Greta Van Fleet - Flower Power Lyrics

She is a lady, comes from all around
She's many places, but she's homeward bound
And now she walks kinda funny
I think she knows
Day by day by day
Our love grows
She's a lantern in the night
She's outta sight

Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma
Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma
Ma ma ma

It turns to night, fire light
Star shines in her eye
Makes me feel like I'm alive
She's outta sight, yeahh
Awww yeaahhhh
She's alright, she's alright, she's alright
She's outta sight, outta sight

Electric gold our love with tender care
Hills of satin grass and maidens fair
Now she rides through the night
On a silver storm
Sword in hand
Our fate's torn
She's a sparrow of the dawn
Our love is born

Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma
Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma
Ma ma ma

Turn to night, fire light
Star shines in her eye
Makes me feel like I'm alive
She's outta sight, yeah
Aw yeah!
She's alright, she's alright, she's alright
She's outta sight, outta sight

Oo yeah oo yeah oo yeah

As the days pass by my mind
Are the wrong, the right
You are my sunshine
And as the night begins to die
We are the morning birds that sing against the sky

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Greta Van Fleet Flower Power Comments
  1. Eldergod Oni

    These guys are so freaking talented, i love that we got a new band with a similar sound to zeppelin who are easily one of the top 5 bands of all time.

  2. Carey Davis

    I’d pay good money to see these guys do stairway.. LOVE it!!!

  3. Enstigator Official

    basically stealing Robert Plant melody lines, he should sue them.

    Kristian M

    And many of the blues artists should sue led zeppelin...because they stole half their stuff.

    Enstigator Official

    @Kristian M Zeppelin has been sued quite a few times, they even had to payout SPIRIT for stealing "Stairway to Heaven"

  4. Flush the globalists

    Their parents have my deepest respect and gratitude for exposing them to the great Classic Rock that has influenced so many great artists!!!

  5. RangelGaming

    Im 19 and love rock but most of my favorite bands are old these guys are a couple of years older then me I'm glad greta exists

  6. Nathaniel Rossi

    Pretty cool led zeppelin made a comeback its about time.

  7. Steve Trettin

    I'd like to hear them play a Zep song. Does anybody know if they have one out?

  8. trippi smith

    Love you guys, from Italy🔮👽

  9. Pery Platypus

    Hey, do you think that this song sounds a little bit like Summer Love 59 from The Shadows? I just noticed that.
    By the way, I LOVE Greta, don't get me wrong!

  10. kaputmonkey

    This song is amazing. Good job fellas.

  11. Lavvender Productions

    this band has grown on me

  12. Michelle Kosiba

    this is tooooo Good!!!


    Fuck yes boys. finally a band that rocks me to tears. Let their be a new king of rock. Long live Greta Van Fleet...

  14. Edward Martinez

    Finally a really good young band i can listen to I was hopeful for this day.

  15. Jack Of Shades

    I love how this sounds 90s and 70s at the same time.

  16. Nicolas Blanckaert

    THANKS DAD for "Son I heard this on the radio and it sounds really cool" some years ago

  17. Resav Charli

    Rock n roll is alive. Thanks guya

  18. Enrico Mora

    New version Ramble On 😉😉

  19. zoey hamner

    Shit makes me cry because the one I want is to far away.... Shes out of sight😢

  20. Braden 4409

    Just seen these guys last night in Nashville awesome show the live version is better then the recorded had a great time

  21. Stefano Simone

    Only this kind of Rock band could save us, God bless them!!

  22. no1nestandsalone

    You guys please check out Dirty Honey as well! They r gonna be big!

  23. Caleb Frase

    This song is good. These guys are very talented.

  24. Caleb Farr

    and what is it that the lead singer has to sing mama in every song

  25. Caleb Farr

    I swear this is ramble on rip off

  26. Hari Kr

    the poster looks like they are kickboxers

  27. GL 1992

    They got the pick of destiny

  28. Nad Afro

    New owner of the legendary Pick of Destiny..

  29. Ramon Mendez

    I'm tired of hearing all these purists. Man,let's all just ROCK!!!🤘

  30. João R Santos


  31. Oo Oo

    I love it ! I love it ! I love it ! I LOVE IIIIITT !!!!
    Thank you so much ! Kiss :-P
    Iodyss Nazca (fbk)

  32. Becky Elgin

    these kids rock hippies of today

  33. noemiesabrina1

    i like these kids

  34. Jairo Garcia

    Hey Hey what can i do, oh shit my bad flower power nah these guys are pretty chill to be honest. who knows maybe these guys might be able to finish Swan song.

  35. Ashutosh Thapa

    Sounds like bob Dylan's like a rolling stone in some parts and the outro like led Zeppelin thank can sound like robert no big deal but you cant copy their music

  36. InstaFeetModels

    whoever unlike this has no soul !

  37. PatternDegenerateTrader

    i like to think of this as the Led Zeppelin V album

  38. Alie Flowerchild

    Immediately get choked up every damn time I hear this. My God we are blessed....

  39. Bojana Nikolovska

    Alt-J vibe? anyone?

  40. syd0w

    Am I the only one to notice the similarity with "In repair" from John Mayer? Those organ chords at the end are literally the intro of In repair

  41. eric cm

    Sounding like Robert Plant and Led Zep, who cares, this band is great. I agree with all the positive comments about this group. It seems we are in a moment of cultural decline when mumble rappers and auto tuned dorks who cant even play one instrument are getting all the attention from snake like music "producers". We are being fed culture rot while all the great talent cant get the air time they deserve.

  42. Charles Rast

    I don't see why everyone feels so sorry for GVF. Their videos have more views rhan HAWKWIND,ELP, YES and BLACK SABBATH combined!

  43. mrhyde2484

    Roll away the dew.

  44. Marcin Stasiak

    It, s realu rock!!!

  45. Federico Nardi


  46. Vasco Cabral

    Does anyone hears Ramble On from Led Zeppelin here?

  47. Moose Rosser

    Hmmm, I think they sound like Great Van Fleet; the rest is irrelevant.

  48. Ryan Cook

    This organ solo gives me so much joy every time I listen to it

  49. gcjbhar

    FINALLY..................Thank You God!!!!!!

  50. Shannon Atkinson

    Sounds like Zeppelin...and that's a great thing

  51. Dan Virchow

    Listen to Inhaler !!!!!

  52. loganbaileysfunwithtrains

    Just added this to the list of songs that’ll be the reason for many kids being made

  53. Tony Hyden

    Love them

  54. Lincoln Orcutt

    Unfuckingbelievable awesome music guys

  55. Destiny Heath

    I'm so in love with his voice

  56. Max Wheeler

    Makes me think inspired by "your time is gonna commmeeee". beautiful; and original songs

  57. Mike Prince

    This shit gives me goosebumps, so fuckin good dude

  58. Keaton Sterling

    Beautiful song!

  59. Wolf Lair

    I'm with 'Shoot Me' on this. I'm sixty now, I had the 70's and the 80's, two good decades musically. All I ask for is that songs are well thought out, I love 'em loud and I love a melody also, I'm a rocker at heart. I don't see GVF as a copy of anyone or of any previous decade. What I hear is good music and that is all that matters to me.

  60. Rezong Wati

    I'm so glad i found this band by chance 😭 for a 90's kid who loves 70's rock music this is like finding a diamond in the rough!!


    É um LED COVER.

  62. Jax Bernard

    Better than Led Zep

  63. Eric Guthrie

    Goota love that voice.

  64. Karl Bennett

    Look it's this simple....these kids are f#@king shit hot.the comparisons are obvious,but hey.if your gonna play god like music you learn it from the best.....bit of zeppelin never hurt anyone.....peace & love

  65. Ryan Sargent

    Absolutely beautiful. I dont care if they sound like Zep. I dont. They are the future/past.

  66. Daniel Rocha

    These guys are a phenomenon. I listened this song today for the first time and I have no words to describe. That's the kind of thing that makes me believe in life. A big hug form Brazil.

  67. Tony Walton

    Going to California, mmmm hhmmm, oh wait...

  68. Tki Weakpedia

    Krllll que bom saber que o rock ainda não morreu! Parabéns pra vcs da greta van fleet;)

  69. Bradley Cook-Green

    This instrumental sounds just like in repair from continuum ,

  70. diehardman BB

    4 million for rock music
    200 million for kpop
    What happened to people

  71. Kreg Levy

    This song is so uplifting, and sounding like Zeppelin can only be a good thing imo

  72. Zeppelin Led

    Dont hear this song if you are kpop lover !!! Fuck you !

  73. TopNVOherTM

    I love that they have that “Zeppelin sound” it makes it that much better. I’ve been saying we need music like this. Thank you god for sending us these amazing young men who can give us REAL MUSIC! Thank you, thank you. Much love to you and too yours. ✌️ ❤️ 🙏

  74. Doug Morgan

    Zeppelin-esque ... thanks for some new rock

  75. Gabrielle Chartier

    What if we both sang against the sky ( and we're both morning birds )😰😰😳👭

  76. Gabrielle Chartier

    "We are the morning birds that sing against the sky " is so incredibly romantic to me 💓💓💓

  77. Luis 3G

    I can't believe this is from the 2010's, I could've sworn it was from the 70's. It pleases my ears to hear this kind of music is still being done.

  78. F B

    It makes me want to trip. I am feeling sick but this this is uplifting my mood. 😊😍😊😊👏👏👏👏

  79. Iron Head

    Drop the the zeppelin shit. Its music not fucking drama

  80. Anne Larkins

    Close your eyes and it's summertime!!

  81. juan gonzalez

    Gvf os a.great banda i hope they will never join.. the

  82. Joe S

    Kinda sounds exactly like change by blind melon

  83. Jeremy Chester

    I would absolutely love to see them and Rival Sons play together..

  84. Ve to

    I was born 05 and I listen to all this cuz my parents played the radio 24/7 and guns n roses, zeppelin, nirvana and all that good shit. I’m lucky i got to get introduced to all that growing up

  85. Katie E

    I was raised on classic rock but I was born in 1998, and this music was not something you could just see anymore. And it definitely wasn’t on the radio. I love that this band is my generation’s Led Zeppelin. They write their own music and they’re really good musicians

  86. Jkevinbonjo Kon

    Rock and roll is here to stay

  87. Nilza Costa

    Adorei 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  88. Trent Godfrey

    Prefer the original...

    Ken Brunet

    Sounds nothing like that.

  89. Waiz Music

    Ramble on! Oh shit no

  90. Gregory Roods

    They sound like a band that has their shit together. Fuckin rock.

  91. Pumpui KH

    I’m gonna be a big fan of this band for sure.

  92. Sanjog Dhakal

    This song gives me "Thank You" vibes.

  93. AR-Sith F.Austin

    The lamest, shit comments I've ever seen. Comparing to Plant... Really? You lame fucks have shit for ears.

  94. AR-Sith F.Austin

    So should of ended with a drum solo and scream... Wish I was producing this.

  95. Angelo Melville

    I hope there is not any J in their names

  96. Fernando

    oh come on! but i still like it

  97. Botmon

    Sounds way to similar to "Change" by Blind Melon.

  98. Anaya Rodriguez

    The Outsiders vibe is what I'm getting from this photo