Greenwheel - Radiance Lyrics

I’ve had enough of this red light
I’ve been waiting here for so long
Driving on like reruns and feeling nothing new
Time has stopped
Resting some for this town it’s comforting to know nothing new
If I could only make a sound
Holding the stars like paintings we are
Pull one down for me
Colors alive like radiance
Swimming back to your sea
I can’t explain this feeling that’s been grounding me for so long
Keeping faith
I move on
Praying for something soon
How long must I scream to the guards to let me out
To the past I’m anchored

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Greenwheel Radiance Comments
  1. Rachel Wagner

    God did i love this band🥰

  2. Alexander Castro

    nostalgia .

    brazil 2018!

  3. Heather Fife

    One of my absolute favorite GreenWheel songs. I miss them so much; they need to make more music...and seeing them live...forget about it! So awesome!