Gregory And The Hawk - Bad Habit Lyrics

Think my bones are breaking
Under black eyes and bookcases up to the sky
The promises I made myself -
That I wouldn't land it cause it's a bad habit -
They don't help

The nights are crazy
And when I try to sleep
All I see is grinding teeth and soft skin
You're biting into my mess
And I bask in the pain that comes to pass

The heart wants us to fall in love
Everyone I know wants to fall in love
But love once got me in the gut
There was no real fight, it tore me up

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Gregory And The Hawk Bad Habit Comments
  1. Fat to Fierce

    my favorite song

  2. Efina

    there was no real fight, it tore me up
    that's such a depressing yet relatable lyric, huh.. ;;

  3. Devyn Erickson

    somebody send me tab!

  4. essie

    when i saw this i instantly thought of EMH , tbh :^)

  5. ilikematches2

    gregory and the hawk will always have a place in my heart, just one of those things P:

  6. Emily Ogilvie

    She sounds exactly like Joanna Newsom


    Wow. I was listening to a few of these songs by Gregory and the Hawk, and I was randomly clicking on them without caring which one I listen to. I've clicked on this one three times. Not really a bad habit......

  8. Mashuga31

    Has anyone ever stopped to think how badass "Gregory and the Hawk" sounds when you say it?

    Polaris qwq

    Mashuga31 lmao YESSSSSE!!!!-- XD

  9. harmonica