet

  32. pepperoni capone

    i hope they will be extremely super duper similarity to Nirvana copycat soon just like these kids

  33. Zach Simpson

    The comments on every GVF video: "wHo cArEs iF tHeY sOuNd lIkE zEp"

    I've yet to see any of the comments hating on them

  34. John Knox

    One of the best bands I’ve heard in 20 years

  35. Ted Rumleskie

    Hate them because they sound like Led?! Hate Jackyl because they sound like ACDC? Hate the Tea Party because they sounded like the Doors?

  36. Ben Hopkins

    There going to make it huge

  37. Eduardo Duron

    I'm buying the album, they deserve success.

  38. MikeQ001

    Id ' kiss their feet like Jesus.

  39. Wacky Swedy

    De las mejores bandas del siglo XXI junto a Ghost, Battle Beast, Night Flight Orchestra, Gathering of Kings....

  40. Ray Alberto Gutiérrez Balanzar

    Accurate to ride your Indian or Harley Davidson.

  41. Evan Richley

    I dont see why its a bad thing that they sound like zeppelin but they name theyre songs alot like them and thats ig kinda weird

  42. tamir truka

    led zeppelin used to copy them

  43. Leo ?

    They sounds like ghostemane

  44. crewmagnum1

    I used to listen to a 70's band that sounds just like these guys. :)

  45. Terra Firma

    Rush "sounded like Zeppelin" when they came out. They did ok. What band doesn't nick from another? These kids are incredibly talented. Wish them the best. Just enjoy the music.

  46. Becky Elgin

    love this band

  47. Jani Lindholm

    Vittu mä rastan tätä!!!:D

  48. Ya boi playin games and stuff :3

    I was born in the right fucking era

  49. Scott Hamilton


  50. Everything Thrice

    Let's bring back garage bands!

  51. Enfield

    People dismissed Rush as the Canadian Led Zeppelin when they released their first album. Give these guys time and they will produce musical gold (not that the first album isn't gold).

  52. Ken Boggle

    This! This is what we have been asking for: ROCK like, “back in the day.” Support these kids! I can’t tell you how many times I prayed for great rock to return to the radio. This is a prayer answered. All of this!

  53. sicaferal

    a lot of 80's hard rock also

  54. wizzzboyツ

    everyone saying they copied led zeppelin realize that you can’t copyright a tone of voice


    wizzzboyツ but you can be original


    @Kajtek7911 tons of big name rockstars weren't at all original.


    wizzzboyツ ok but you can agree with me that they sound ridiculously close to Led Zeppelin


    @Kajtek7911 no one copied others and ***stole*** other music tones more than LZ, not shaming them but just saying they eventually got their own unique sound

  55. Dracula’s Gf

    Oh my God actual good music from the 21st century!!! Well done guys!!!

  56. Caveman

    The snare sounds just like Bonham too.



  58. James Ramsey

    I'm 56 and I love these guys : ) If your going to sound like a classic act The Mighty Zep is def a good start. Give them a chance let's see where they go....

  59. James Ramsey

    More please : )


    Led Zeppelin copied the black man and stole from everybody and now they have been cloned and discarded😂

  61. J Feast

    So bomb.

  62. Gary Jordan

    I thought it was Zeppelin. I think it's awesome. If Led Zeppelin ever need a stand in lead singer on tour, this is their guy. Axl Rose was awesome touring with AC/DC while Brian Johnson had to be out.

  63. Martina Gandini

    Argentina te espera en marzoooo! Aguante gretaaaaa!!!!

  64. Bo Strickland

    Wow they sound GOOD 😎🔥

  65. Zlmanuel87

    He sounds simillar to Robert Plant, specially at 0:55 and 2:36 OMG

  66. Lee Spence

    They sound so much like Led Zeppelin if I didnt know any better I would say it's them. But I really do like these guys! Keep on rocking

  67. Wacky Swedy

    Le pese a quien le pese...esto es un TEMAZO.

  68. -Izzy Ensley-

    you know why other bands don´t copy zeppelin? because zeppelin already copied others lol, not mentioning that the word "copy" in this kind of things should be the end of it

  69. Gino Romero

    Stop all the comoarison and enjoy good music \m/ \m/

  70. WarHog Group935

    They remind me alot of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I like them a lot.

  71. Lachlan Mackinnon

    Like The Who mated with Led Zeppelin and produced fabulous offspring!! 🎸🎸🎸

  72. Christopher Mayer

    This guy sounds like the young Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. These guys are the modern day Led Zeppelin. This band fucken rocks....

  73. Krak En

    Underrated asf! Yes the world needs this back!!

    Krak En

    @mawalt_52 who fucking cares dude

  74. John Hundrey

    Led Zep records' sales will soar once again

  75. Ryan Kisnics

    Led Zepplin Is Back yall Just in a 100% different Generation.....Great Job Guys....Least These guys Chose to Play ROCK & ROLL .....Istead of these Gay Boy Bands....👊👍👌😬

  76. Vato Loco

    Sounds Good. At least their writing their own material and not covering Led Zeppllins songs like the band "Zepparella"

  77. Dominic Modugno

    MLB the show brought me here

  78. Claudinete Florencio Soares Andrade

    Gente o que é isso! Muito anos 70! Adooorooo! Molecada porreta!

  79. Squealers Life

    I said that guitar hooks me, but that drum intro, on this song, is my favorite thing about it. I love the way my feet want to move when he’s hitting those quick drums at the beginning. 😍

  80. Precious Catboy

    play this over the destiny live action trailer, as papa skyrim would say "it just works"

  81. Christan Harris

    Bring back real rock!!!

  82. Christan Harris

    I fucking love em!!!

  83. President Donald J. Trump

    When Led Zeppelin released 'Led Zeppelin II' that wasn't just an album title, that was a prediction. I for one welcome this rock reincarnation.

  84. Bella Beck

    Best rock band since Nirvana. After the grunge era no good rock bands were born until them

  85. Jay Kapolka

    The rover lol

  86. riah piah

    Holy fuck!

  87. Altaf Kalam

    Fucking Robert Plant thinks this band is great. Who's gonna disagree then?

  88. Alfiqri 1570

    as a 17 yr old kid, i was hoping, someday rock music will be great again, maybe this is band will

  89. Owen Petrie

    Just found out this is in forza 4
    Heard this tune waaaay before forza

  90. thomaaz

    Well, in their defense, it actually starts of as the theme song of "Friends"

  91. RichardHead

    Hey where’s the chick

  92. UselessRengar

    Not gonna lie, i thought this was an undiscovered 80s band when i heard it the first time.


    i thought it was a long lost zepplin recording at first; blew my mind to find out they are new.

  93. Vilson Borges

    Haters:they are just copy led zeppelin!
    Me: thank you god!

  94. Alex Plays on YT

    MLB 18 ?

  95. Pinecone Pangolin

    Fuck the haters man. I just exclaimed "oh shit" when I heard that opening wail, and I didn't mean to.

  96. Jordan Lee

    2 years ago I turned on the radio to 93.3 i said led zepplein my buddy turned at me and looked at me and said this is greta van fleet i said who my mind was blown

  97. Mike Reiser

    This is our money in the bank ...home town frankenmuth baby they rock

  98. edlin murgas

    Muy buenaaaaa llegarón a panamá brutal musica brutal sigan así

  99. April Petree

    Greta Van Fleet I feel like a perv. I'm too old to be thinkin bout gang bangin wit you yr bros the evr. The sounds excite me way down inside. Havent felt this guilty since I was behind a school bus getting high. Had alot of fun watchin the sexy strappin young men file by..