Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse Lyrics

Tell her try your best, just to make it quick
Whom attend to the sick
Cause there must be something she can do
This heart is broken in two
Tell her it's a case of emergency
There's a patient by the name of Gregory

Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse
Oh the pain is getting worse

I don't want to see no doc
I need attendence from my nurse around the clock
Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse
Oh the pain is getting worse
I hurt my love

I don't want to see no doc
I need attendence from my nurse around the clock
Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse
Oh the pain is getting worse
I hurt my love

And I'm sure no doctor can cure
Night nurse
Night nurse

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Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse Comments
  1. Nura Wario

    "For there is no prescription for me,she is the one ,the only remedy" Rip Legend.2020💥💥

  2. jeremie jean

    C Ok ok ok ok 👅🤜O 🤛fote 😎🤘🌴🌞🌴🌞🌴🥥👍🏾🌴🌞

  3. Je Alan

    Muy bueno

  4. Dawood B

    Jan 29/2020

  5. Leandro Vitor

    Tem brasileiro ouvindo essa pedrada?
    Deixa o like quem tá aí em 2020♥️🍁🔥🇧🇷

  6. reggae rap soul funk vinyls loLO

    Classic 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Ezekiel Mendez

    Who else jamming to this in 2020

  8. jose Guevara

    I lov this song I lot

  9. Samuel souza

    Cracokolandia mil grauuuu🦖👽

  10. Enyremer


    Tonight our night time relaxation begins with... *Coughs* When cold and flu won't let you sleep. It's time to take action, ask for night nurse. Its unbeatable strength helps put cold and flu to bed to knock out the symptoms to let you sleep. Night Nurse, only available at the pharmacy counter.



  12. Daniel Cavalcante


  13. Bads Fadel

    Best song thanks GTA V😂😍

  14. tortoise 2.0

    Love this song

  15. side_show_tone

    Roll up a backwood with some girl scout cookies. And take a road trip bumping this jam.

  16. Ewa Feen

    This touches the heart everytime over n over again

  17. Si_

    Love this tune to bits....I'm just gona have to listen again

  18. Big Carlo

    Whoever hit dislike is a fucking asshole who’s Mother takes it up the ass!

  19. Luvpeace711 Sousa

    I'm a RN. I got u. All night......

  20. Rashaka Lanier

    Got my night nurse which is my lady!!

  21. Diego Costa

    Gta V 2020 🇧🇷

  22. Alex Gamer

    My Night Nurse

  23. pongagt pongagt

    It might be time to dust off the old Gregory Isaacs cds and rock to some reggae.

  24. Ruslan Liman

    I was in New Zealand when hear this music the first time.... what a such good time.

  25. Manuel Di Sabatino

    Like se sei italiano 😅

  26. Abdulah Moonir

    From Afghanistan I love this song

  27. Malu Ramos

    Gregory e suas músicas de qualidade
    I from Brazil

  28. Nayana rosa Sousa

    Muito show Saudades do tempo bom

  29. duracoFT fortnite

    No wwweeeeeewewwwwwww re

  30. Boost Lee

    My night nurse is and will always be maryjane.

  31. Kevin Pesantez

    FUEGO 2020

  32. Mila Annnite

    It could be 20 20 thousand we still love this music good music Greg your music still lives on

  33. Mary Kilber Smith

    I and i

  34. Eugenia Salmon

    Is 2020, still listening.

  35. Ruzify

    Yah mum

  36. Milton Brito

    Um ótimo reggae

  37. Heks Heksarinov

    rest in paradise, Gregory

  38. Clumseyprogamer

    Is he still alive or did he pass??

  39. Gustavo Machado


  40. 2 Amigos

    Reggae top.

  41. Amin Iranpour

    I love it it's great.

  42. Johne Gonçalves

    Brasil 2020 salve

  43. ravenhill the hooded sword commander † 1968

    a great song by Gregory, everyone needs a night nurse!

  44. Mamudou Sallah

    Rest in peace my hero, I grow up in a small village from Gambia but could still remember when my age Mate always call me when they heard the sound of Gregory isaac, and when everyone heard of his death everyone was contacting me paying condolences to me , rest in peace

    Alhaji Elele

    Thanks Man #RIPgregoryisaacs❤

  45. Lex Matías

    GTA 5 Whole lotta gang shit

  46. Emileo Collins

    I need attendance from my nurse around the clock 💛❤️💚

  47. Gilberto Gomes

    Não exatamente a data, mais o vi de pertinho na Jamaica brasileira, São Luís do MA, na praia lua cheia e Gregória ao lado do praia mar hotel ressoando suas canções.

  48. Amukugo Kornelius

    Reggae >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  49. Patchy Rye

    these where the times when reggae was good and not just "whine your batty now"

    Patchy Rye

    and I'm saying this as a 16-year old [thanks for the likes btw]

    Chloe' s world

    Wine your batty is dancehall not reggae Jamaican here

  50. Larry06

    Who s listening this song in Venice, Italy?

  51. Robert Smith

    Such a great tune

  52. TheLast DamnGamer

    It’s a metaphor it’s not about a nurse lol

  53. Chris Warmer

    WHO IS LISTENING IN 2020 🇳🇬🇵🇱

    Alhaji Elele


    Anas Alalwe

    Chris Warmer 👍ME ❤️

    Jake Mandalay

    Who isn't ?

  54. Joaquin Almanza

    The only remedy 👽

  55. waylla & tayta


  56. Aline Oliveira

    2020 tamo junto 🍁🍁🍁

  57. Kay Kay

    Is this song about a girl or weed

    Peter Schuster


    Kay Kay

    @Peter Schuster that's not it

    Peter Schuster

    Oh yes. He was very open about his crack addiction

    Kay Kay

    @Peter Schuster oh ok

  58. Munti Athwal

    Chic T . I've been hospitalised for s time and hearing this track brings back some sweet memories and a smile on my face 😄👍 cheers

  59. ne4ious

    Who’s listening to this January 3rd 2020?

    aaron burrowws

    Be disrespectful not to be blazing such a good tune🎶👌2020

    Elda Vilsaint

    Moi and i'm grinding too

    Patchy Rye

    9th of Jan

  60. Habib Sopoye

    Timeless hot fiya

  61. LuckyLuckyLouLou

    Redo this song PLEASE. THE RECORDING IS MESSED UP it doesn't deserve all those views when its skipping.

  62. Ronald Williams

    2020 show some love ❤️

  63. Edna Uchoa

    Cuida 2020 de boa 🇧🇷 fortaleza ce

  64. Jeremy Casas

    Still 🔥 in 2020

  65. Otakushinobi14

    GTA5 be like

  66. Estevão Feitosa

    GTA 5 haha

  67. Still Blazin

    2020.. January 1st. Still listening.. who's with me? 🔥💯

    Habib Sopoye

    Still Blazin aaayyyyy

  68. Morvin Williams

    Still rocking in 2020! Who else? Shout back quick quick quick!

  69. M_ eric

    Who’s here in 2020 fam?

  70. Karen Garcia

    Me gusta

  71. Jae Dee

    Leave all the negativity back in 2019 ..
    Blessing on top of blessings for 2020!!
    Happy New Year and praise JaH!!!


    Segura mais uma sequência 😎

  73. x̷G̷h̷o̷s̷t̷ A̷n̷o̷n̷i̷m̷o̷131

    Gta v ??

  74. Ivan Ivan

    Fuck the date.. Just bump the classic.. Night nurse my night nurse

  75. Moocha

    Doing a heist to this

  76. Dreamer lindsey

    Night Nurse

  77. Lucas Carneiro

    GTA V 😎👌

  78. Kader kess

    J'avais 5 ans quand mon grand frère et j écouté ça et metenent j'ai 45 ans

  79. Pascal Sila

    Cool vibes

  80. ashley renay

    I like it

  81. Nicolas Maffei

    26/12/2019 Brasil

  82. Jameka Armstrong

    My stepdad loved this song. I love you past forever 😇😇😇😇😢😢😢😢

  83. Jameka Armstrong

    2019?? Y’all still listening??

  84. TheAnswers

    Who's listening to this in Rasta years

  85. Miguel Diaz

    Smoke weed to this.... had me in another dimension for a min🤯

  86. Taiwo Akinlolu

    December 24,2019 10:33 am... am feeling the song right now

    Alhaji Elele

    Nice one

  87. davor1408

    Croatia, going into 2020

  88. John Carnegie

    I married a night nurse and we were married for 47 years

  89. ws maniac

    Good gta vibes

  90. Doomchild 666

    I just got shot listening to this song....and went to the hospital getting it on with the night nurse...

  91. João Gabriel

    Esse vara é louco de mas

  92. Shanoya Cunningham

    December 2019

  93. ann hill

    Made my baby off tis! '83'
    Baby daddy Bernard 💚

  94. J. DAVINE

    Still heat🔥