Gregory Porter - I Fall In Love Too Easily Lyrics

I fall in love too easily
I fall in love too fast
And I fall in love too terribly hard
For love to last

My heart should be well schooled
'Cause I've been fooled
Oh I've been fooled by you in the past
I fall in love too easily
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too easily
And I, I fall in love too fast
And I fall in love too terribly hard
For love to last

And I, I whose heart should be well schooled, well schooled
'Cause I've been fooled, oh I've been fooled by you in the past
I fall in love too easily
I fall in love way too fast
Way too fast, way too fast, too fast

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Gregory Porter I Fall In Love Too Easily Comments
  1. MrsDragonflyTea

    So the first time I heard you Gregory it was like I was a teenager again and this was my first love Oh but I cried and rehashed so many memories Lord thank you for Mr Potter voice so healing Speaking to my soul and making me naked with my emotional self many 🙏 thanks

  2. youssoupha fall

    Superbe Songs rythme voix lover

  3. Márcia Helena Ramos


  4. Y Reese

    I'm in love with his music. I can listen to him all night.

  5. AKIO

    O U T S T A N D I N G

  6. Catte Adams

    You know they sound checked. Why the sound person didn't have a limiter/compression on that bad boy (mic) for the powerful notes is beyond me.

  7. craig terry

    Sounds like a mixture of Nat king cole and Matt Monroe. Pure class. I think they tune auto tuners with his voice.

  8. infinitycrops

    Awesome singer, but also seeing the number of videos with him wearing the mask (reminds me of my neoprene mask I wear when I ride my motorcycle during winter), I wonder what its for?

    Will Rich

    I don't think that it's a mask.
    Mr.Porter had a problem with the skin on his face and had work done on his face.
    And I think that he had to wear this kind of thing in the healing process,and he wore it when he performed.
    After he was healed,he just continued to wear this EVEN when he performing.
    I'M JUST SAYING.....

  9. Michelle R

    Niiice Gregory! ;-D

  10. Peter Kiebooms

    Un incroyable interprète. Il est capable de presque tout ce chanteur.

  11. BETTIOL jean-marie

    tout spécialement pour Sandi

  12. Thorne Maxwell

    luv it....just simply adore his voice...

    Peter Kiebooms

    and the way he use it

  13. Clear Blue Water

    I Fall In Love Too Easily - CHET BAKER

  14. Clear Blue Water

    I Fall In Love Too Easily - CHET BAKER

  15. MartinBrookesMusic

    Kanye who?

    M V

    haha great comment

    Lunar Orbit

    +MartinBrookesMusic kanye is a great artist


    Who's Kanye?

  16. Dorothy Margot

    Ah wonderful Gregory...........All the musicians are on top form, great piano solo......... a deceptively simple, cynical song about love

    Thomas Robertshaw

    Thanks for sharing it. Great!

  17. xstanadu

    WOW ~ such class and elegance to his voice ~
    And his look is so smooth ~ you don't get any
    Better than this ~ Pure perfection ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  18. George Prosser

    I Fall In Love Too Easily..Gregory Porter.

  19. Avery Carter

    I'm tardy to the party, but I'm now a HUGE Gregory Porter fan. This guy is what music needs....

    Queen of My Universe

    I too, am tardy I am here to support great sounds sung with heart!


    Avery Carter yes!

  20. inaj27

    Takes my soul to a different level!

  21. ashnburt11

    story of my life! 

  22. Armachillo

    Tonight I will see and hear him in Haarlem, Holland. Am SO So So much looking forward to it!!

  23. rachybaby72

    Like butta... sigh.

  24. paul partyhouse

    Smooth music and tender lyrics so beautiful.

  25. Francesca Gramegna


  26. shelby richard

    Ridiculously outstanding !!!!

  27. mrphic69


  28. Montse Duran


  29. Montse Duran


  30. waynelovell1958


  31. blackpower9

    I can't explain how this makes me feel!

  32. klaloz

    Good voice!
    But it freezes on the ears?

    mano a mano

    Just his style, kid.


    Oh excuse me. Did I hurt your idol? No'm not a [email protected] a mano

  33. Jimmy Brown

    A great standard sung and played lovely.............. Happy Days.

  34. Koyi Kristen

    Bravo Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sing it again

  35. Lynduh47

    Stunning smooth and crystal clear.

  36. Christian Oliver

    What a voice. 

  37. Vaughn Summerwood

    I too fall in love too easily, particularly with music of this genre. REAL Music is back thanks to you Mr.Porter!!!

  38. Jose Cerezo Sanchez

    no se puede cantar mejor

  39. Robert Chevere

    This man is a brilliant singer! I heard him on CBS this morning today and immediately went into Amazon to buy his CD.

  40. Walt and Lori Burwell


  41. P Steinberg

    Thank you Gregory for bring music back....This is the kind of music I've known for many years and love.  We do have something in common Nat King Cole.... Love PS

  42. Francy Barbosa

    me encanta Mr. Porter. Su voz, su música me tocan

  43. msteejo1

    Ahh swoon

  44. Seth Choynake

    Just got turned on to MR.Porter feelin ashamed thoe never followed jazz close but love this type of jazz. im goin to see him if i can get tickets,he gets to me

  45. Vanja London

    Tako predivan glas... iskonsko uzivanje
    Lpozzz, Banja Luke

  46. michael smith

    A wonderfull song sung by a truly remarkable artist

  47. hommefriday

    Don't let's dismiss Kurt - we need them both, each giving us such, such pleasure

  48. Kelli Campbell

    Ok,,,,you might be right;)

  49. Mickey J

    Even though he's singing about falling in love too easily and way to fast, of which I have done, I'm smiling and happy to hear his voice. It's beautiful and pure. ♥

  50. kevin lindsay

    Kurt Elling eat your heart out !

  51. Kelli Campbell

    luv the sneeze at 3:14;) Great performance!

  52. Mark Hodder

    I could not agree more and like you my favourite artist of all time is Donny Hathaway and I never thought I would hear anyone else who would come close for pure emotion and musicality. I am overjoyed I was wrong and relishing every song he sings. I now have two favourites of all time and am loving it. Singing from the gut and not the nose like today's rubbish!

  53. John Pargeter

    Listen to Chet Baker's rendition.

  54. yarpyarp85

    wow, just beautiful.

  55. yarpyarp85

    easy now

  56. Darryn Yee

    just heard this song live at chicago jazz festival today! amazing voive!

  57. Heru Amen

    His voice blows my mind and warms my soul!!!

  58. CaptainYoung1

    The most emotional heartfelt voice that I've ever heard and I include the great Donny Hathaway in that equation. Gregory Porter is THAT good. Had the pleasure of seeing him in Manchester UK last year and he was incredible. I feel so lucky that this artist is alive in my life time.

  59. Gabby G.

    I don't know if I've fell for him or his voice...Soooo, Glad he's brought back THE REAL music that has been Missing for so long...If you don't love him your out of your mind..

  60. Xiaobo Chen

    I just met him last weekend in Saratoga Springs Jazz festival.. He is really a nice guy... What a perfect voice...

  61. Rick Watkins

    This cat is so cool.....this is serious smooove

  62. natydrdgurl


  63. Allison August

    absolutly PERFECT!!! WOW!

  64. Terrance Thompson

    Im a trumpet player and his lyrical phrasing is awesome, this actually helps me develop a beautiful tone and voicing. Simply God gifted

  65. David M Garens

    wonderful voice, a great jazz instrument.

  66. Michael Branch

    Kurt Elling is somewhere smiling his butt off right now or probably laughing right out loud in joy and earnest adoration of this man. I can see them both trading fours someday soon! I can't wait!

  67. C Jordan

    I have GOT to sit and listen to him live one day and soon!! I adore his voice!!

  68. Dee Rich

    Fresh air, clear water flowing, music above my head..refreshing, heartfelt. REAL MUSIC!

  69. Michael Branch

    Wow! This guy just made me cry! Amazing! I am making a special trip to Montreal just to see him in person. I am blown OUT!

  70. Carolyn Spilly

    Kurt is out of this world--but I just know he welcomes Gregory Porter to their new planet!

  71. Geraldine Jackson

    I just fall in love with GP the more I hear him! Can't wait for next CD!

  72. ypearlms

    No 1 dose it quite like you!!

  73. fluidjazz

    The fuss 'they' make over Kurt Elling has been well earned..........

  74. tricia18251

    Amazing. I know Im late...but Ive fallen in love with this amazing artists voice. Like a melody to my soul !!!

  75. fluidjazz

    Correct Kurt is way in a league of his own, but Porter is pretty damn good too!

  76. Arthor Mosley

    Speechless!!! Timeless.....

  77. MrDoncos

    He's the best.Thats all you need to know

  78. enjoyit08

    Mon Dieu. ..cette homme et cette musique font quelque chose pour mon âme. ..merveilleux <3

  79. sagitte


  80. Ruth Green

    Oh no! Someone made a mistake and hit dislike.... Smh

  81. Ruth Green

    Where have you been all my life?? Beautiful.

  82. James M


  83. Stephen Lee

    Once again, just another brilliant performance

  84. albert crawford

    wow,, i done half way ok...

  85. pascale poncelet

    Waouw, il y a du Marvin Gaye, du Donny Hathaway, tout l'esprit soul revisité! Merci de nous offrir une telle voix, un tel style, cela manquait! Merci, j'adore!!!