Gregory And The Hawk - Sets Lyrics

Today day is a slow day
And I'll play guitar till the day goes away
Trying to write a song that says "I love you"
Trying to let you know I do
The dawn is bowing out
And the afternoon dawns on me now
Trying to write a song thats says "I'm tired"
Of trying to get you
The night is a dark night
When it finally sets
And I'll make it out to seem like I wanted it a little bit
The better to see you with

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Gregory And The Hawk Sets Comments
  1. isolated pawn "Tin can ride" :)

  2. Vanessa :)

    awww omg thhis is so cute

  3. Victoria Shimmer

    I adore this song

  4. Alec Aiden

    Wait what she did are you serious

  5. snapplebutt

    Did she really right a song about artist's block?? Impressive :O

  6. MrGentlehand

    because....meredith is the most amazing.....girl.


  7. Briyana Butler

    why is gath so beautiful?

  8. Grace Gunning

    Probably because Broadway Aradia covered one of their songs. But yeah that is a little weird.

  9. Zoe Fernandez

    this song is amazing, nobody but GATH could have thought of this!

  10. naty2rc

    Oh, I absolutely love this song. So simple but beautiful. <3

  11. Julie C

    anyone have the tab for this?

  12. Cassidy Rose Hammond

    Where do you get these albums? I'm so in love with her work! <3