Green, Anthony - Every Way Lyrics

I'll find a different way to say
You're gonna have to change everything you've made
You're gonna have to reword every metaphor you'd use
So that people who are hearing aren't confused

If that's the most important thing you do
Detail every ounce of pain that you went through
Make sure you leave something down to show the way back
Make sure you leave something down to show the way back

'Cause every way you wonder if you're wrong
Every way you wonder if you're wrong
Inaccurate and imprecise
There is no gift without a price

I'm so mistaken, lost my direction
My souls been shaken

I would find a different way to go
There's no signs in life to guide you on that road
And if it's the most important thing you'll sing
You've better make sure
Make they understand

Every way you wonder if you're wrong, oh-oh
Every way you wonder if you're wrong
Inaccurate and imprecise
There is no gift without a price

I'm so mistaken
Lost my direction
My soul, my soul

'Cause every way you wonder if you're wrong
Every way you wonder if you're wrong
Every way you wonder
Every way you wonder if you're wrong
Of course you always are

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Green, Anthony Every Way Comments
  1. shawn sellers

    That dude doesn’t even know he’s sitting next to a legend on the streets

  2. Jacob Reed

    You can really see how hard he tried to be a terrible person and do drugs like Cobain because hes a little boy in a big mans body. Had too much ego and this sucks

  3. Oprah Of Beats

    He lookin like johnny depp in charlie in da chocolate factory, they actually filmed this on the side of the factory😂

  4. ivan boquiron

    i just wanna cry when i hear this

  5. Terrence

    Well look at this relic.

    Rowdy Rob Gaming

    Terrence I remember being here when it was first posted.

  6. Kristen B

    YES! Saw his acoustic tour a few years back, he's amazing.

  7. Ross Bucklin

    I swear 1000 of this videos views are mine

  8. Algo Con J

    Is simple i just love it.

  9. Ace

    The guy on the right was so fucking high, i still remember him


    He was there on his own if i remember rightly. Literally didn't hear a peep out of him whatsoever

  10. icanseemychin

    back when he was all fucked up on Herion

  11. Sprint2911gt3rsr

    anthony on drugs bruh

  12. JP Gurley

    i love this video

  13. Val Rena

    hahaha fuck i need a boyfriend that can play anthony green.

  14. 又enjoi

    Anthony Cobain


    You got it

  15. mileslopez4

    the guy on the right looks like hes so fucked up he's gonna puke any second lol

  16. ASDF23

    Why that guitar looks small

    The Holy Sword Excalibur


  17. Daegan Ducret

    can anyone make out the chords?

  18. Shelly Flores

    This acoustic gets me every time! 💚

  19. Patrick b

    I have a friend from England who said it's very, very difficult to come across Mary J. I bet they're just so high they don't know what to think!

    Patrick b

    I dont know, buddy. Notice I said that my friend told me.


    @Patrick b it's surprising to find someone who doesn't do it here man. i think your friend is a bit sheltered maybe?

    chuck Core

    I bet I know what I can find there, hot blonde girls with stinky feet! Good weed and thick blondes with some funk on them. Oh that's a dream come true

    chuck Core

    I heard English girls have very stinky feet. And that's exactly what I'm looking for


    Weed is pretty easy to find.

  20. findanewgoddd


  21. Brisa Frame

    this makes me cry every time

  22. James D

    can someone tell me the chords he is using ?

  23. findanewgoddd

    and probably all other directions.

  24. findanewgoddd

    the guy to the right of him is MINDBLOWN. hard.

  25. Jessica Diaz

    The guy to the right looks like he's having an emotional connection to this song and he's trying to hold it back, haha, the guy to the left is hanging out and enjoying Anthony

  26. kneeyuckahh

    hell yea

  27. ParaFernandez

    i'd just sing along... then wheep

  28. Jack Tietjen

    ikno its so scrumpdidi-umptious

  29. Bob Wila

    they are high as fuck! :) Go Anthony! blow their minds!

  30. Naufal Tan


  31. Donut153

    He is flicking all of us off x)

  32. Bulletsmichael

    I love how he doesnt take himself too seriously. Yet he also doesnt convey self doubt.

  33. dawgyv72

    I love how he isn't an "amazing" singer. He's just good enough and expresses himself perfectly through his music.

  34. Official_Kylo


  35. REX05011

    i love how he's playing a mini acoustic that shows just how boss he is

  36. Chad Yoder

    *Exact same make and model. Hahah

  37. Chad Yoder

    I did a cover of this with the exact same guitar as he's playing. Even got the tabs for it by watching this vid. It turned out good even though I had to sing quiter due to the living situatuon, but I've got nothing on this guy. Anthony Green is the man.

  38. John Manis

    A tiny one.

  39. Rissey Rose


  40. Chad Yoder

    Martin LX1.

  41. akriswanto

    nice sound..

  42. MikeKl3in

    what kind of guitar is that?

  43. Christine O'Shaughnessy

    Anyone know the chords for this version?

  44. WeGCgs

    this man is freaking incredible.

    Tried to cover this version best i could! please check it out on my channel!! /xianbeau

  45. Veronica Estrada

    I love anthonys lyrics. He knows exactly wtf he's saying.

  46. rickp46

    Tôi nên quên bạn.Tôi không bao giờ nên cung cấp cho trái tim của tôi cho một người phụ nữ thậm chí không thể hứa với cô sẽ không có quan hệ tình dục với một người đàn ông khác.Tôi muốn bạn thực sự yêu tôi.

  47. Boy's Life

    Finally someone whose not an idiot! If he was forcing it, he would've lost his voice ages ago.


    look at that neck!

  49. Teal C

    well im stoned too.

  50. dmanansala

    i love anthony to death but i'm sure fucking glad he doesn't have this "no country for old men" haircut anymore.

  51. Edward Selph

    i would sit down, and just listen all day.

  52. Moisesk8

    i love this song!!

  53. Liqourandlovelost

    Im obsessed with this song. Sounds so good.

  54. TheTofer123

    he looks like curt cobian in this video haha

  55. CuzYouSoNinja

    Honestly if I just happened to walk past him doing this, I'd faint...

  56. MrDrozo

    ill tell ya what, if i walked by him playing this on the sidewalk... sigh' i'd lose my fucking mind. ive been a fan of his since the beginning and ill feel like his albums found me when i needed him the most and have never left. anthony if you ever read this, your music is amazing, your amazing and have made an impact on so many pple:) we all love ya man

  57. shinslighter

    If I saw Anthony playing on the street as I passed by, my whole year would be made.

  58. kunkle493

    1:00 "fuck you too anthony green! ;)

  59. Seaton R

    I got a little weaner :)

  60. Cody Furin

    @squawlover I don't know what you're talking about man, he's pretty great. In tune the whole time.

  61. Cody Furin

    high as fuck lawlz.

  62. GtrRival

    they look like they are in San Francisco's Haight St and Ashbury St

  63. anthony nieri

    if you notice hes flipping off the 6 people that disliked this song

  64. Christian Marston

    @squawlover where do you get off?

  65. Evan Oliver

    That's nice.

  66. thetakeover10

    @squawlover you're ignorant.

  67. Evan Oliver

    He's still learning to play guitar, his wrist isn't that fluid. He really isn't that good of a singer

    yung craze

    Evan Oliver ur crazy

  68. NipahNipah Nipah

    anthony, sweet heart, you can't do the potty dance if you're sitting down. :(

  69. joejoefaqt

    I didn't know willy wonka could sing so well <3

  70. Misty Richey

    that kid to the right looks extremely uncomfortable being on cam. haha

  71. Christopher Cervantes

    What are the notes? >< i have wanted to play this song for like ever!!

  72. sith113

    Is the strum pattern D U U U? I'm just a beginner and I want to learn this song!

  73. Jacob Vela

    the five who dislike clearly don't know good music!

  74. Parson Wilkerson

    I want that 000

  75. 0Kaboose

    Mr. Willy Wonka! You aren't wearing your hat!!

  76. mattwolf233

    He actually opens his mouth in this! Gj anthony XD

  77. Zach Shema

    @dreidrei101 Look at the guy on the right, theyre definitely stoned LOLOL

  78. moeforever7

    Looks like Jose Feliciano with those shades on. Bad ass.

  79. 0Kaboose

    Mr. WIlly Wonka!?!

  80. Chelsea LaClair

    One of them looks like they are going to break down in tears, that's pretty intense.

  81. Xanax the plug

    this was posted on my birthday

  82. Chris Shatz

    holy shit, there all stoned as fuck

  83. circasurvive04

    i feeeeel you anthony! your music is a life saver i love you!

  84. brutalxlovexo

    Well said (:

  85. Fluffy65

    His neck is like that because of the constant muscle flexing he does to manipulate his voice to hit all of those notes. Unlike some singers, Anthony uses every muscle in his body while singing, and often looks like he's about to pop a blood vessel, but that's one of the things that make him so unique and likeable as an artist; he clearly puts his heart and soul into his performances.

  86. Austin Hanna

    @MrJamesBejarano clearly a martin.

  87. James Bejarano

    what type of guitar is he using ?

  88. coolguy35

    the dude on the right must have a deficiency of GREEN in his diet... YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

  89. Nick Ljafoisjdfa

    guy on right is tripping balls

  90. SaviorSelf92

    4 dislikes? omg this song is amazing and as im writing this im starting to tear up cause i feel this song SO MUCH! ITS AMAZING! IT SPEAKS TO ME!

  91. mike allen

    The guy on the right looks like he would hold one in his mouth till the swelling went down.

  92. addictioner

    theres a reason hes wearing sunglasses, his eyes are prolly pretty red LOL

  93. laxma5t3r

    Anthony Green trips on some hard shit, the kid on the right is probably exploring a different planet!

  94. getthyphy


  95. getthyphy

    @TonyJMify lol i see no capo

  96. Tony J. Maltese

    @uRaDog yep, in ultimate guitar web, u search ''Circa Survive'' ''Every way'' version 2. Thats all, but only u need a capo dude.

  97. John Stepp

    maybe he's distracted by those gigantic veins popping out of Anthony's neck?