Gregory And The Hawk - Stone Wall, Stone Fence Lyrics

Big open land,
You hold the weight of the air in your hands
Big open air,
You feel the tickle of the trees on your chest
Why'd you go and waste it
The things that you know
Are making you a stone wall, stone fence
Your stories so old you just tend to keep them

Long winding road,
You've got a secret but you won't share it

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Gregory And The Hawk Stone Wall, Stone Fence Comments
  1. mxtth3w

    This is so good

  2. Zavi Lee

    I found a tab, but I'm convinced it isn't quite right.

    Another Wisecrack

    you can go to her youtube channel , she sometimes uploads tutorials of her songs there.

  3. arsenijcz


  4. beans

    chicken and rice

  5. Gavin Watts


  6. vivi uwu


  7. maria

    i love her voice so much .

  8. Star Thy Name

    Somehow it makes me feel something beautiful every time I listen. All anger, frustration. Gone. I just love how I can feel something every time I hear it.

  9. Alexander Ferguson

    What genre is this? I wanna listen to more like this!


    Alexander Ferguson I'm pretty sure it's Indie Folk (music genre)
    I found the album through a playlist with indie albums

  10. Drahipomazada Bla

    Me encanta! 👌❤️

  11. Bluetka

    amazing, so taching, i listened it for 2 hours non stop,i love it

  12. La Pataleta Súper Editorial

    this is my favorite song since now <3 i really love it.

  13. jyuno


  14. Eric Lander

    ... remarkable, stunning ...

  15. Mariachiara

    Bless the loop function ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. Seán Duggan

    So powerful and moving. A drastic change of pace compared to the rest of Moenie and Kitchi.


    Shook me when I first heard it in the album


    Sounds kinda refreshing, yes

  17. Tactician Detective

    Perfect ~