Gregory Isaacs - Special Guest Lyrics

Feeling kinda high, I've seen the reason in the sky
And the stars are shining bright, very bright so
Let me be the special guest for the night, yeah
Feeling kinda red, kinda red
Lots of riddim to my head
And the mood is very right, very right so
Let me the special guest for the night
Come on and rock, come rock, come rock
Come and rock with me
I said to rock, to rock, to rock
That's our way to the beat

I am feeling high
High, high, high
Only genuine

Feeling kinda rude, now you put me in the mood
And you're looking very right, very right so
Let me be the special guest for the night, yeah

Feeling kinda high, I've seen the reason in the sky
And the stars are shining bright, very bright so
Let me be the special guest for the night
Come on and rock, come rock, come rock
Come and rock with me
I said to dub, to dub, to dub, dub and dub with me

I am feeling high
And no one know the reason why...

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Gregory Isaacs Special Guest Comments
  1. Oliver Blackwood


  2. Uptwn Dntwn

    Jah 💘 i n i. Rest well.

  3. Lourival Santana

    👍😎👍😎Jah Love !!!!!!

  4. G F

    We should never compare Greg to no one else no one else compare he deserves to be left alone

  5. Kervan .s

    Soul food!

  6. collin king

    41 years later still getting folded to this song. Gregory Goes hard

  7. André Xavier Cardoso de Oliveira

    I´m feeling I . I, I , I ...

  8. André Xavier Cardoso de Oliveira

    Charout * Havana = 50mg*(10mg)**2

  9. Suleiman Athumani


  10. Balraj Grewal

    this will go right through you and hit the intended target without any doubt

  11. Balraj Grewal

    after this I ve got to hear tune in the record that came out in 1978

  12. Balwant Grewal

    He sounds brilliant live magical stuff from the great king of Reggae

  13. Balwant Grewal

    I would like to say I thought if I went back in time say a thousand yrs and the people asked me to entertain them in a way I think the tune I would play for them would be Gregory s let me be the special guest I know they will love him forever

  14. Guilherme Roots Reggae

    pedraaaada !!!!!

  15. Douglas Marchel

    provavelmente vou escutar suas músicas até ficar bem velho e passar esse gosto aos meus filhos

  16. Douglas Marchel

    eu escuto a mesma música dele várias vezes até chegar na próxima. gosto de apreciar o máximo dessa beleza de música.

  17. Exequiel Aguirre

    aguante gregorioo desde arg mendozaa

  18. dia nad


  19. Miguel Echeverria

    One of my favorites songs

  20. Anthony Stephenson

    "The Cool Ruler".

  21. Bolalang Lawrence

    That is one of the really clear my ears

  22. A.R.M.Y Sem fim

    Saudoso Gregory muitos shows bom fz aqui hem Salvador

  23. Jerron Johnson


  24. Gianmarco Rollo

    Exists the vinyl 7" of this song? I just found this song on LP. Help me :)

    Marc Marcello

    album track only, ,,,,,

  25. Timothius Zamora

    This piece put my soul in the right place. To few and far apart is the good place.

  26. Dean Deano

    first tune i ever heard from mr isaacs i was around 14 iwas hooked straight off and im nearly 50 now

    alak hul

    +Dean Deano you sir have good taste in music jah. r.i.p Gregory Isaacs

    The 'urb man420

    Dean Deano- I hear Gregory at the age of 6 and I'm 19 now I know it's a life long ting King

  27. Colonel Navarone Stomper


  28. irie eyed

    Feeling kinda high

  29. Jordan Metter

    Big tune! happy new year may it bring happiness, healthiness, and love to you all!

  30. Raggamanjah


  31. ayanna1456

    Im feeling high just listening to this hahaha

  32. Alec Pipik

    Such a hard song!!!! Gregory was the man no joke!!!!!!

  33. Brad Chill

    Horace andy not in that list? hes up near alton ellis and bob andy surely! ;)

  34. SmileyandTheUnderclass

    We all know there is no Top Ten... Coz it's IMPOSSIBLE! So much variation depending on mood, situation, Sound System... One singer may only ever had one big tune in his whole career but might be someone's number 1... LOVE REGGAE MUSIC FI DAT!

  35. Santa

    these afrocongonattyBeats+percusion soothe+ strengthen my morphic field and perception daily. high high high mmmm

  36. doubleheadergr

    One supreme Creator.....Jah Rastafari and his holiness Hammod Bey leader of truth on earth and in heaven.

  37. Gregory Harris

    Cool Ruler forever!! One and only... Jah Rastafari

  38. Gregory Harris

    Cool Ruler forever!! One and only... Jah Rastafari

  39. 42024247514

    @bilaalblack & Juweeltjes guys your forgeting the one and only Horace Andy here (wich is essential ) and also Johnny Clarke ,Linval Thomson and my personal favorite Vivian Jackson !

  40. ayanna1456

    what about jacob "killa" miller? he has a beautiful voice ad well.

  41. Roxanne Salas

    Beautiful Voice. It's like Aaron Neville singing Raggae... Love it.

  42. nati riddim

    cool ruler still ringin in my ear lobes man! RIP

  43. CreArq Edgar

    @bilaalblack where is lacksley castell come on xD thumps up this xD

  44. andy kool

    sorry...pam hall in stead of susan cadagon....pam hall produce more album and more hits in ja....fact..

  45. andy kool

    top 10 females....marcia griffith....phyllis dillion....judy mowatt.....nadine sutherland....deborahe glasgow...susan cadogan....janet kay....caroll thompson...louisa mark...sandra cross.....

  46. andy kool

    top 10 vocal groups/band...maytals....wailers....techniques...heptones...paragons...mighty diamonds...tamlins....culture...third uhuru....u cant beat that!

  47. andy kool

    jamaica...cultural top 10...bob marley....peter tosh...bunny wailer...burning spear...garnett silk...half pint....hugh mundell...jacob miller...horace andy...jimmy cliff...dem bring the music forward culturally...

  48. andy kool

    ur right 10 vocalists....alton ellis....john holt....ken boothe...bob andy....delroy wilson.....dennis brown....gregory isaacs....sugar minott....freddie mcgregor....beres hammond [ doubt on him for singing soul music for so many years in the 1970s..] or johnny osbourne....singers like barrington levy,frankie paul,sanchez....dem good... but never bring the music forward like the others....

  49. ShakaRaSpeaks

    Mi affi add Ken Boothe....

  50. cheraims

    "Even if you're not in my top ten, you're still on my chart." Who sang this? For my money, JA's greatest ever! Yes, respect to Bob A, Dennis B, Ken B, Alton E, John H, Joseph H, Beres H, Freddy M, Sugar M, Maxie P, W Rodney, Slim S, Delroy W, and the rest (bwoy, what a lotta great singers disyah lickle island produce, eeh!) - Bob M and Peter T are in a different, "star" category. I love them all. Put each's 20 best tunes next to G.I.'s and they might compare. Put their top 100 and they don't!

  51. andy kool

    top 10 cultural vocalists.....bob marley...jacob miller....peter tosh....burning spear....bunny wailer...hugh mundell...half pint...garnett silk...johnny clarke...horace andy

  52. andy kool

    drop beres and way!....triston palma faded during the mid 80s...and wayne jarett did not produce hits like beres and frankie in jamaica....anyway....there is an argument for ken boothe...johnny osbourne...junior delgado...horace andy...delroy wilson....slim smith....pat kelly

  53. Juweeltjes

    I'd really would like to add Barrington Levy & Triston Palma to the list. But than it ain't a Top 10 nomore... so we really have to drop Beres Hammond & Frankie Paul from the list. Oh, and Wayne Jarrett...instead of Freddie McGregor. But we could go on and on bout that :)

  54. andy kool

    jamaica top 10 vocalists....dennis brown...gregory isaacs....sugar minott....freddie mcgregor....john holt....alton ellis....bob andy....beres hammond....sanchez.....frankie paul.....there are others..but these r best in term of popularity and hits...

  55. PantryGhost

    @75TRIPAS I was so mad at myself for not going to either shows that month. I knew it was only a matter of time before he passed away. I did see him at the tribute to the legends though. He killed it!!! You see martin campbell?

  56. sonja louise van der blom

    R.I.P.... He was really good!

  57. dedicated2u4ever


  58. Liz Luckasen

    this song doesnt get the publicity it deserves

  59. monsanto irby

    Feeling kinda rude you put me in the mood. Come on Cool Ruler keep it coming.

  60. Greekpapi

    Isaacs is always