Greensky Bluegrass - Lose My Way Lyrics

There's not a lot of people left who grew up here
Sticking through all this fear
We are few but courageous
'Cause this isn't easy

And it seems as though
Neighbors aren't fighting back with us
There's no bailout plan
Nothing's working out on its own

Going broke out here and we aren't alone
Losing faith in everything that we've known
For the last 30 years

Still I couldn't leave
And the fields have overgrown
Neighbors aren't coming back for them
'Cause nothing sells anymore
So there's nothing to buy

If this is anything like something before
Then I might know what to do
If this was anything like something I've known
I may still lose my way

Four years and I found no work
Only what little's left of my faded self worth
And it's for sale if it could help
There's no pride in this

And the house will foreclose
Neighbors got out in time, curse them
Nothing here left to show
And I'm lost in my home

If this is anything like something before
Then I might know what to do
If this was anything like something I've known
I may still lose my way

Come take one then take it all
If we can't stand we still won't fall for this

If this is anything like something before
Then I might know what to do
If this was anything like something I've known
I may still lose my way

If this was anything like something I've known
I may still lose my way

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Greensky Bluegrass Lose My Way Comments
  1. Zac

    That banjo roll that sounds like it reverses itself gives me life

  2. Tate Van Cleve

    you guys are so fucking awesome! just saw you at the van buren in phx. the highlights of that show were this song, past my prime, casual wed>cant stop now>?>cant stop now>casual wed. i've been telling everyone how amazing you guys are & can't wait to see you down in tucson jan 2018 @ gem & jam! thanks for coming to az & sharing you wonderful music with an area of the country that so often gets overlooked.

  3. sheisanartist

    You guy's are awesome...can't wait to see you next month in Coney Island. Long live GMFBG!

  4. James Ronez II

    you guys deserve every bit of success you have or ever will get. keep it real and I'll be listening.

  5. Crystal B

    thumbs up in 2017

  6. Lee Pope

    Great sound. You rock, keep your southern roots sound.

    Bryan Galloway

    These guys definitely have a great sound and rock... but hail from Michigan, no southern connection.

    denell jacobus

    except in the soul.....

    Bryan Galloway

    That doesn't make any sense. Bluegrass is founded on English, Irish, Scotish and even African folk origins and was brought to the eastern United States, particularly the Appalachian region by early settlers. Bluegrass roots are planted deeply in Appalachian music. The Appalachian culture does extend into the south (Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and so on) but it also extends north (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and so on).

  7. moralitykills

    whoever thumbs downed this is a loser.

  8. stew r

    My favorite!

  9. Jon Ricco

    so real....this song hurts....well done guys

  10. Jeff Carlson

    The State hospital grounds are so cool! Love TC!

    denell jacobus

    The Commons has changed so much in the last 10 years. Such a great community here in Northern Michigan. I watched these guys start out in Kalamazoo way back when. Was a huge fan then and even more now. They are great humans and down to earth real people. Blessed to have them sharing their music with world bringing so much joy to all of us.

  11. Mark's Memories

    need a live "official" version!  :o)

  12. rowan john schley

    Oh my...

  13. Matthew Coggins

    Just found u guys today u rock here in arkansas

    hunter wolf of the white winter

    Matthew Coggins love their music what part of arkansas you in I'm in johnson county

  14. Patrick Shannon

    Geez Louise that's a catchy riff

  15. Jeff Hackensmith

    Everyone should have a spot like this. To bad empty places like this was alot of ppl's life

    denell jacobus

    The place where this video was recorded is totally restored and a great place to be. Artisan bakeries (wood fired), Organic coffee roaster, shops, rest. its thriving now. Farmers markets... its a peaceful thriving community . Traverse City Michigan.

  16. 2muchstrings

    luv it !!!

  17. eipassacannad

    Creepy-cool. In my home town there's a mostly deserted mental hospital which looks exactly like this. Great song. Great, simple video. See you at the next one.

  18. John Gautraud

    Great Video!!! Also enjoyed looking at Duval's ass for most of the video. Haha!

    Tim Toopes

    John Gautraud *Devol*

  19. Spencer Marr

    Great video. Why didn't you guys put GoPro's on your instruments like the String Dusters hehe? Please don't ever do that...

  20. Ellis Dee

    Saw you guys for the first time at Summercamp late night in guys are great keep on truckin!

  21. Mike Snyder

    Great video and song! I want to read the lyrics but can't find them on Google. This song sounds like it has a Bruce Springsteen influence. Great work!

  22. smartguy66

    This is one of my favorite Greensky tunes and jams. Great job with the video Paul, and thanks for using your Youtube channel more lately. It is appreciated. Hope to see you at Bell's in November.

  23. Net Daddy

    well done. ::applause::