Greg Kihn Band - Rendezvous Lyrics

I had a dream our love would last forever
I had a dream tonight my dream comes true
So meet me at midnight
We'll find a place where there's no one in sight
Ooh we'll have a rendezvous

You know girl, when I told you how much I liked you
I've got a feeling that you like me too
And if you love me tight
We'll be riders, girl, on the night
Ooh we'll have a rendezvous

'Cause we desire so much more than this girl
That's why I'm riding on the power
And living on the promise of your last kiss
I had a dream our love would last forever
I had a dream tonight my dream comes true
Ooh we'll have a rendezvous

So she'll be there all night
And it I'm down she make me feel right
Ooh, ooh, ooh I want a rendezvous
I want a rendezvous
I want a rendezvous
I want a rendezvous

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Greg Kihn Band Rendezvous Comments
  1. Marco Speekenbrink

    Bruce's version much better.
    Nice effort. But not so interesting.

  2. Joy Bee

    I've forgotten the guitar player's name, but when he left the band, Greg veered straight into pop, and never was as good again.


    Joe Satriani was the lead player from 85 to 87. Before that was Greg Douglas who replaced Dave Carpender in this video who passed away. Douglas played with Steve Miller band and co-wrote a few tunes.

  3. howie9751

    Rock Kihn Roll!

  4. Judith Zummo

    Who would give this a thumbs down?

  5. howie9751

    It's great to see a real rock and roll band in action again.

  6. mikepasqua1

    I wish Greg would put this show on cd...I'd buy in a heartbeat

  7. david tracey

    I love Bruce, but Greg's version is better.  Springsteen gave the song Rendezvous to Kihn after he heard his version of "For You'"(another great Springsteen song from his first album).

  8. John Roubal

    I had a recording of a Kihn Koncert from 1981 taped from a local radio station...I wore that casette down...

  9. kevman1ification

    Hadn't heard this in ages. I had a live recording (maybe this one) on a reel to reel tape that vanished many years ago. Thanks much for posting.

  10. Elliott Michaels

    That's the problem in a nutshell, Tom! And that's why the music business is in jeopardy, baby ... oooooooooh!

  11. thomasbcool

    @ejslurb2007 Cause "They don't write 'em like that anymore"

  12. Elliott Michaels

    I have been a fan of Springsteen for the longest time. Notwithstanding that point, it seems this time Springsteen handed off the ball to Kihn, and boy, did Kihn run with it! As I recall, this is the song that first put Kihn on the map. I believe it's also one of the best songs he ever recorded. So how come they don't play music like this on commercial radio anymore!?

  13. Greg Henderson

    Without a doubt one of the best performers I have ever seen ...and yes he does this song better than Springsteen !!...a 12 string thru a marshall gotta love it ....wish he would tour again ....

  14. 28if

    Your best bet are the out of print best of CD's which include Rendezvious. Kihnspicuous Taste and Kihnsolidation. Used on Amazon or CD Unviverse

  15. Barbyl W

    He might have played there but he moved around the state a lot.
    Do you know where I can go to buy and download these songs? I'm blown away that I spent most of the last 20 years without this!

  16. 28if

    Wow, I just got his autograph. Any shows at the Old Waldorf?

  17. Barbyl W

    I found "For You" and Madison Ave. Man, to of his bests. After one of the concerts in '79 I waited for him to come out after the show and got his autograph and kissed him! I lived that one over a few times.

  18. 28if

    I think I saw him 15 + times there.. great opening acts as well, Rubinoos, Pearl Harbour and the Xplosions, Little Roger and the DOTs etc.
    Remember being really cold waiting in lin to get in?