Greenwheel - Louder Than Words Lyrics

Can you hear me not so loud a whisper
It seems as though it fades away before you hear what I have to say
Words can’t offer you agreement
They’re injustice to the songs you sing undermining your best intentions
Silence speaks louder than words sometimes but not everybody listens
It be known to all who’d only shut their mouth
Can you hear me now that I am screaming
I can’t tell a difference made with that blank stare on your face
How do I explain what I am feeling
Just open up the cage today
It’s a small price to pay
Although there may be indiscretion, remind yourself to play along
Block out your repetition and remind yourself who’s in the wrong with you

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Greenwheel Louder Than Words Comments
  1. Lil Al

    I really miss them, the enigma lounge shows were the best.

  2. ramonguz

    Still listen to these guys till this day!!! Miss you Greenwheel, and Go Van Gogh!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TheNatural1

    What a great band full of potential...gone to waste almost. Being a rock band today is HARD with all the country, pop, rap out there taking over...too bad they didn't stay together and have a better label backing them to help keep them pumping out new music.

  4. Rodrigo Cáceres

    Hi, does anybody knows the name of the song that is briefly heard before the video of Louder than Words is shown?

  5. zguyach1081

    @MegaCandy1981 awesome, now ask him what the hell is going on with govangogh

  6. lex rad

    awsome band

  7. kevinquet81

    i love this band