Greenwheel - Dim Halo Lyrics

Imagine no daylight only the moon as your guide
When ours is to darkness what forgotten sun is too bright
Eyes wide open now taking it all in stride
I can see your eyes when the stars hang low
Like a crown the moon wears a dim halo
And to all my regret I fair thee well
You came around to slowly as I fell
My screams can only echo off the walls
I see nothing left to break my fall
To bear the slings and arrows, my chances narrow
Just roll with the punches now, bruises can heal
Soften the blow cause I don’t want to feel anymore
Just cancel out this fear

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Greenwheel Dim Halo Comments
  1. Timo Holmquist

    It will always be one of my top ten favorite songs. Got these guys in a 2 for 1 Cd deal with July for Kings, great purchase. Hidden 00's rock will always be special to me.

  2. e m i l y

    they were a good band too bad they broke up

  3. Rozlach Lara

    They could've made greater career, these tracks are awesome ! :)

  4. Jesus Avalos

    listened to this as a kid...and no one knew who they were. They still don't.

    Ej Hinds

    Jesus Avalos I saw them at the Houston buzzfest in 2002. they were good.

  5. IDS IDS

    Wow, this is indeed great quality, I had never noticed the soft percussion throughout the verses and the echo in the chorus... It's like I was listening to this amazing song for the first time once again, and that was a wonderful feeling ^_^

    Thanks for uploading it, Ameylilou! :)

  6. Zac6230

    where is sustian you?