Gregory Porter - The "In" Crowd Lyrics

I'm in with the in crowd
I go where the in crowd goes
I'm in with the in crowd
And I know what the in crowd knows

Any time of the year, don't you hear
Dressing fine, making time

We breeze up and down the street
We get respect from the people we meet
They make way day or night
They know the in crowd is out of sight

I'm in with the in crowd
I know the latest dance
When you're in the in crowd
It's so easy to find romance
Any time of the year, don't you hear
If it square, we ain't there
We make every minute count
Our share is always the biggest amount
Other guys imitate us
But the original is still the greatest

I'm in with the in crowd
I go where the in crowd goes
I'm in with the in crowd
And I know what the in crowd knows

Any time of the year, don't you hear
Dressing fine, making time

We breeze up and down the street
We get respect from the people we meet
They make way day or night
They know the in crowd is out of sight

I'm in the in crowd
I'm in the in crowd now
Not on the outside
Looking in

I'm in the in crowd
I'm in the in crowd, yeah yeah yeah
I'm in the in crowd

It feels nice, it feels nice
It feels nice, it feels nice
It feels nice, it feels nice
It feels nice, it feels nice
It feels

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Gregory Porter The "In" Crowd Comments
  1. Heaven Knox

    Cool visuals, great all around! Just curious, does anybody know what the hijab-like head coverings he uses is for? Just discovered him, cool dude.

  2. Jay Brooks

    You I haves watched this video before but only now realised that it is Brixton South East London 😁

  3. jrb designer alliance get outta my town, only for ONE ,.moi, huh,..

  4. Louise Gale

    He sure knows how to hold a tune!

  5. Lee Hargreaves

    Gregory may have warmest ears in popular music but Dobie Gray owns this song!!

  6. ruivirtual

    Someone needs to make a "n" Crowd cover. Full of black people.

  7. R R

    1:15 isn't that the kid who played the young version of Prince in British documentary: When Doves Cry?

  8. Anita Te. Go

    I love it's Mr. Gregory Porter!!! Pura energía sentimiento y muchas sensaciones. 👏👏😍🤗

  9. jlb871

    Super prod ...on peut quand même se rappeler Ramsey Lewis pour l'ambiance générale et le jeu du pianiste...

  10. Juan Still Alive

    #Like2222 Thanks Mr. Gregory Porter...
    From: Colombia.

  11. Gladys Smith

    I love Gregory Porter so much!

  12. King SlimBrady

    that shit is so nice omg

  13. Eric G

    I like this version better.

  14. Maureen Eastwood

    this is fab and I'm a Ramsey Lewis lover and dobie grey northern souler

  15. Rupert Biggles

    Brixton..... so sad :(

  16. Ki - Free Beats

    one of the most horrible covers I've ever heard

    Yoni A

    I heard rumors you're a hater.

    Ms. G Sims

    You know nothing about good music, did you hear that piano player, he is awesome.

  17. Doris S. Pinkston

    so much love for this is a satire...being accepted also means being rejected. reminiscent of "when the crowd calls your name"...when you are up, every one is your friend. when you are down people turn their backs on you.

  18. Wendy

    I love Porter just not this video

  19. ian welsh

    Great sound 💜it

  20. culltim

    Should've been the Vote Remain anthem...


    So true

  21. ChrisSeahorse

    100% in!!!!

  22. Nunya Bizz

    Mad props for Gregory Porter putting his unique spin on this Ramsey Lewis classic!!!

    chris mallows

    dobie gray classic. a mid anthem.

    chris mallows

    +chris mallows MOD anthem.

  23. Alec Hoffman

    0:55 DAB

    Will Graye


  24. BeAsA Roze

    ♬♠♬ GREG!! ♬♠♬ Mr. Porter showin' them how its DONE!!

  25. caramel

    i wish someone would be nice enough to give me a cute puppy just like that!

  26. Elspeth Savani

    Love Gregory Porter, but I'm kind of baffled by this video. I hope I'm just missing something.

    Brie Joana

    +Elspeth Savani
    Like I understand Gregory Porter he is provoking thought and thinking outside the box.
    We know he is also speaking about disadvantage, racism, education, decisionmaking and empowering yourself.
    I believe he is not needing this "....and it feels niiiice". This would imply that he is into this superficial party life.
    But thats not what he reflects for the most part.
    On the other hand - for a black man this is more topic than we Ever will realize.
    I have also listened to his lyrics closely and he seems to transport just the opposite.

    But I like the movie and how it is made.
    The composition is above great again!

    Elspeth Savani

    I think you're right. 

  27. Dan Savage

    I'm assuming there's a message behind this video. I'm kind of hoping there is.

    Rupert Biggles

    R.I.P Brixton?

    Yoni A

    I'm a Dylan fan, so I know about the power of messages in song, but does *every* song need one?

  28. • Desiree ••


  29. giuseppe d'agostino

    ...assolutamente grandiosoooo!!!good sound,forever...pensando alla mia piccola crì,in sanpaolo del brasile...

  30. John Davis

    This is a good version but the original is always better.

  31. Sin City Datsuns

    Fantastic version!!!!!!!! Can't help but to get up and dance to this one!!

    Eric G

    I wish this version was for sale.

  32. Stanley Allan

    32 people aren't in with the in crowd

    Wanda Nowicki

    +Stanley Allan Hilarious! I love your comment. You are SO right!! Squares!


    +Stanley Allan ...37 people aren't part of the "in" crowd

    Simon Tirwomwe

    41 now 😕

  33. Alex Gordeev

    Awesome song) Kinda reminds me of Goodfellas ))) Is this song about the mafia, Gregory? haha)

  34. Николай Узунов

    Gregory's sound ... <3

  35. Jonny Stinkfingers

    Yes Greg, representing South London :D

  36. Ben Pablos

    Great voice , silly hat

  37. Victor A

    Just saw the video on tv and had to come online, its just plain awful.

  38. Flor Maluendez


  39. Adam Dobbs

    What a voice!

  40. Peter mos

    BRIXTON !!!!!!

  41. LHR777

    Holy crap, this dude is cool and smooth. Awesome version of a classic song.

  42. SolomonTaiwoJustified

    Wow great to be featured in such amazing video 119 

  43. jess linton

    omg thats brixton!

    Ms. G Sims

    I wonder where the sister's and brother's are???

    hilary burrell

    Cool, love this!

  44. Adan m

    Cant believe you only got 6 thousand fans yo need to tour England absolutely massive fan

    matt de mattia

    @Adan Molyneux if you wanna gasp read the review a man in Portsmouth wrote about him. Can't finde the link, just type "Gregory Porter Ticketmaster reviews". You will gasp, I am sure about that.

  45. Mark Aseervatham

    What a funk soul brother.

  46. M Iman


  47. Miss2good2be_true hot!

    O.M.G what a tune!!! i'm completely a BIG FAN :D

  48. Jason Downs

    I'm seeing Gregory tomorrow night. Can't wait.

    Octavio Castanedo

    How was it?

    Comediac Realist

    +Jason Downs His concerts are awesome.

  49. John D

    I enjoy this cool remake, love the video too. Good vibes all the way.

  50. zavjo

    Nice and fresh sounding. Shades of Bill Withers... Jazzy Soul.

  51. Justice Pearl

    Long Live Brixton Market 


    Don't mind the haters dude. You deserve to be where your at! Great voice and music!

  53. L Knighting

    Always loved this song, and this is a wonderful performance by Gregory.

  54. Simon Parsons

    Blooming Love This
    but, do you think there was a smile on his face when he sang the lines:-
    "Other guys imitate us
    But the originals still the greatest".....?

  55. burt weedon

    Absoluely top draw..better than the dudes..xxxxxxxxxxx

  56. randomeffects09

    Ahh Brixton market!!

  57. Lorne Campbell

    I have only one burning desire
    Let me stand next to your fire

  58. Dee Campbell

    I love Gregory Porter!
    This song is brilliant and the fact that his video was shot in my favourite place, Brixton make me love him all the more!

  59. Bakezonline

    I'm mad this song don't have more views!!!!!! really good song!!!

    Hellene Castle

    Sure it will. I heard it once and was straight on here to find it. I think he will be big

  60. malc mitchell

    great chooonn,,and a great update by MR PORTER... is it going to be released as a vinyl single....?????

  61. ronaldpk2000

    Brixton, home sweet home

  62. Kimmy Gregory

    I wish I got on the Tube to Brixton that day!!!

  63. SoulVibez

    I can't believe he recorded the video in Brixton (London) . . .  cool

    matt de mattia

    @SoulVibez Got the same feeling.. i just live 'round the corner :D

  64. Ade Ngeno

    love the song hate the video .... 

    mike wood

    Me too.  I tend not to watch anything unless there are either explosions or nipples

  65. Rory Sherman

    hell of a tune greggy boy!! :D

  66. Solomon Taiwo Justified

    It was a pleasure to part of this amazing video, very inspirational concept 1.19 

  67. Iulian

    this motown-like version is so much better than the album version!!

  68. Peter Palmer

    This guy's so cool he's hot; he's so out there he's in. 'Nough of cliches, I just enjoy the music :) 

  69. Simon Stones

    Great Tune...And he,s absolutely -The "In" Crowd !!! (~_~)

  70. Baxter Willoughby

    So cool to be part of this :)

  71. tobias t

    Hermosa canción! Grande Gregory!!