Greensky Bluegrass - More Of Me Lyrics

Boiling water is burning, its been raining for days
And there's nothing but bourbon that takes me away
I don't sleep when I lie myself down on a bed
Someone else's hotel room, I'm restless again
Like I'm spread too thin over too much

So you think you can see that you are bad for me
But I'm better than I sound
And I'm stronger than I've found I can be
I'm looking straight back home where I leave you alone
Wishing somehow that I could be

More of me
To leave you when I go
More of me
To keep you when I'm gone

I'd like a slower life now or a faster one later
I want to hurry up and get something done
For the rest of my time has been purchased and sold
To the most seemingly promising one
Is there any real truth in what we've been told?

More of you when I'm lonesome and lost on the road
More of me when you're weary from protecting our home
More of us in our dreams of the things to come
When we're together again, at last, again

Is anything ever all right?
Don't you want to do something wrong, something bad?
Just to justify all of these feelings by stealing
Something that you've never had
Is a heart really there? You can tell if you break it

More of me
More of me
More of me
More of me

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Greensky Bluegrass More Of Me Comments
  1. E. T. Smith

    Good song, but like Paul said in an interview, this song is just, "kind of creepy." I understand what he means, It's good though

  2. Kenneth Ratcliff