Greenwood, Lee - This Land Is Your Land Lyrics

This land
This land

this land is your land
this land is my land
from california to the new york island
from the red wood forest to the gulf stream water
this land was made for you and me

as I was walking to the ribbon of high way
I saw above me that endless skyway
I saw below me a voice was chanting
this land was made for you and me

this land is your land
this land is my land
from california to the new york island
from the red wood forest to the gulf stream water
this land was made for you and me

this land this land!!!!!

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Greenwood, Lee This Land Is Your Land Comments
  1. TheAmzing KIDD

    I moved from California to New York and I drove while Signing this the whole way

  2. Luz Rodarte

    I love this song from second grade

  3. Luz Rodarte

    Second grade

  4. Carole Karsten

    It's unfortunate that he didn't sing this song with the words Woody Guthrie wrote. Wouldn't want to make people uncomfortable. Great American ballad.

    Stan S

    He's not a communist.

  5. Frandy Aracena

    i love it

  6. Yolanda Johnson

    sounds nice, I love the songs of America

  7. Farinaz AliMardany

    This land is America and america is for american ,, God bless America

  8. Christian Emiliano Twiddy

    Yo se ingles y español y tengo 6 años

  9. Jung Hoseok

    This song remind me of my second grade teacher. It was so hard for me to think of it and I cried😢😢

    Issac Arellano

    Jung Hoseok what happened?

  10. Joan Valdez

    I sing this at school.

  11. byron golly

    not the words of Woody Guthrie, just a castrated text! Missing the bitter end!!!

  12. Aree S.Jameel

    God bless America the beautiful my home sweet home ❤️🇺🇸💙🗽

  13. James TheBond

    This is a horrible rendition of the classic American folk protest song. Woodie Guthrie wrote it to protest what he felt were inequities in American society at the time. Lee Greenwood just takes out the most important lyrcis!!! "Walking that Freedom Highway..." "The sign said no trespassing but the other side said nothin, that side was made for you and me..." Greenwood totally ruined the classic and serves us a sappy red white and blue pile of nonsense.

  14. The Lilinator

    this is sooo bad

  15. Jasmin Begom

    I Love this song

  16. FriskDreemurr

    lol my fricking school does this - i am a girl called francesca

  17. Jim Bob

    It's better when you turn the speed up to 1.5

  18. SmokeFan2014

    Bruce Springsteen does this song better. Way better.

  19. Jenny Ramirez

    Best song ever

  20. Gavin Gitchev

    Woody Guthrie did he original

  21. Gavin Gitchev

    WOW, catchy

  22. Alhehs Jsjsj

    God Bless Our Country and the People!


    al koten yes god bless our country and our people but only the people who like america

    THANK🙏🏻god bless to

  23. Ryan Lee

    sounds great!

  24. sang te

    I love this song this song is so good and it's so good for children's and parents so you love got

  25. Jodi Morales

    I love this music so much

  26. R3Z1NLOK yt

    I'm going to sing this to the whole school

  27. Dolph Lee

    Sounds like some liberal crap promoting socialism/communism.

  28. Drew Haney

    I hate to be a party pooper, guys KNOW this is a communist song, right? It dispels the notion of personal property: your farm, your home, your condo..should belong to the State! It was written by a communist in reaction to Irvin Berlin's "God Bless America". Google it! Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes. Children are indoctrinated with this song in the 3rd grade; apparently, most don't recover.

    Drew Haney

    This was the first stage of your indoctrination. At least you realize the propaganda...


    No its not

    Farinaz AliMardany

    I think woodie guthrie made it when racist and discrimination for black people was in highest level . He wrote it to tell them this land is for you and for me

  29. motthew Richmorn

    👦 #1

  30. motthew Richmorn

    woop woop

  31. Jossier Betancourth

    good song

  32. Just like fire


  33. Hhla8485

    I am listening to this song to find peace..... Holly shit world is changing...

  34. chrisl0081234

    Where is the "no trespassing" verse?

    Brytta Fitzgibbons

    chrisl0081234 Check in Wikepedia.

    f da

    Censored (too much embarassing for the business).

  35. Sarah Egan

    This is just my opinion, but you definately ruined the song!

  36. Sydney Kirby

    Hey I love your song I have a solo Coris part comeing up I am in 5 grade and I hope this helps me memories the song

    Jenni Lalewicz

    Sydney Kirby vvh


    Sydney Kirby your in 5th grade and can’t spell coming wow

  37. R McD

    hey sorry just saw your song
    I love your song

  38. cod hillips

    you are my 1st favorite singer ever

    Lee - Lee

    cod hillips you obviously have not heard alot of music then

    The Great Skitimus

    @Lee - Lee It's called an opinion. Lee Greenwood truly does have an amazing voice!

  39. Steve Stack

    im playing this for the 9/11 anniversary tomorrow over my loudspeaker. Thank you all who have served in in our nations military and reserves from on before and now. A thank you to those who helped those in need on that fateful day on 9/11/2001. And huge huge prayers to those victims who lost their lives who went in when those were coming out to save those they could.

    Issac Arellano

    Steve Stack should’ve played ragged old flag

  40. Lark_btw

    best song

  41. Lark_btw

    this is my land and your land !

  42. Vincent loves it Brandy also loves it to

    this good luck

  43. Maritza Diaz

    this land, wow!!! i have no words to describe what i feel when i hear this!!


    Never better said!

  44. NuKe Gaming

    1st grade memories

  45. Bella Hope

    good song

  46. Brytta Fitzgibbons

    Great background!