Greg Graffin - Cease Lyrics

Blacktop pavement cover me
Like a chemical reaction or a steamroller spreading randomly

There's a distant buzz and low frequency
It tickles my ear, rumbles under my feet
And it shakes the leaves off of every tree

What pretension, everlasting peace
Everything must cease

Institution on the hill
Like a beacon in the mind of an ancestor to unite a peoples' will

There's a shadowed stain on the west facade
It has spread like decay to enshroud the fraud
And the descendants find it oh so odd
Oh so odd

What pretension, everlasting peace
Everything must cease

Grave memorial, hewn white stone
Like the comforting caress of a mother or a friend you've always known

It evokes such pain and significance
What was once is reduced to rememberance
And the generations pass without recompense

What pretension, everlasting peace
Everything must cease

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Greg Graffin Cease Comments
  1. SonataFanatica

    Back in 2003, when we first got internet at home, this was the CD I bought right after making my Amazon account. It must have been something like 20 bucks and I still have it. Took really good care of it, because I simply love the album. The song structures all have that typical Bad Religion feel to them, while the instrumentation is really beautifully different. And yes, this version of Cease will definitely be played during my funeral.

  2. deathpunx13

    RIP Jenifer Svendsen

  3. WhatEver_ Name_Works

    Everything Must.................Cease.

  4. Namri

    Play that song at my funeral.

    Unholy Essence

    +Mars Franke i agree with you


    Mine too.

    andreas kant

    at wedding?

  5. LifeIsNearly Over

    intellectuals have nothing passion is everything

  6. Dylan Horsman

    Intellectual tears for the win mofo's! also vanitas, I think...

  7. Arthur Miguel

    amazing album

  8. Dennis Law

    Fantastic song.

  9. Awesome Creeper 41

    Was the Graffin CD worth almost $30? Sure. Was it worth paying more for a used Bolweevils CD basically for one track, than I could've paid for a complete album on iTunes? Absolutely. It's hard to put a price on music, both literally and figuratively, considering between YouTube and p2p sites you can find nearly everything (except for American Lesion and History of the Bollweevils Part 1, dammit…), but with respect for the artists, I definitely think: sample for free, but pay to own, ASAP.

  10. Awesome Creeper 41

    I own the CD. I paid nearly twice for it used a few years ago what my bro did new in the 90s. My point is that you can't just buy it. It's long out of print and not available in MP3. Wait, it's on eBay for $39.99 used right now LOL. I had a similar problem with a Bolweevils CD; cover tracks were omitted from the digital DL and I needed one to make a digital version of a mystery mix tape (a real cassette tape!) of mine from the 90s, to ID the songs and artists. Almost 15 years later, almost done.

  11. FallacyofEpiphany

    If I like something (Album, Song, Game, whatever) I will buy it. So give this upload a try!

  12. Keith Anderson

    Forgot to add, I had this original copy way back when i was 16? Wish I would have taken better care of it (I'm sure that is how it met it's end) Even in the height of downloading everything I still managed one summer to save like 400 bucks and spend lots and lots of it on 12 if I remember correctly Original EPs to show my support but also for the art, lyrics, and the smile having the orignal gave me.

  13. Keith Anderson

    Love the song, love singing this version by leaps and bounds. Both Versions are great though. Thanks to BR and Greg Graffin of course for putting out great music that came out before I was born in some cases, and has stayed relevant in my life starting at 14 and at least continuing through 27.

  14. J Med

    Best album cover ever too btw.

  15. andrew piegnet

    can someone just rip the songs and post somewhere?

  16. Budzpip

    This is my favorite song. Thanks for posting it.

  17. ScienceWillPrevail

    This song is the only thing guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye.

  18. ChrisN3992

    Oh wow, this is something else.

  19. sixt9coug

    I agree with you man. I'd rather still see this album in print of course, but there should be a channel for it to those that want it even after the record company stops support of it. It's not available anywhere, and it took me years before I finally found my copy. It wasn't cheap, but I finally had one. Hell, I'm sure WMG would have loved to get the roughly $30 or whatever it was that I paid for it.

    Of course, there is no advertising on this page, nor will there ever be. Let's keep it free.

  20. Awesome Creeper 41

    I completely understand enforcing copyright laws WHEN THE SHIT'S STILL IN PRINT! OOP stuff should, after a reasonable time, be free to copy. Sure, royalties should be paid for any for-profit use of the music—and I don't see any advertising on this our the other person's channel whose upload was removed—for certain limited times for various reasons, but turning the goddamned music itself into a collectable, limited item is just bullshit.

  21. Awesome Creeper 41

    Where? Used on Amazon they start at $23. I saw a used promo copy go for $60 some-odd. I just paid $10.65 for a copy in "very good" condition. That's the cheapest I've ever seen it.

  22. tockusphile

    beautifully depressing.

  23. noideac

    Seriously one of the most amazing thing's I've heard. His voice sends shivers down my spine

  24. xMegaDankx

    Greg is like a good whiskey, only gets better with age. 30+ years now, and still as much a part of my life as when I played his stuff on my headphones skating down the street when I was a kid.

  25. XxEmoSoapxX

    Where can I find said sheet music? c:

  26. XxEmoSoapxX

    I haven't been able to find the recorded version anywhere!
    Thank you so much!!!! =D

  27. Operation2

    I love this song. I managed to get a piano score so I could play it myself. It's the only song I can play on piano.

  28. jb111082

    @Chromodar that blows that yours got removed. But still, at least this song is on here, and people can feel the genious (spelling?) that is Dr. Greg Graffin. BTW, I got to meet him once and take my picture with him. If you have a PSN account, I'll send you the photo.

  29. Chromodar

    Huh, when I uploaded this it got removed like instantly. Oh well, at least now there's a decent sound quality version of this awesome song on youtube. Good job.