Greensky Bluegrass - Burn Them Lyrics

I wanna be a bad guy in a silent film
Lit up by candles and the space between the shadows
I wouldn't have to say nothing, or sound mean
I just wouldn't smile or look too pleased

They can't all be good
My guess, better that they should
What if sorrows swim?
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them

Probably cut my hair off, and save my beard
Stop wearing white and keep nothing clean at all
What a relief from the pressure to just be hated
And learn that being bad ain't nothing but a pleasure

They can't all be good
My guess, better that they should
What if sorrows swim?
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them

Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them!
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them!

I could rob some worse guys done up like good ones
And hide a pile of money, and never have to worry
Baby give it all away for a reason to steal
Another chance to keep from keeping still

They can't all be good
My guess, better that they should
What if sorrows swim?
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them

They can't all be good
My guess, better that they should
What if sorrows swim?
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them
Good God, I'm gonna need to burn them

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Greensky Bluegrass Burn Them Comments
  1. Tommy S

    This one goes into my alltime favourites

  2. Thomas Fallon

    That's some powerful medicine right there

  3. John Batcheler

    That's how you play! From now on! That's how you play! Epic back drop too. And then you went to burn afterward...

  4. Frank Heppner

    You got that drive!

  5. Kaleb Beasley

    You goddamn right.

  6. Brad H.

    I could never play a gig on that stage!! I'd be turned around looking at that amazing view while I was supposed to be singing and playing!

  7. Cameron Bennett

    Yes! Y’all are rocking out on that mandolin. Definitely made a fan out of me!

  8. Kevin J

    Is that telluride??

  9. cloud cactuz

    I like it

  10. Didi Elenanzih

    Love your music😘

  11. Gary Voigt

    Nice song but your 5 string banjo player missing a few notes flat on his part...

  12. Earthwalker40

    Beautiful music.

  13. proctoptosis

    Camera guy seems to not be into the Beck in this video.

  14. Steve Hoffman

    How could a hundred some people not like this band? I have seen them like ten times and they always amaze me

  15. David Caswell


  16. Jillian Brooks

    My science teachers brother is the guy playing the banjo

  17. G Summy

    The Irish in me loves a session. Love it.👍

  18. Philip Duffy

    This band is a Celebration of America!!

  19. Fred Garvin

    That was actually pretty good.

  20. Ryan Linde

    I dig it man

  21. codyrebelcb

    Holy fucking shit

  22. voilaviolamh

    Bluegrass is a style, and simply having a band comprised of the typical bluegrass instruments doesn't make it a bluegrass band. They are definitely a good band and can play the bluegrass style, but this isn't "bluegrass". IDK what you'd fall it, but I'm happy to it exists and is carrying on the acoustic tradition and the bluegrass tradition, more or less.

  23. Punkification101

    Lately I have felt like just taking it easy and being the bad guy.

  24. Crazy Crawford

    Green sky = tornado
    Greensky bluegrass= tornado blues played with the key of grass

  25. dlaney10

    They are my new favorite JAM!!

  26. MegaHyZer

    no tambourine :( *sniff...sniff

  27. Jhonatan Gabriel


  28. Rivadávia Fonseca Neto

    eu gosto muito

  29. penny st pierre

    Thank You,My new favorite

  30. Jeff Ledson

    Such a sick song!  Thank you GSBG & BGS!  Please check out my 15-year-old son's cover of this tune:

  31. E. T. Smith

    2 words.. thank. You.

  32. Robert Fellin Jr

    the impromptu shoot on a plateau is brilliant.. like the cinematography...(dang, that was hard to spel...)

    sista maggi

    👎 spelling is bad

  33. Tomas Rincon

    Good show but the telluride bluegrass festival is an awesome time can't wait to be back there

  34. Maddy B

    I wanna be a bad guy in a silent film

  35. Mrsickvoodoo

    I could have been listening to this since 2014.....dang it!!!

  36. Brandt M

    Bruzza's solo is so sick ,love it

  37. Dr. Marcos Antônio Dias

    I like...

  38. Doc Will

    great band, my new favorite. But what is with these video editors(?!)

  39. Shelley Heard

    Newgrass is not new anymore, but it is still pretty wonderful. The revival goes on.

  40. Jay Kropotkin

    David Grisman 2.0

  41. Vinnie D

    Band, Video, Song, Perfect.

  42. Lesson Pros Backing Tracks

    Love this. We just saw them at Blue Ox Festival!

  43. sheisanartist

    Great Great stuff!! Thanks Greensky :)

  44. 1deadhippie

    soooooooo good

  45. Adam Keenan

    Who knew hipster bluegrass could be so good?

  46. August West

    Tony Rice. Math Flinner. Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley. Bryan Sutton and Tim Obrien. Heck even Infamous Stringdusters when they had Jesse Cobb. You'll forget about these guys

  47. Chance Collins

    played this song for a girl who had never heard them...she was like I like it but he sounds like a beegee....I asked her what she was smokin


    Definitely not a keeper

  48. Karen Vines

    Can you get a prescription for mandolin lessons?

  49. Karen Vines

    This music soothes my migraine mind

  50. Devin S

    Is this all into 1 mic?

  51. BJB Musica

    Are you guys coming to Atlanta? This song should be on a movie sound track.


    Terrific show at Buckhead Theatre 21 Jan 2017.


    Got your ticket, BJB Musica...21 Oct 2017?

  52. Labden

    woo michigan

  53. Jakub Turliński

    hello, I'm passing by and expanding my musical taste horizons. good day to you

  54. Marc Pierce

    How could anyone give this a thumbs down? What is wrong with people???

  55. Dan DeGloria

    to be honest 100k of these views are probably from me

  56. Barb McG.

    Great pickin' !

  57. kent gwyn

    what a venue!

  58. LowAss720

    I dont get how Mumford and Sons is a house hold name and you guys arnt..... yet. You guys are amazing!

  59. Gabriel Astudillo

    Oh, God. Congratulations from Chile.

  60. Xv6vN94

    This is a masterpiece.


    Luckily going to see then again this sat in Asheville ..pitchers and catchers and green I in heaven?


    @moecoolmag you are really lucky man.I hope they will come to Telluride this summer.Maybe I'll see them aswell. Enjoy it

  61. Paulius Eigirdas

    Farmers Music ?

  62. Kozmic Kassie

    What is the meaning of this song? Sorry I always come up with my own in my head but I want to see what other people say!

  63. Wade Wilson

    what's the diference between bluegrass and country?


    Bluegrass is typically composed of string bands like you see here and generally play this kind of music to a lesser degree. Its more about than the instruments than the lyrics. That's why these guys all breaks and jam in their songs. Country is basically flip-flopped and currently only about singing about drinking, trucks, cheating, and sometimes churches., with a few exceptions of course.

  64. Rob

    Very nice. Anyone know who makes those sunglasses? Dig them.

    el colby

    Idk I'll ask my uncle (He is in the band)

    Karl Tschiegg

    ray bans


    Which one? Can I be friends with them?

  65. Ryan McDougall

    It would be awesome to find some sheet music or tablature for mandolin for this song. I've looked around, but haven't found anything yet. I would love to jam to this song.

    Brandt M

    ears, play with the song youll get it. watch phoff

    Terry Beaton

    Intro: Dm - Bb - A7 - Dm, repeat. Verse: Dm - Bb - Dm - Bb - A7 - Dm, (F - Gm - Bb - A7 - Dm, repeat.) and so on. Hope that helps.

  66. Joe Walton

    "what if people down-thumb, good God, we're gonna need to burn them!"

    incredible song!

  67. Betty Birch

    Really!!! 35 dislikes??? What a bunch of clueless people. This is awesome!

    Rank :D

    they listen JB...

    Kevin Horton

    35 dislikes are from Florida-Georgia Line fans

  68. Timathy Fetzpatrick

    Damn good. :-)

  69. All 1 Productions

    Greensky Bluegrass = AWESOME

  70. lescapoter

    No better words to describe the performance : Badass! That actually gave me chills. They are amazing musicians, I love it!

  71. Clayton Thompson

    Where in Telluride was this shot? I'm trying to figure out which part of the mountain this is.

    Brandt M

    top of the GOndola

    Clayton Thompson


  72. Andrew Ekeli

    This performance reaffirmed my belief in human kind.

  73. Will Walker

    best I've heard from Greensky

  74. Blaatand81

    why isen't this one on Spotify?

  75. stew r

    Love it. Killer song.

  76. AmeagleWard

    This was my favorite song of their summer camp set. UGH so good!

  77. MarkOfTheNorth


  78. lunachic

    You're pickin...I'm grinnin!

  79. Bob Saget

    Why aren't you all watching Fuller House on Netflix?

  80. Derman Çelik

    miss gibi şarkı, ohhh mis

  81. Patrick Hlavinka

    Is this bluegrass or some hard metalcore. This song is revolutionary!

    Patrick Hlavinka

    +Cross Roads Productions - RougeSaumurai77 Cause of the chord progression.

    Cross Roads Productions

    OH that is a HUGE REVOLUTION

    Alex Chase

    Patrick Hlavinka bluegrass

    Prof. Luigi

    Bluegrass is to Country what Metal is to Rock.


    @Prof. Luigi love it

  82. stew r

    Awesome as always.

  83. Al S

    Smart move to film this, great sound to go with the backdrop. You go boys!

  84. BJB Musica

    How can any one dissent with that those notes and rhythms work well together.

  85. Tay Rafa

    Eu amei!!! :)

  86. Omg_Wtf

    Who knew Jesus and Ron Swanson were in a bluegrass band together!

    The Fallen

    And the award for best YouTube comment goes to😂

    Billy Te

    Its like Jesus and Ron Swanson had a love child


    Thanos on bass

    Dale Cox

    If Jesus was to play music it would be Bluegrass.

    Delaney Sins

    The one just looks like a youtuber (Pkrussl)

  87. Sue Kozel

    Awesome ! Best back drop ever 😊

  88. Burn Em Down

    Good stuff...keep em coming!

  89. Noneya

    Can't stop watching this!

  90. Omg_Wtf

    My new all time favorite song

  91. Ptyyo Garzinoss

    puissant !!!! i'm feel good !!!!thanks for this sound!!!!!!

  92. Fresh NPG

    Where was this filmed ? Alberta foothills ?


    Telluride, CO

    Fresh NPG

    Thx, Great location. Better tune. 


    If you ever get the opportunity to go to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, do! AMAZING!

  93. Thomas Arnett

    You just made Bluegrass my favorite genre. Good work.

    Michael Lewis

    Thomas Arnett y


    They look like a bunch of hipsters.

    Klistirani Krupije

    @BULLTRONHERO Sunglasses, eh?


    They've had the same look before you even knew what a hipster was ass clown.


    @Stacy Jackson Spoken like a true hipster. You do your people proud.


    @Steve Pultz 1.) Never heard of that, not going to google it. 2.) Fuck yeah they rule; no one said hipsters and/or people who look like hipsters can't be talented musicians. 3.) Dick bird? Really? Do your friends think it's funny when you say that?

    Bridgette Gonzalez

    +Steve Pultz 👍

  95. thehanesproject

    well fucking done gents, you have earned yourselves a subscriber

  96. William Baker

    no....just no



  97. loser beam

    Best stuff I have heard in awhile