Greg Graffin - In The Mirror Lyrics

Your arrogance! It will surely bring you down
Is there a judgement appropriate for you
That you spit at others? Look hard in the mirror
Then in ten years look again
There will be lines, sags, and rashes
But you'll have come no further than where you are today

Still helpless, all the while protracting
Your imminent demise, and feigning superiority
There will be a trail of those you have injured
And made worse by your vicious acts of greed
Without regard you piece of shit!

Look in the mirror
There you'll see the light
There will come a day
Tthere you'll see the truth of your way

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Greg Graffin In The Mirror Comments
  1. Christopher Morris

    The only song i find myself singing "you piece of shit!" Xd

  2. Mauricio Hernández Díaz

    The CD cost me less than 10 bucks on

  3. chilly rooster

    my wife and I listened to this for the first time together and both busted up laughing when he sang you piece of shit

  4. sixt9coug

    The album is long out of print, so the best bet is Amazon or eBay unfortunately. I got mine off of Amazon a few years back.

  5. Chris Rhodes

    where can you buy this album please respond i want this so bad.

  6. jafsica Freitag

    I wanted to buy this album, to pay for it, but I couldn't find anywhere to purchase it.


    Great tune

  8. Dustin Satterfield

    yeh i bought this album the day it came out.. very good album

  9. greatexpectations320

    Loving the song, man!!!!!

    btw, please upload the rest of the album :)