Greensky Bluegrass - Living Over Lyrics

These same songs that we keep writing
Are gonna keep us honest, at least so I'm hoping
And speaking of honest, I lie a lot
Lie down with strangers when I'm sleeping
I lie about drinking, I lied about dreaming
I've just been sleeping off this weight

It's gonna take chances to keep us alive
And the chances are looking slim
Baby, we're dying or maybe we're living
Over and over again

What if you do wrong so long that it feels right?
What if two is too many to fight?
Are you gonna be a rich girl for all your life?
Or give up your sense of truth for the night?

It's gonna take chances to keep us alive
And the chances are looking slim
Baby, we're dying or maybe we're living
Over and over and over and over again

I wish I had strong hands and a whole lot of insight
To fix up this mess I insist to write
And a little bit of alimony to leave behind
To all my loved ones in case I up and flee this

It's gonna take chances to keep us alive
And the chances are looking slim
Baby, we're dying or maybe were living
Over and over and over and over and over and over

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Greensky Bluegrass Living Over Comments
  1. TheSumerianGod

    Nice to see these guys still on tour definitely going to have to make trip to one of their shows

  2. Johnny Ross

    Anyone wanna post lyrics?

  3. Johnny Ross

    Texan approved. ❤️

  4. xBlackShadowsZz

    Do I have to be on drugs

    Johnny Ross

    xBlackShadowsZz go to 3 minutes and just give it a concentrated listen. No substances required but brain matter.

  5. Chris Trotter

    This Friday in Richmond...

    Cant friggn wait

  6. Tom Mulroy III

    Flat out fantastic

  7. zambifreak

    I heard this song one night on XM Sirius radio channel jam on and had to dig it up on the Internet. After looking through the playlist for that channel, I finally found that it was this song. These guys are awesome and it might be my first intro into a new band

  8. CrackHack

    Going to see them tomorrow night in Knoxville, at the Mill and Mine! Can't wait!!!

  9. Todd Biri

    This is great!

  10. Randy Lovesky

    Moments of our life to keep for infinity. So many great memories here! Glad we get to live it over here :)

  11. Earl S Frazier

    I love the clips of you guys playing at Bell's. Takes me back many years.

  12. runsk88

    what a beautiful video! ya'll my favorite band right now! just bought 3 new Greensky Albums!!!!

  13. Adam Drews

    Seeing them in November in Seattle, cant wait

  14. celine douet

    punaise un regal pour les oreilles

  15. Mike

    That's fucking amazing! Thanks!

  16. Leo Butler

    Billy strings

  17. Chris Trotter

    How many times in a row have y'all listened to this song?
    I think I hit 40 times the other day..


    Kinda depressing TBH

  18. Keith Rose

    Saw you guys in Columbus Ohio, absolutely amazing live show. Great musicianship. Jammin!

  19. Dan Grubbs

    Looking forward to Kansas City!!! The new Austin.

  20. Young Thunfisch

    Oh my fucking god, you have to come to Europe, especially Germany some time in the future. I have to see you guys live ^^

  21. Hybred__J315

    So great to see you Guys all still together and killing it... I remb so so long ago when I first met you all I knew it was something special. What a gift of pure humanistic emotion in your music- Justin Healy... I’ll be looking to see if you have any Detroit dates...

    Devin S

    Hybred__J315 well put...I hope to see them at Bell's one day. MI produced another great thing for America. Greetings from CA.

  22. Robert Fellin Jr

    one of the bestest crews around that sets us up as fans for an unbelievable show and sights and sound...woo!

  23. Shs Sha

    Abso- fuckin- lutely Amazing !!!!💜

  24. Kimmy Knight

    who gave a thumbs down lol

    David Lowney

    Who cares?

  25. Amanda Hannold

    I love this song :) Thank you for everything you do!!!!

  26. Hunter Sondeen

    nomintate this for best song Phoff has ever written. absoulutely amazing. goosebumps

  27. Paul Toth

    Well done Greensky, beautiful song and video!

  28. stew r

    When you see yourself in the video @ the 6:32 mark!!!

  29. TheMarkdoleac

    Awesome Video one of my favorites

  30. Boy Named Banjo

    can we borrow your dobro player sometime?

  31. Fenix

    Love these guys 🍻

  32. chris Luna

    Fan-f**king-tastic! Can't wait for Thanksgiving show!

  33. couchtourist

    just a plain 'ol simple, "FUCK YEAH!!!"

  34. Aubrey Schiavone

    <3 Best thing on the internet today/all days <3

  35. Eric Wittmayer

    Awesome video guys!