Green Day - Burnout (Live) Lyrics

I declare I don't care no more
I'm burning up and out and growing bored
In my smoked-out boring room

My hair is shagging in my eyes
Dragging my feet to hit the street tonight
To walk along these shit town lights

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead

Apathy has rained on me
Now I'm feeling like a soggy dream
So close to drowning but I don't mind

I've lived inside this mental cave
Throw my emotions in the grave
Hell, who needs them anyway?

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead, dead

Let's go crazy

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead, dead

Let's go crazy

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Green Day Burnout (Live) Comments
  1. F.P. Gaming

    What r u saying
    All Green Day is high quality

  2. Ryan Arlert

    23 1 20

  3. Julio Tironi

    1:22 The drums sound delicious

    Julio Tironi

    As much as this sounds weird HAHAHA

  4. TypicalBear254

    If I had a dollar every time Billie twitched, I’d be a rich man.

  5. romi

    Dame las drogas lisa


    Trè is in ecstasy, Mike is pumped up and Billie is just high....high as fucc

  7. Eternal Rainbowz

    Who’s watching this in 2019 when we have 1080p?

  8. Boban Milisavljevic

    The 90s were fuckin nuts ❤

  9. Anthony Curry

    Dude these niggas are tweaking😂

  10. Yoda

    man was on speed stg

  11. A_ sp00n

    b u r n t o u t

  12. LeeRoy

    Why does seeing Billie twitch make this song so much better

  13. Nick Nix

    When he shushed the crowd I knew he was on drugs

  14. weezy F'baby

    Alot of meth. 10/10 live show lol

  15. Mr.Machees

    They sound like they are at the studio

  16. Harry Dinglbury

    They’ve come a long way

  17. Spongebob Matrix

    0:05 burnt out really?

  18. William Pleasant

    2:09 Bravia and butt-head

  19. Otakugirl 756

    Idk if the quality or them are high haha

    great performance tho

  20. weezy F'baby

    1:00 - 1:12 lmfaoooooo

  21. JamisonMac013

    Billie looks like he has Tourette’s

  22. MGTOW Academy

    Happy 25th Birthday Dookie!

  23. Bacon Gaming



    You meah high Billie

  24. Миша Николаев

    Thnx drugs to give us this awesome performance

  25. dragz202

    Zero-FollowThePinkRabbit to the EndOH

  26. No names

    Cocaine a hell of a drug

  27. DeanMk1

    Slow the speed down to .75. There's a very cool groove going on here.

  28. John Charles

    Burnt Out lol

  29. Martin

    1:05 DAMN SON

  30. Gazton

    Dont pretend that u dont jerk off

  31. P S

    I bet that place smell like sweat and armpit

  32. Franco from Papa's Taco Mia

    1:25 *M A L F U N C T I O N*

  33. ieo

    240p = high quality?


    Videos with bad video quality have bad audio quality on youtube automatically


    @ieo pal, video was recorded in 1994, ofc this video has bad quality


    Why is he writting it in the title then?

  34. AverageRockPlayer

    who doesn't jerk off?

  35. Darth Anal

    Bruhh Billie is tweaking mad hard hahaa

  36. Paweł Kupiec

    1:06 look at billie eyes

  37. Kyle Morton

    That interview at the end was the epitome of punk 90s kids.

    Boban Milisavljevic

    This is what my hero's looked like when I was little 🤑

  38. jazza2009uk

    fucking love the old billie he is so funny all the twitching, psychotic looks and other stuff he does is brilliant

  39. random person

    Billie is so high and twiching so much its like he has tourets

  40. Johny Drumming

    Tre Cool lost it at the solo for a moment...

  41. LoekTheKing

    Haha, you can tell the video and audio are a bit out of sync.
    Wonder how I noticed that? Because in the video, Billie's twitching are later than usual, while in other videos, he actually twitches rightly on the beat. XD

  42. Albi 99

    I'm not growing up, I'm Just burning out!!!!

  43. Rafael Romero Pavon

    that has: "cocaine" written all all over

  44. ThePorkFate

    "Burnt out"...oof

  45. walterderpartisaner

    Billie is higher than the quality.

  46. David Quinones

    Who would dislike this

  47. Revival333

    This definitely is “high” quality.

  48. KrustBuket

    Billies sharp head movements creep me out

  49. Nielsen Kasser

    the drums

  50. Andrea Stephenson

    He's like a chicken with those twitches

  51. Hamppa

    It sounded like Tré messed up one part of his solo.

  52. naiLhead

    His eyes at/after 1:05

  53. Dbrown Plays

    when mike used to dress like a janitor

  54. Горел

    Can someone tell me the 3 tones he plays at the end, before the F# And E

  55. Zach Matthews

    Kids, this is what drugs do to you.

  56. Luji

    Billie is so much higher than the quality

  57. Esprit Dior Mendoza

    early gd is the best

  58. Rockkley

    Cmon, we all do it. I hate it too.

  59. Jacob De Los Santos

    this song is perfect for our generation 😃😃😃😄

  60. Camilo Delgado

    one thing is Punk (they're not punk at all) another thing is Punk Rock (this song is punk rock and so are "1039 smoothed out slappy hours, kerplunk, dookie...) and another thing is pop punk (Warning, American Idiot, 21st breakdown century, uno, dos, tre, revolution radio)

  61. Camilo Delgado

    what pixel is billie?

  62. MartiVlogs - Video Reacciones y Más

    Si esto es HQ entonces yo soy Bob Esponja

  63. Blitz K

    Damn that drumming and I'm not even a drummer I'm a guitarist.

  64. 3nu!

    They look high af, how can they even perform like that? Billie`s twitching is giving me shivers.


    Well, they were on methamphetamine, so it made them concentrate better...
    But it amazed me that they don't seem to have any long-term destructiveness of meth right now. They've been clean for a long time, but still...
    But Billie's teeth did look bad back then, like he describes in their song Geek Stink Breath...

    miguelhellcraft noobices e gameplays

    LoekTheKing that's a lie.. They didn't do methamphetamines, they did amphetamines, or if you prefer to call them by its street name, speed.


    Well, just listen to their song _Geek Stink Breath: "I'm blowing off steam with methamphetamine"_
    In an interview that's been posted under the name of "Green Day fully stoned interview", or something like that, Billie said the song is indeed about _speed._ They referred to meth by calling it speed.
    And in their song _Ashley,_ Billie sings: _"We used to call it speed but now it's crystal meth"_

    Lucas Riley

    yeah he's tweaking

    Or Barry

    who cares after all?

  65. Collin

    the head twitches bring me concern for mike

  66. ERL Club

    The caption at the beginning says "burnt out" and it's bothering me

  67. Julian Potter Music

    Why the fuck does it say burnt out on the video

  68. Hilary Yanuaria

    Really sounds like the studio version...

  69. Benson Tauro

    This song has one of the best drum solos ever!



  71. kugmyster

    Burnt Out** just sayin

  72. Tyler Vancho

    He can't be that high, he was def on speed but weed doesn't make you crazy like that


    Tyler Vancho meth. It's super . And yea you do " get high" off it.

    Tyler Vancho

    fuckyshityfuckshit yeah but I feel like a lot of people are saying he's "high" from weed

  73. Nick Merriman

    They are high af but this is a good performance

    weezy F'baby

    HELLA FRIED. billys facial expressions were maybe ths greatest ive ever seen lol

  74. Elena Gutierrez

    don't pretend like you don't jerk off

  75. BlazeyFire 404

    Whoa, Billie seems like hes going 60fps!

    C.K. Gould


    Big Chungas

    No 144 fps dude damn billy nearly broke my headphones


    @Big Chungas Your headphones are probably shit lmao

  76. MrMotherfuck123

    He looks like a Karakul sheep

  77. bam

    all three of them look high out of their mind..

  78. jackson Bishop

    Dang, Billie's teeth are messed up....

    Elena Gutierrez

    he doesn't give a damn therefore he is punk

  79. Will Hempell


    Basket Case 420

    I don't know about that. But Dookie is certainly the best Green Day album.

  80. Cherish G

    They wanted to be the ramones so bad


    I don't even see any resemblance to the Ramones.....

    Arrogant Buzztard

    Just to make longer this shitpost, this is what Ramones would be if they were created in the 90's, dot.


    The were most similar to the Buzzcocks in the 90s, since 2000 more like the Clash.

    LBboarding b

    Trey, trey is higher

    gemini wiccan

    Who are the ramomes?

  81. schube98

    Billie's twitching is unreal

    Video Dumpster Fire

    Speed is one hell of a drug

  82. RobotBerries

    Billy looks like he's going insane

    Hank Hill

    You bet your ass he was insane during this.


    as the title of the video says "HIGH QUALITY" hehehehe

    matt o

    haha tweaking hard

    Jack Houck

    RezHD high af

    Basket Case 420

    Me too.

  83. CreeperSkullDZ

    240p is the new high quality

    But billie is still higher than the quality

    Alex Pogyo

    You win.

    Flying V

    CreeperSkullDZ 1080p

    JCM Frosty

    CreeperSkullDZ gotta give that to ya!! XDDD

    wabi sabi

    Billie is at 420

    Nick Thomas

    They meant sound quality

  84. Titanic Gaming

    Sometimes when I poop, I use the shaping attachment from my old Play Doh fun set. I place it on my anus, and make poops in different shapes. There's nothing strange about that at all. I'm an American, living in America, and if I want to have poops shaped like stars, I have every right to. The founding fathers would have wanted it that way.

    Shugoki Main

    Titanic Gaming What the actual fuck?!😂

    Six String Moments

    Titanic Gaming you're high when you typed that out, weren't you?

    Junk Email

    you don't have to say it out loud

    Du Riechst So Gut

    Six String Moments no like it’s an actual thing look it up. It’s for little kids too 😂💀

  85. sunshine.lemonade

    Stoned as fuck D: , I love them so much but his face here scares me a lil bit -_-

  86. SaberSongs

    I made a cover of this song, please check it out on my channel!

  87. Green Lantern

    I would like to punch the guy who spelled it "Burnt Out"

    Austin Colvis

    I noticed that too.

    No names



    It’s not as bad as another tv performance where “Chump” was spelt “Jump”. I forgot which performance it was.

    Bailey Levanen

    @NovacaineRebelXx wtf ok

  88. Baylee Paige

    Billie Joe Armstrong. Like if you agree

  89. A A

    Green day at their very very best. I bought this bootleg on cd back in 95.

  90. Cameron Galante

    he ain't burnin' out here

  91. Rave LTG

    0:04 burnt out lol


    There's nothing wtf

    Scott Martin

    It's "Burnout" on the cd

  92. André Pansera

    So glad he got out of drugs, this Billie Joe is fucking creepy

    Smelly Dank

    this is the best billie joe, green day in the 90s at its fucking prime, weed meth and punk rock not that poppy new shit

  93. fahlén.

    A lot of twitching there, Billie


    Grunkan I'm guessing there was cocaine involved


    It’s not the meth you’re thinking of, cocaine was called meth back then. But yes Billie was on mad cocaine during this concert.

  94. Seoul_Seeker

    High Quality and 240p don't go together.

  95. notyourmatebro

    And that was the last concert people have seen Mike wear sleeves

    This Account Is Dead

    notyourmatebro Woodstock '94 he wore a t-shirt

    Elías MG

    notyourmatebro I haven't realised that until now

    Flying V

    notyourmatebro at Bizarre Fest 2001 he wore that same shirt, but took it off towards the end