Greg Kihn Band - Remember Lyrics

Silver bird takes off in the night another's coming in
In every window a light as every night begins
One thing stays on my mind as I look back on the time
I guess it just couldn't last I feel its fading fast

Do you remember?
Do you surrender?
Do you remember how it feels?

If it all comes back on me, I will run and hide
Sometimes all you've got left is your empty pride
Nothing, nothing will ever be the same
Some of the best things fade, some of the worst remain
I can't turn back the tide
Or show you something inside
Or help you out when you fall
If I can help you at all

Do you remember?
Do you surrender?
Do you remember how it feels?

Do you remember?
Do you surrender?
Do you remember how it feels?

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Greg Kihn Band Remember Comments
  1. Montgomery Denzer

    Saw their free concert in front of the Hyatt Regency -so cool

  2. Montgomery Denzer

    Bay Area boys done good

  3. Peter Zaenker

    An epic song for the ages. Needs to be further disseminated worldwide to give it's retroactive due, as it should have placed higher on the charts. The only thing it should be quoted to the Greg Kihn Band as the album because the magic was created equally by all the four members!

  4. Horgan1956

    I knew of GKB, but had never heard this song before. Very solid. Thanx.

  5. MrMowww1

    Saw this band live in Calgary 1981 jubilee auditorium everyone was up dancing at the stage at the end great show and band!

  6. steve hart

    Greg Khin came to Await High School in 1980 and played live, for a benefit for a kid that fell off a water tower near the school,.,., it was a great show and this song was done very well,.,., I talked to him after the show and he told me he could tell I was digging' the show by the way I was dancing,.,.,.

  7. owlcu

    When I was in the military in Germany we'd go out to the clubs and this would always fill the dance floor. I remember feeling an odd sense of pride that they loved an American song, probably because they seemed so much more sophisticated than us. They were all at least bilingual and far more mature at 15 than us at 20.

  8. Ozelottiful

    WOW I love that Song!!

  9. Matthew Dockray

    Any similar songs to this?

  10. Ten Anthonys

    Some of the best things fade, some of the worst remain. The beautiful sadness of that line.

  11. Fred Flintstone

    This is their best....easily.

  12. Susan Russell

    Changes are if you never heard this song it will soon become a song that you will love forever if you already heard it you know I ain't Lyon such a waste of great songs out there but thanks to YouTube we are finding them one by one thanks

    Rod Mcdonough

    So true. YouTube has rare songs you would not hear unless you have the original LPs or 45s. If you lost all of your original LPs and 45s, You Tube has it. Thats why I'm here... A Shout Out For YouTube!

  13. Tibs Myorca

    So very soulful, eternally.

  14. Tom Dulle

    K-SHE 95 St. Louis,Mo played awesome!!

  15. four cats

    My god, the music back then was phenomenal. This song is incredible, and what a great band.

  16. Vicki Stuessi

    From what I understand this piece was recorded in ONE TAKE. That is simply nothing short of musical genius. When I'm looking for good music to play and reminisce, I always come back to Kihn...again and again!

  17. hamburg320

    Congrats to everyone who has found this song again

    Rod Mcdonough

    Thank you! Its been in the back of my mind since 1978 when I would hear it on KSAN in San Francisco

  18. Keith Nelms

    Heard this today on Wendy Rice's last Saturday Morning Flashback, her first year at WXRT ,was as an intern , in 1978 , I've tried to recall the song, and artist, it was not listed on the songlist,(It was Skipped), I finally remembered the song lyrics, and Greg Kihn jumped into my head, thank god, it was on my mind all day, ♫♥♪♪ great tune, great year,,, good luck Wendy,, enjoy your retirement,,,

  19. khiltscher

    I love this song since 40 years. I  have all his Albums. Dj Affendaddy from Germany (71).

  20. Robert Taitano

    My favorite GKB tune.

  21. Emmett McAuliffe

    THE PERFECTLY EXECUTED ROCK SONG, Dave Capender has to be the most underrated guitarist of all time. Greg Kihn Band had just the right amount of Baltimore doo-wop and Bay Area psychedelic rock influences.

  22. Ken Champaign

    I was privileged to have run sound for several of Greg's shows in the SF Bay Area over the years . He and the members of the  band were  always  a class act worked well with our crew and  did with a smile and a sense of humor. He literally gave me the shirt off his back once when I gave him a Brooks Robinson rookie baseball card, he's  a big Orioles fan. . .  he tells a great story of when he met Bruce Springsteen and a cigarette . . . ask him sometime . . . oh and yes I still have the shirt. . .

  23. Todd Hawley

    Supposedly he wrote this song while stranded at Heathrow Airport in London. I got the chance to see him do this live not too long after the LP came out at of all things a college radio convention in San Diego! He and two other bands played. He ended the set with a blistering rendition of Secret Meetings.

  24. John Lohmann

    Xcellent song. Great players. Just ordered the album.

  25. capi.-andy Sound

    yeeeaaaaaaarh very great rock'ing time at Berlin 👅 Diskothek "SOUND "
    greetings 😎

    Annett Nemitz

    das war nicht nur in Berlin so! In der Diskothek "why not" in Bremen lief das auch jeden Abend


    Und im “Albatros” in Rheine-Mesum: every weekend

  26. joseph conder

    This song is miles above any of their top 40 hits.


    +joseph conder This is their one of a kind song,I agree with your comment!
    Memorable music and that Rythme guitar!

  27. Mark Palmer

    Greg Kihn was our favorite band then I found out the 1st baseman for my softball team was his road manager and my girlfriend and I got into 50+ concerts for free !! Those were the days.

  28. Staubsauger Blog

    auf der staubsauger blog kuhmühlen dreammachine liste! staub gesaugt wurde in der sofadisco eher nicht :-) aber die kuhmühlen liste ist gut!

    Klausio Contra

    & Lamont Dozier; Going back to my Roots.


    ...kuhmühlen, war das die Disse von Fidje Poort???


    Ja Kuhmühlen. Mein zweites Zuhause am Freitag Abend. Und Samstag dann Padam Riepe....30 Jahre ist das nun her.

  29. Kelvin Grover

    catch a rising star seattle.

  30. Barry Coad

    The entire album - Next of Kihn - isd amazing ... I have most tracks... all 1000%

  31. steve kelly

    Yes I do.Keystone and Old Waldorf and fake Id..yea baby. Let's rock this place.

  32. mcgyver62

    There was a station in Los Angeles called KNAC that played non-mainstream hard rock, rock, blues and this song was in their repertoire.  I remember requesting this song a couple of times and they never failed to oblige.


    @mcgyver62 Did they play any of Rush's great album cuts from the 70's?


    @bucky468 Sure was known as a "deep cuts" type of station where a lot of avant garde music never made it to the mainstream.

  33. evi knierim

    All time favorite. This one is for you Tracy "Macy" my dear friend.

  34. WinslowSly1

    The most underrated song of all time!

    evi knierim

    totally agree!!

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    @WinslowSly1 Definitely one of the best songs I'VE ever heard....and I've heard most of..if not all of.... the greats...

    Fred Flintstone

    Way up there, yeah....

  35. peter henning

    An incredibly underrated album. This song and "Secret Meetings" are tremendous.

    Montgomery Denzer

    Museum gets my vote

  36. devilshaircut9

    Excellent presentation - Thank you

  37. melba

    GREAT Song...

  38. QuasiTraction

    To Megan Anne....nuff said....

  39. Vince Gedeon

    great band!

  40. Megaterio Llamas

    This got some play up here in Vancouver back then.

    Haven't heard it since.


  41. DrWeirdPro

    Whenever Steve Wright picked up his fretless bass, this song was the magic they created....

  42. jon wright

    I saw Greg at the Greek theater in Berkeley during the 90s.... He was very good I liked him as much as the Legendary Phil Collins that I saw at the same venue.... Great song!

  43. jeff case

    they were a amazing band live. electricity in the air. few bands better on stage...... great memories....

  44. Jay Heakes

    Incredible photos, incredible song!

  45. Jay Heakes

    1978. I remember.

  46. simonsbuddy

    Are the opening arpeggios a tribute to Country Joe and the Fish Section 43?

  47. Stiegsfeld

    Just one of my all time favorites - many of my favorites from the 80ies sound odd today. This one ist still in my CD rack today.

  48. 37RRSmith

    I first heard this in early April 1984, I was in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany with less than 8 weeks left until I was finished

  49. rman51

    I think I remember in the late 70s Greg Kihn playing at the Albatross. An old club, long since closed, on the stretch of road between Capitola and Santa Cruz. It's a mile or so past the harbor. And I didn't get to that Catalyst concert but later heard that Satriani was the guitar player. Yet ANOTHER musical regret of mine!

  50. ls1959

    Very unique song. Has a sound of its own. Great guitar sound.

  51. Jonathan Bassil

    Very nice video.......that song was always my favorite Kihn Band song from ' I've been playing with Larry, the drummer, for over a decade!!

  52. duke5015

    @mhinsda - the album was "next of kihn" 1978- also had the great song chinatown- had the record-CANNOT get cd (saw one on amazon for $124.00) its on his latest "best of cd- "kihnplete" alas, no chinatown on it

  53. duke5015

    @mhinsda - the album was "next of kihn" 1978- also had the great song chinatown- had the record-CANNOT get cd (saw one on amazon for $124.00)

  54. Milton Jenkins

    This song was slicker than owl shit, and cooler than a Siberian breeze, and still is. Greg Kihn was my SF idol, in his prime the same time I was living there. I saw him at an Old Waldorf concert. Those were the days, eh Greg?

  55. ehites

    I loved this song most of all the album, when his Berkeley labelled album came out, I still have a copy (in storage with 1500 other lps I couldnt let go of) and it was either 77 or 78 to answer the question below. It remains one of my all time faves, many thanks for putting it up!!!

  56. williamyanes

    Without question my personal favorite Greg Kihn song. I was all about his band when I was in college. I saw him at Cal Poly in I dunno ... 1979? Made quite an impression on me. He had a swarm of hits back in the day.

    Hats off to whoever posted this. What a great blast from my past. I understand he did a stint as a DJ in Tulare County, CA. Really? I was born in Tulare County! Go Marauders!

  57. TheCloudDrifter

    Is it any wonder there are no dislikes. Great song

  58. Scott Smith

    Have always loved this song, one of my favorites of GKB. Underrated-

  59. ariskapas

    fantastic track....gr8 post

  60. samirakhter

    @jellyninja0 hes also the radio host in the morning for 98.5 kfox in san jose :)) been listening to his show since i was 7 before i even knew he had a band :P

  61. hartleyzoo

    Round about 1978 or 9 I was a dj at KSJC-FM in Stockton, and we played "Remember" and other Kihn tunes regularly - The rest is history. The GKB subsquently played concerts in Stockton at least once a year for many years and I saw nearly all of them. Hot stuff! He still plays concerts occasionally, with his son the band.

  62. Zombie Mike

    nice = vintage = at its best thanks!...! thanks again.....

  63. Gerry Daumiller

    I still have two copies of this album. I SO need to get it digitized and on my Ipod.

  64. Kirk Miller

    I agree...I have always thought that this is a great song. The whole LP was a winner.

  65. Melanie C

    I didn't know that... how funny.. I live in the Bay Area too.

  66. Melanie C

    Yeah this is a great song that totally takes me back to playing it over and over on the record player... still have the album just need a player!!

  67. art vandelay

    oh to be 16 again. this tune should have been HUGE!

  68. JohnBuck41

    Nicely done; good job. I wish Greg and his band could've had more success and public awareness than he/they got. He was a lot more talented than many of that era.

  69. Melanie C

    oh dude.. I remember!!

  70. 73MarkIV

    Wow! what a great post. I haven't heard this song in almost 30 years! I grew up in S.F., and remember Greg from before "The Break Up Song." He was great then, and is great now! Thanks again for giving me those memories again.

  71. rman51

    Whatever reason this didn't make it's mark on the charts in the late 70's it was their loss.
    Fantastic song.

  72. ls1959

    Great song. Another one of those hidden gems that never got the radio airplay it deserved. But the comparatively few that found it can enjoy it eternally.

  73. Melanie C

    I still have this album...............i't amongs many. I would give anything to have a turntable again! This album, out of all.. always sounded the best. It was made so good! One my ultimate favorites!

  74. Zombie Mike

    Nice Post! what year was this produced?

  75. fitzfarr

    Back in Ireland after 23yrs in San Francisco and this makes me really homesick for the bay area.Greg rocks..........

  76. Becky Page

    As it is available only on vinyl, I had to capture this song from a KFOG 104.5FM broadcast of "[email protected]" to get it digitally, and here it is! This underrated song somehow always escaped inclusion on the multiple "Best of" collections available on CD. Great to hear it here with that sublime guitar riff (and kind of see it). Greg Kihn, release "Next of Kihn" on CD or make its tracks available to eMusic!

  77. therehastobeme

    This is such a great song you just can't
    find anymore

  78. Bob F

    Ive checked every so often to see if this was on here, great to see it is finally, and like the poster its a tribute to someone too!
    Saw Greg Kihn live in Toronto at the El Macambo in 1978.......

  79. Jason Jordan

    Is anyone out there able to post Chinatown from the Next of Kihn album?

  80. Jason Jordan

    Can you post Chinatown, also from the Next of Kihn album?