Green Day - Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? Lyrics

A thought burst in my head and I need to tell you
It's news that I for thought
Was it just a dream that happened long ago?
I think that I just forgot

Well it hasn't been the first time
And it sure does drive me mad

There's a boy who fogs his world and now he's getting lazy
There's no motivation and frustration makes him crazy
He makes a plan to take a stand but always ends up sitting.
Someone help him up or he's gonna end up quitting

I shuffle through my mind
To see if I can find
The words I left behind
Was it just a dream that happened long ago?
Oh well...
Never mind.

Well it hasn't been the first time
And it sure does drive me mad

There's a boy who fogs his world and now he's getting lazy
There's no motivation and frustration makes him crazy
He makes a plan to take a stand but always ends up sitting.
Someone help him up or he's gonna end up quitting

There's a boy who fogs his world and now he's getting lazy
There's no motivation and frustration makes him crazy
He makes a plan to take a stand but always ends up sitting.
Someone help him up or he's gonna end up quitting

There's a boy who fogs his world and now he's getting lazy
There's no motivation and frustration makes him crazy
He makes a plan to take a stand but always ends up sitting.
Someone help him up or he's gonna end up quitting

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Green Day Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? Comments
  1. Evan Bettcher

    I think I just forgot!!

  2. Timothy Bills

    Another good reason for you to post this is that Apple Music has made it unavailable in the US.

  3. Abi Gough

    Who wrote Holden Caulfield?
    A goddamn phoney

  4. [broken machine]

    It’s that old Green Day song! That killed me. Honest, it did.

  5. Marcelo Ribeiro

    This is the real Green Day.

  6. Ivette Alvarez

    I shuffled through my mind
    to see if I could find
    the world I left behind
    🤔.....was it just a dream
    that happened long ago
    🤔.....oh well NEVER MIND...

  7. CheezyChicken guy

    Kerplunk is awesome

  8. David Robert

    Pop Punk at its best !!!!! killer hook and soaring harmonies played fast and furious ~420

  9. Free Frank2020


  10. Matthew Varney

    Oh well (whatever) nevermind

  11. Random Dude

    My favorite band and my favorite book :D

  12. Samuel Araújo Medeiros

    In my first high school year my literature teacher made us read Catcher in the rye and showed this song to us. I've never actually finished the book, but i'm a freshman at college now and I figured I turned into fucking Holden Caulfield. I think I'll finish that book.


    You should really finish it, it's a great book indeed :)

  13. Holden Caulfield

    They wrote a goddam song about me. It kills a guy, it really does, to have a song written about you and all.

  14. Barriss Offee

    My favourite song💘

  15. Cooper Spence

    Jerome David Salinger.

  16. Anonymous

    I love Billie Joe’s lazy vocals. He sounds so much like a teenager in a garage band.

  17. furkan başer

    benden başka kaç kişiyi daha holden'a benzettin?

  18. Shiomicchi

    When you're a fan of punk rock but you're also into classic literature (as an English lit student I relate)

  19. [broken machine]

    Not until I read The Catcher in the Rye did I know who Holden Caulfield is.

  20. Ken Johnson

    i shuffle through my mind to see if i can find the words i left behind

  21. Elvis Isn't Dead

    A though burst in my head, it really did

  22. yalscufdupmyjordans

    I loved you for the minute
    when you decided to tell me the truth
    I heard you and that night I cried for you
    I know that you're alone just like everyone else in the world
    Don't tell me that things don't get better
    'cause sometimes they do
    Sometimes they do and I know they will for you
    The days are getting shorter
    and you're forgetting the things you just said
    I'm hoping that you'll move ahead
    I wonder if you'll ever come to realize what I always knew
    I wrote Holden Caulfield and so did you
    I wanna know if you wanna wake up
    I wanna know when you'll stop dying
    for what you've done
    stop crying for what you've done
    it's only the past
    it's only life
    what have you done that's so bad
    it's only life so don't waste time
    why don't you stop crying
    for what's done for what is done

  23. I don't know I'm bored

    A great song but, so underrated

  24. david hopkins

    still my all time favorite song

  25. SOuLX

    Those who Disliked this are phony

    Max Amillion

    Good one. Goddam phonies gotta ruin everything

    offscreen 6

    22 people didn't write Holden Caulfield.

  26. insert name here Please

    The problem with the first 2 records is that the songs are great, but the recordings are not great quality. I understand it's cause of money but I wish they would re-record these.

    Drift king Dan

    insert name here Please I like the fact that the quality isn't great, I think it gives a nice sound

  27. iysaw

    Jared Dines wrote it.

    LOWA 515

    Wtf what

  28. Deacon vlogs

    I love green day and the catcher in the rye. So this is a double like.

  29. Enes Gusinac

    This song will kick your ass if you try to play it on drums haha

  30. shluhagon

    топовая песня

  31. Iodine Cerium

    Who wrote Holden Caulifield? J.D Salinger
    Tfw that i am reading The Catcher in The Rye now and this song is so awesome

  32. Malina Cantemir

    My English teacher played this in class! Still one of the highlights of the class in general. I was so hyped and crazy when I heard it. I really was.


    Malina Cantemir my teacher only put shitty music. Thats sad.


    I like the "I really was", a definite nod to Holden Caulfield's way of talking


    oh, well my teacher played Bohemian Rhapsody once.

    Johnathan McLaren

    That just made me depressed. It always makes you depressed or something when you find out somebody else gets to listen to that record you bought but broke, for Chrissakes.

    Andrei Hrin

    @Malina Cantemir Dude, I live in Romania too! My teachers don't play Green Day tho, they mostly put me absent while I'm in class. I guess you were just lucky

  33. Brandon Soza

    Uma das melhores músicas deles!!! e poucas pessoas conhecem..aff

    Tiago Silva

    Brandon T.Soza kerplunk é o melhor.

  34. L Lawliet

    Sounds like Billie Joe is just a vocal and someone else is playing guitar.


    Or he recorded the 2 on different occasions?

  35. sharokina isho

    I wish there was a Vocals Only for this song.

  36. Eddylunchmeat

    F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote Holden Caulfield old sport.

  37. Dead Siocled

    catchiest shit i've ever heard, hands down

  38. Logan Smith

    The guys that write this song are morons. I would say more about this but I'm not in the mood, you have to be in the mood for those kind of things. The way they sing this song it kills me.

    Kobe Fisher

    Logan Smith No offense but you're retarded. This song is lyrical greatness and the way they sing it is just fine you twink.

    Red Contradiction

    fuck off in hell


    all of these people not realising the reference... R/WOOOOSH

    Soňa Juhásziová

    Holden would say phonies not morons

    Johnathan McLaren

    Soňa Juhásziová not necessarily. He calls Stradlater a moron quite a few times. I find it rather funny all the people who don't get this, especially the guy that commented on the lyrical genius without knowing the meaning apparently. That really kills me. What a prince, I mean it too.

  39. Guilherme Caneschi

    J.D. Salinger

  40. theepicr rotmg

    best green day song ever, hands down

    The Infinity Pizza

    orbitable Welcome To Paradise is the best in the album, Homecoming is the best.

    Jeroen Penninck

    good, better, best -It's al subjective.

    Uncle UBik

    for me its basket case, but i have big love for this song too

    Matthew Varney

    No one knows.

  41. Half Unconscious

    Isn't Holden Caulfield a character in "Catcher and The Rye"?


    I didn't expect to see you here hehe

    Paul's Broken A Glass

    The book that supposedly drove David Mark Chapman to kill a rock god, one named John Lennon.

    Alexandra's World

    Yup, Basket Case is also inspired by Catcher in the Rye

  42. Tr_st_n 1994

    Mike: Hey, does anybody know Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
    Tre: No One Knows.

    Richard Hatsune

    hehehehehehe i get it

    Alex Moxley

    Chrysalis jeff matika, thats sure okno

    Chicken Nugget

    I see what you did there

  43. Samantha

    Is it me or does he have a slight little lisp when he says "a thought burst in my head...", it sounds so adorable lol


    It's more like mispronouncing a consonant. "a thhtghought burst in my head".

    Kobe Fisher

    AANickFan omg that is perfect

  44. Billybob puntman

    how do you go from this and all of kerplunk and 39 smooth to 21 guns and good riddance???

    NHL 17

    Green day wanted to be more popular because in the kerplunk era they were not but that's when they produced the best music EVER

    Titanic Gaming

    They weren't "huge" but they were definitely rising during this era. Dookie is when they really skyrocketed, though.


    He wrote Good Riddance in 1990, but he didn't share what he wrote until Nimrod was being made. The only thing that was added on the record was the violin part.

    Johnathan McLaren

    Wait so that album can be called 39 smooth? I thought it was that but then I though people only called it 1039 or smoothed out slappybacks.

  45. NHL 17

    It sickens me how underrated this song is.
    One of their absolute best.

    Chicken Nugget

    NHL 17 my personal favorite


    Agreed. The songs with the catchy harmonies and chorus's seem to be my favorite for some reason...I also really like 80 from this album as well as others. The "poppier" bass line combined with the slightly heavier guitar with palm muting just works imo. I also sorta dig the older "thinner yet still high gain" guitar sound, but i do love the later sound too.

    Johnny Gleason

    Bee Tay well said brother, well said.

    Josh Wargo

    Both albums released before "Dookie" are both absolute gems of masterpiece and anyone who disagrees is a hater and should re-evaluate their entire existence!!!🤨

    Matthew Beven

    Yes, and perhaps it's not too much of a bother to get a couple more people who remember to keep posted up on this one!!?!??

  46. kitty luver73

    At first I liked "Catcher In The Rye" but now I realized how depressing and crappy that book is..

    Bee Tay

    +kitty luver73 its not for adults, its for kids, stuck between adolescents and adulthood. It won't impact an adult in the same way. And I believe it needs to be read right at the awkward age before adulthood hits for it to have any meaningful impact.It's about not wanting to let go of the innocence of childhood, and needs to be read by those in that stage of their life.

    blork blob

    +Bee Tay I believe that the book could really be for any age, not just teenagers. An adult could most certainly understand and appreciate that interpretation of the book. You don't have to be in the situation it is presenting to appreciate it. Also, it definetely, at least in my eyes, has other meaning. One that I think is significant is if you look at the United States and the time period it is set in, right after WWll. After WWll the US became a world superpower and in a sense "matured" into some kind of adulthood. This is exemplified through Holden who could reflect not just teenage angst and denial of adulthood, but the overall transition of America into a superpower of the world.


    +Bee Tay It was actually originally intended to be for adults, though.


    I love cats too. Well . . . I don't love love them, like not in a gross way but you know what I mean. I really like them a lot. I have a cat actually.


    I read it for the first time at 25. Could totally see my 17 year old self portrayed on the book. It's kind of a shame that I didn't discover the book back then, but for some reason, when I think of The Catcher in the Rye, I think of that time in my life. So, it actually made an impact on me because I don't forget that I were a teenager once..

  47. SkillerFiftyOne


    Tyler Pat Bateman Durden

    @SkillerFiftyOne oh well nevermiiiiiiiiiind

    Betsy Stephens

    SO GOOD!!

    Admired Above

    It's "That's when I said there's a boy who FOGS his world and now he's getting lazy. There's no motivation and fustration makes him crazy. He makes to take a stand but always ends up QUITTING." :)

    Charlie Dickson

    yeah its about smoking pot and drugs in general.

    Kerr X

    As soon as I saw this comment those lyrics come on

  48. James Smith

    I think I wrote the song? I can't remember so I came here


    +James Smith no you didn't you're just lazy.  good try though!

  49. chilly rooster


  50. Joana Monteiro

    I'm here because I'm reading The Catcher in the Rye and I was curious but I kind of like this song now.

    Park ChimMin

    Joana Monteiro Same! I’m reading it for my sophomore class!

  51. Jason Krok

    Actually Screeching Weasel wrote it

    Xuan Tian Shang Ti

    @G Gerrit I think that was the joke. I think that his comment was in response to the title of the song. They were asking who wrote Holden Caulfield and responded that Screeching Weasel wrote "I Wrote Holden Caulfield"

    noah fehks

    @G Gerrit i think Screeching Weasel and Green Day had a bet on who could record a record the cheapest. i think Green Day won by like $100 bucks. Kerplunk vs My brain Hurts


    +noah fehks Yeah, except My Brain Hurts is a MUCH better album...

    noah fehks

    My Brain Hurts is a great record,... my favorite song is Guest List


    +Con Man r/woooosh

  52. Jason Krok

    J. D. Salinger wrote Holden Caulfield


    +Jason Krok he wrote "catcher in the rye"

    Jeroen Penninck

    If he wrote the book, he probably also wrote the characters in it.


  53. Stratocaster Blitz

    although 1039/smoothed and Insomniac are my favorites of green day, Kerplunk, Nimrod and American Idiot have to be their best albums expressing all of the stages/genres the band has toyed with

    Eddie G


  54. Dave Fawcett

    This is the best song on kerplunk!

    Ace Colton

    I disagree man! I like myself some 80


    Christie road m8

    Random Dude

    Billie Joe agrees with you 😄

  55. Hey little girl

    only one word: PERFECT

  56. Mattia Cassinelli

    great lyrics for a great song!

  57. Mandy Hager

    But Nimrod is one of my favorites. (:

  58. Mandy Hager

    I'm a Nimrod baby. /:

  59. Rony Leon

    Beautiful years...

  60. v4l4ntin4

    ...You were born in 2000?!

  61. Matías Carrasco Belmar

    me too, 1996

  62. KABOOM

    try 1998 :(

  63. GG JR

    I am a warning baby

    GG JR

    no bullshit????

    GG JR

    this guy is a fucking dumbass "Like" if you think his throat should be slit

  64. peterryanson

    didn't even like catcher in the rye and this song is awesome

  65. Mindy Grissom

    '99, *sigh*.

  66. xvissualmadnessx

    '97! I'm a Nimrod baby!

  67. Eva K

    This song killed me.

  68. KABOOM

    as do i

  69. Claire C.

    i totally agree!!!! damn it 1998!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. charlie172011

    used to?

  71. mattlamb

    This is my favourite song from Kerplunk, by the way.

  72. dojima

    Catcher in the Rye is an awesome book. And the song is just as.

  73. ginad17

    you sir, are wrong

  74. jack haw

    wow they used to be a good band

  75. Tomber666

    Wow,Green Day makes Holden Caulfield awesome.

  76. MegaCrashXD

    Read that book. It sucks.

  77. Kim Cazad

    This song never gets old.

  78. Anaís Prieto

    Oh, I love this song :D

  79. Mitchell Lewis

    This is true...

  80. black13494

    I wanted to give this song it's first thumbs down.... but I cant do it, I like it too much.

  81. conquerer117

    maybe to late for early green day... but the punk scene is still alive and well at 924 gilman where they got their start. I go down there every saturday...

    nenume 00

    conquerer117 is it still like that?

  82. Levin Patzina

    at this time green day didn´t record with a metronome :D

  83. 9intheaftern00n100

    I was born way too late as well...

    damn 1998...

  84. Mango FishSocks

    I was born too late... WAY too late...
    1995 FML!

  85. N617A

    its not every day you see 144 likes and 0 dislikes...

  86. MegaCrashXD

    lol I read that book and is awful and boring!

    Johnathan McLaren

    MegaCrashXD what a goddam prince. I mean it too.

  87. ColdGamersProdutions

    god i feel old

  88. mcrgerardway923

    @TheRockRockish not to me. I think it's just more professional. They're growing up, Billie will be 40 this Friday. They're moving on to things they're interested in and with age comes change. But I do think they should record the lost album and set that out there for their listeners too. So far they've only performed one song.

  89. David Castillo

    green day should have followed this musical direction. their old music was excellent, but they're new music is too mainstream and what the record labels wanted

    johnathan clark

    TheRockRockish You're Holden Claufield

    andrew purcell

    Then they most likely wouldn't of been as successful as they are now.

  90. jdirdICBombers

    this is the only video I've seen on youtube without a single dislike

  91. Geekstinkbreath123

    R.I.P. Lookout! studios :'(

  92. J Man

    Happy B-day kerplunk!

  93. Sebastian Torres

    Favourite Kerplunk Song

  94. megarhino100

    i know, its awesome as fuck, innit. *wink* *wink*

  95. ScratchSound90

    "This is my favourite Song from Kerplunk, by the way."

  96. paramore261

    @JelloCellos yeppers :P At least it's his favorite off of Kerplunk

  97. Emicag Jimmy


  98. D. Scott Whitaker

    95 likes and not a single dislike....with well over 17 thousand views! Tell me Greenday dont have some awesome fans from every corner of the world. Probably shouldn't have posted this because some jack off will dislike it now....oh well.