Gregory Isaacs - Soon Forward Lyrics

Soon forward, come turn me on
You told me that you soon forward
Come turn me on, now
Turn your lamps down low, now
So we ain't gonna linger no more

In a time like this
I know the feeling is so hard to resist, so
Turn me on, turn me on, now
Turn me on, turn me on, now

Don't you stay too long
Slow right down, I'm coming on strong
Please don't let me wait
'Cause tonight, is the night for our date, yeah
Turn me on, turn me on, now
Turn me on, turn me on, now, now

Turn your lamps down low, now
So we ain't gonna linger no more
In a time like this
I know the feeling is so hard to resist, yeah
So turn me on, turn me on, now
Turn me on, turn me on, now

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Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward Comments
  1. Collins Charles

    He run Jamaica during his time

  2. Big-L Raised in heLL

    Real music

  3. Ahmet Mukavim

    I was 15 years old when this come a out I am 54 now still lesson to it got blees his soal

  4. Fox 1

    I am still here playing the cool sounds of Gregory

  5. Mike

    Still here in 2019 ❤️💛💚

  6. Lolli 97

    This song played at my graduation party

  7. david lee

    love this :)

  8. Oscar Oliva

    Beautiful .

  9. James Cashin

    Talk about a "Perfect Song" Yeah Mon!

  10. Kaydee Dzvuke

    I was raised on Gregory Isaacs not porridge.

  11. Chuks Smoke

    Please your music is good, but how can I get tikori jazz

  12. Sheyla Cristina

    Esse é top gregory issacs

  13. Big-L Raised in heLL

    One of the best so ever made💯🇯🇲

  14. Max power

    Turn your lamps down low now coz we aint gonna linger no more

  15. edilsin felipe

    Brasil representando grandão tbm Reggae Raiz

  16. Eliab Barros Madeira

    Os reggaes de Gregory Isaacs estão em outro patamar. Lenda, magnífico!

  17. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Beautiful unmistakable voice straight timeless style!

  18. Reginaldosantos Santos

    Monstro lucky dube e gregory isaacs pra mim os dois melhores de todos os tempos

  19. Ryan Mckay

    One of my favorite.s I could listen to gregory isaacs all day, honestly usually do :) Something bout this guy just makes a shit day beautiful again :) hope to return to jamaica some day

  20. Gary Antoni

    How can anybody thumb down to this lol madness they dont know chewn real talk

  21. Fab LOVER

    still a good record

  22. Eliab Barros Madeira

    O reggae de Gregory Isaacs hipnotiza.

  23. Katchafaya Ativa Jamaica

    Lendário Gregory descanse em paz.

  24. Eliab Barros Madeira

    Massa reggueira do Maranhão sabe o quanto Gregory Isaacs é grande.

  25. Eliab Barros Madeira

    Eu posso dizer que Soon Forward é um clássico do reggae, de Gregory Isaacs . Sim é!

  26. Eliab Barros Madeira

    Gregory Isaacs, canta o reggae Soon Forward, que aqui no Maranhão é um clássico, que faz os reggueiros irem ao delírio. É pedra, é reggae de qualidade cantado por um dos grandes artista desse gênero, que é Gregory Isaacs!

  27. Roses 4me

    "Turn your lamps down low now". "In a time like this". Red rose for Gregory Isaacs "The Cool Ruler" for this massive hit. RIP

  28. rocicleide nascimento

    Mágico ♥️

  29. Israel Byaruhanga

    Love of music is my passion. it keeps in shape even at my 47th year, i feel ...

  30. Henry Hamisi

    Who iz in here in Dar es salaam,Tz

  31. jagenberg42

    Gregory hit this one out of the ballpark! 2019 anyone?

  32. wmbrown6

    I remember this from listening in 1979 to WLIB 1190 in New York . . . only now do I get the title . . . given the chorus.

  33. Marvia Bailey

    One of my favorite singer Gregory gone but not forgotten one of Jamaica best real talk'

  34. Postem Up

    My Favorite album cover. Look like he really nice from the Chalice!

  35. adecoringão mmarques

    2019 Brasil Gregory the best

  36. Zachary Stefano


  37. Edilmson Xavier

    Sair podada

  38. Tito Carlos

    Evandro Melo

  39. MsLisaj66

    Reminds me of my dad...he LOVED this tune xx rip daddy

    ibrahim muhammad

    Cool ruler


    Strictly reggae Respect 2019

  41. Roberto Germano Marques

    É isso mesmo só um tempo, essa canção acalma meu nervos fervendo de saudade das boas lembranças.

  42. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I never forget we’re my Heart is an my awereness not changed nor will it just have the preasent of mind to be loving an above all respectful as is asked of us all!

  43. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Love this track Ever up straight timeless beautiful music!

  44. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Love song so sweetly done! As always simple

  45. Nancy Williams

    2019 i grew up on this magic right here

  46. Denizia o regue massa pura Ramos

    Que massa esse reeguee

  47. Jack Oliva

    Beautiful, r.i.p g.big up 4 life.

  48. michael parsons

    The General cool ruler ... When this tune played in the 80s ... Memory’s sweet . The best ever rest in peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑👑👑

  49. Pro_Rizzo Freefire

    Brasil 💪❤️

  50. Liily BoOnty


  51. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I love this track and jealous ugly hearts Nah stop mi straight. If the cap fit !☝️🥰☝️❤️🔥😁

  52. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I love this track Ever up straight timeless Love making musical magic!

  53. JOEMAN


  54. John Moore

    This is 🔥!

  55. Alexandro Viana


  56. Dorrette Young

    The Cool Ruler. RIP.

  57. Carl Lee


  58. John Cleverton

    #Só pancada

  59. camerounaise Engagée

    Still listen in 2019 💃💃💃👌👌👍👍👏👏👏✌✌✌

  60. The Cucumber Kid

    You already know my friend

  61. Jd Malave

    as good as ever

  62. boo blam

    People of the world........reggae is the best...listen carefully....7 times 7

  63. Teresa Love

    Mi inna 2019 @Denise Charles! ;) Up still!

  64. Armando Smith

    Timeless perfection

  65. George chochi

    who is here 2019 ,Nairobi kenya

    Matthew Pullen

    George chochi never left

    Burning spear
    Peter Tosh
    Dennis Brown
    Michael Prophet

    People say reggae , they think Nesta,

    I think those 5 than ,

    7. Bunny
    8. Nesta
    9. 3rd world


    Here forever


    SoCal 2019


    Listening to the Cool Ruler at least once a week - never mind what year it happens to be. :) Greetings from Finland. Another winter coming...

  66. blue air

    Turn me on nowwwwww

  67. Hassan Hamadallah

    Mr Gregory only spits fire

  68. Dieumil Joachain

    Rip gregory what a gift. you.another.birth certificate. A.birth of a resurrection

  69. Charles Gussom

    Turn me on Now...Now!

  70. Hassan Hamadallah

    Once a girl told me I'm lost in the grass land. That's when I realized she doesn't understand and became even more confident.

  71. Da Royal General

    *BIG!! BIG!! BIG!! TUNE!!*

  72. Thomson Kunda

    Gregory Isaac we we miss you may your soul rest in peace

  73. Irwin Ashby

    My girl turns me on
    So dedicated this song to her
    She smile with approvement booom
    Chuuuune from the late cool ruler r.i.p. me parre.

  74. FrostyYT Gaming

    And im from ghana

  75. FrostyYT Gaming

    Hey you said that peoplefrom ghana are such hypocrites your songs are so ugly like u

  76. phillip goldstein

    Wicked piece of tune

  77. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Love this track !

  78. carol martin

    love gregory love to listen

  79. ken james

    Love it....The Cool Ruler

  80. André Oliveira

    E isso aí regeiros de plantão e pedra👏👏👏👏

  81. carol martin

    im listening


    Forever in my heart,what a gift,RIP

  83. Smokey Bear

    Rip cool ruler.. I love you and everyone that loves you..

  84. Edmilson Santiago

    som ✌✌✌

  85. camerounaise Engagée


  86. Idrissa Diabagate

    la vibre est très cool.... Rip chapeau a toi G I

  87. lawrence daje

    Gregg, you a born legend, I always enjoy your style of reggae, rest in peace Gregg

  88. Cicero Dantas

    Regee músicas que canta a verdade. Gosto muito!

  89. Misty Blue

    I was just introduced to him earlier this year. I love his music,

  90. Patrick Judson

    Still a few around and listening as ever!

  91. Jean Santos

    Só as melhores na veia

  92. ailton silva

    Shou de bola

  93. Thomas Yohannies

    what a voice..............

  94. Brian Kundrot

    If you don't know now you know who the baddest cat from Kingston of all time is

  95. Thomas Yohannies

    hottest dub ever.

  96. cristiana tavares


  97. Fabio M.soares

    he's just like usain bolt ,, ", Gregory one of the greatest monsters of world reggae.

    ele é o cara o segundo rei do reggae da jamaica brasileira São Luis ma- brasil.

    Guilherme Luciano fransetto de Oliveira

    Aqui no sul também ouvindo reggae roots na veia😆

  98. Edmilson Santiago

    panc doido ✌

  99. big spender

    Big music

    B Ellis

    Good tune. SIP

  100. Augustine Ajijelek

    Luv n Rizpect MR SWEETNESS!