Gregory Porter - Water Lyrics

Water pouring down the side walks
Cleaning widows... clear to see
Washing gum drops downside gutters
Rusting chains and saving me

Greening gardens
drowning ants
changing rhythms bruising plants
praying vista soulfully
and again it's same
oooo, wash me, wash me, wash me
oooooo let me rest in you
let me flow away to glory
save me, save me, save me

Water pouring down the side walks
Cleaning widows... clear to see
Washing gum drops downside gutters
Rusting chains and saving me

Greening gardens
drowning ants
changing rhythms bruising plants
praying vista soulfully
and again it's same
same me
water water, water

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Gregory Porter Water Comments
  1. Cherry Muhanji

    At Bakers keyboard lounge in Detroit I heard jazz like this !

  2. Cherry Muhanji

    My city. I remember,

  3. nycblackhoney9

    I heard this song for the first time yesterday for my daughter’s black history dance show. I felt chills tingle down my spine. I love being black. My Ancestors slave ship landed on the island of Jamaica.

  4. Sherrel Skillern

    I love this song because I just happen to be Born in.1960

  5. Tatenda Mudzviti

    Music goes beyond entertainment.

  6. Michael Banner

    There are no genres...ONLY INCANTATIONS from our ANCESTORS! Gregory Porter solidifies THAT 😎

  7. enigmaticstatic 7

    This intro always makes me cry. I wish i didnt throw music away i regret it. Greggory this is amazing and thankyou

  8. Martin O'BRIEN


  9. THE Pharcyde


  10. Nadir TLAMSI

    Great Groove so Jazzy ! Killer Track good rythms Tkx a lot Mr Greg....

  11. When You're Home Alone

    Good song!

  12. Myles crumel

    Guys I made a instrumental check it out and give me your opinions

  13. Terry Little

    1960 What? This song is very deep. I love it and how Gregory
    Porter shares a vital part of black history in this song. It took me back to
    when I lived in Chicago, during the era. I was around 5 years old.

    Thanks Mr. Gregory Porter

  14. Sebastian Szarkowicz

    this is how real music should sounds like. I heard that song few months ago driving car andsince then I love it!

  15. tyshontech

    Serious Track..

  16. One Time Pad

    There is still real music out there...

  17. Taban Britneylove4ever


  18. daisysteiner85


  19. Ewerb7

    Great song. Brings to mind that things have not just changed regardless of how much we have hoped. Still neo-Nazis and KKK parading in Virginia. I find I can never underestimate the ignorance of the American public!

  20. Ivax 81


  21. Aissa Brahimi

    Art vs entertainment

  22. Saul Guud

    the voice of Gil Scott Heron and the Last Poets have a rightful liege to continue the legacy of those who know music is a powerful force to change the minds and paths of the future.

  23. k. rich

    trump election brought me here. god save us

  24. David Bryson

    Is there a better male voice of any music type around?

  25. Elton Brand Sr

    2 thousand what, 2 thousand who?

  26. Cedric Powell

    The Detroit riots, Martin's murder, man!

  27. 片岡慧

    . ,


  28. Tomikk86

    love this so much! the bass line reminds me "Santana - Waiting" btw...?


    The baseline is pretty basic, you could probably find it in many songs.


    Of course, it's not just about the bass line, which is a great groove...but about the message too. Let's hope people don't lose sight of that.

  29. Larry

    Can`t wait, next Sat. in San Diego!!! May 7th, 2016 near the Gas Lamp downtown!!!

  30. sam ahmed

    First time hearing in JAZZ FM and had to find it.

  31. Shirley Thomas

    Loving this and I am a 60s teen and never heard it. Thanks.


    +Shirley Thomas this is only 2 yrs ole!!! I`m goin to see him next sat. in san diego!!!

    Shirley Thomas

    @LARRY BARCLAY Wow what a blessing! He's soooooo gooood!

  32. lvtford55

    First time I heard this it was all over, I fell in love with Gregory Porter and 1960 What. This is so deep and the music is off the chain.

  33. Sergeant333

    *Stunning* *Vocals* *&* *Great* *Jazz* *House* *Track!*

  34. Karen Kelly

    As a teenager in the Motor City in the 60's this song is on point! Lived learned and love in Detroit and can really appreciate this song....on all level.

  35. Sharron Smith

    Brother blazing trails for all to see and follow !!

  36. vangloryous

    How many Grammys does this track deserve? None cuz this is REAL music and REAL music aint for everybody and everybody believes what they are told what good is. I aint neva been everybody! This track goes to the true hall of fame! Peace & love

    Balbisiana A

    Your words are coming from this... well said!

  37. Durandal Rampant

    Serious groove...lovin' this.

  38. Lamarr J. Milton

    17 people disliked this?!


    @DJ Smash Crack is still a fan favorite, thats the ONLY reason Y

  39. Victor Jordan


  40. MaholeeLeigh Wooz


  41. Natalie Harris

    Mad love for Greg♥♥♥love the jazzy appeal 2 this. Peace.

  42. TheGenreman

    Great use of a Santana bass line.

  43. SenszR


  44. Anita Parker

    I like This

  45. Simo Maarouf

    maan why can't i stop listening to this sound !

  46. illmaticalized illmaticalized


  47. LNVDG

    yeah f*ck the music of 2013

  48. foundation922

    thank you for posting! just had the opportunity to see Mr. Porter at SPAC great great talent God bless you Gregory

  49. DARi0

    thank you for this great piece of music! insanely brilliant! beyond awesome. jawdropping. real music. EARGASM.

    he heavenly mixes the soul of the sanctified church with the drive of modal jazz... STILL blown away!

  50. Luke D-H

    9/5/13 London....tonight, tonight... childishly excited....

  51. bevhip1

    he's here in the uk at the beginning of May and I cant wait!

  52. Michael Powell

    yeah yeah yeah bloody yeah.. 2020 what..? go beyond..

  53. Sydney Phakathi

    what a performer in Cape Town Jazz Festival in South Africa, taking jazz to another level...

  54. sheryl byrd

    this the sh## yall

  55. luuk van der grient

    what a great music i like this song yeaaaaaah

  56. Edward Ubaga

    i first heard this track oncapital Jazz club
    98.4 capital FM Nairobi ,,,,,,my whole world stopped to listen.......awesome !!! love it !

  57. Pijetro1

    Shivers up my spine, the whole way through!!!!
    Just awesome!

  58. Deyuan

    This my shit, excuse my language...

  59. asaph thema

    1960what rocks for real it reminds me of my late girl friend

  60. Alex inspya

    his voice!

  61. Robert Carmack

    Willie.. Thanks for posting.. I see you are a true lover of the real deal stuff...I now sunscribe.. check out my Facebook page; hipster collectors corner group

  62. Robert Carmack

    @Elbo Leto... I don't see how you dedeuced that Elbo?? there are plenty of jazz singers (undiscovered) yet paying their dues who I could say something about comparisons, but in this case, I'll just let your ignorance shine all by itself..No disrespect..(wink)

  63. maisia kenyatta

    gregory porter is in a class all by himself.....williams. mr.bill, are distant second.

  64. asaph thema

    this is best song ever to be made in the world porter you know your stuff man for real this track rocks i play it 20timwes perday

  65. Gugulethu Gcabashe

    toe tapping for sure... made my day at work a breeze... killa tune even my grand pa enjoys this! great!

  66. Kuy Juk

    I love the internet

  67. Kuy Juk

    This is so good!!!!

  68. Len

    12.28 minutes long, nice man.

  69. Len

    12:28 min., ya baby!

  70. port2344chester


  71. Willie Jordan

    Thanks for the endorsement! I must say that I find myself decidedly in the minority when it comes to an appreciation of jazz but it's good to know that there are folks out there like yourself to help keep this kind of music alive and vital.

  72. port2344chester

    This is a KILLER VIBE 4 SURE! any listener who enjoys VIBEFUL SOUNDS LIKE THIS HAS GR8 TASTE... @beeshor1 U R THE MAN... excuse me as i continue toe tappin! 1 LOVE..

  73. David Stride

    yep , was at Southport this year , cannot say how good he was . People in tears all over ,catch him when u can peops :)

  74. KushPizzaSleep

    anyone else give me some more artists to dig into like Mr. Porter, I love that Soulful jazz sound, Love Roy Ayers and Gil Scott as well...

  75. dechips

    My friend said his performance was the highlight of the whole weekender for him. Particularly this track. I've got goose bumps just listening at home on PC!

  76. Phelesha Robinson

    Great song... This guy is so dope... Love those hats as well lol

  77. A Bentley

    Saw him in Manchester, UK. Blew my mind

  78. thephdj

    rainy day music

  79. David Stride

    we saw him there , massive buzz around GP , fantastic

  80. dechips

    A friend of mine is at Southport weekender and has just seen him perform. We've just chatted on the phone and I've come straight on to youtube to check it out. This is superb.....

  81. billystrayhornsghost

    Blank Panther Music!!!!

  82. Thefunksoulbro

    Whatever its a stunning track,and very danceable. Heard it at SOUL BY THE JETTY AND CAISTER . SUPERB............


    Hey, wow man thanks for the shout but I don't think they need tix besides you know they already got the best seats in the house. What a view !!

  84. 97scooter1

    Just heard this guy today on KJZZ out of Long Beach, wow sounds like original music and he is a real pleasrue to listen to. Really like this song . Also like the Lions Song, On my way to harlem. Just getting started.

  85. Chris Carey

    Just heard this for the first time, oh wow!

  86. Azeertyc

    Merci à FIP pour la découverte.

  87. bryantworldwide

    Mr Porter should be commended for keeping the art form intact...(the second album "Be Good" is just as important)... his no "none sense" approach places him in a class all alone...please keep this intergrity and keep commercialism OUT!!!!!!!!

  88. Gail Shines

    This song is "HOT". It reminds me of a time long forgotten. It also reminds me of the late great Gill Scott Heron.

  89. Cyanimation

    i recently saw mr. scruff live doing a DJ set, he played this song, it was great.

  90. tntboyz1602

    i play this in trumpet it sounds amazing

  91. Sidney bazley

    1960 what its the best song to skate to.we needed something fresh at the skating ring. loving it.

  92. Milla Debb

    It sent shivers down my bones. It is amazing, jazz at its finest indeed !

  93. billystrayhornsghost

    Friend of mine gave me a heads up on this dude...DIGGING THIS!!!!

  94. Lesley de Banke

    fantastic, just <3 this guy's music. peace :)

  95. B Tarrrrr

    Made me realise how much I love jazz again!