Green, Anthony - A Little Death Lyrics

Midnight's arise
As the pink heron flies
There's a curtain of smoke playing tricks on my eyes
Like hair underwater moves patient and slow
Bite down on my upper lip
Letting me know

You're at ease
But I swore
I heard you beg for death

Hands like a leash try to make me come quick
I already came once trying to keep up with it
You fold right in front of me
Evil and slow
Bite down on my knuckle just letting me know

You want more
But I'm scared
I don't want to push you too far
Over the edge
Of the night
We shiver

I heard you beg for death

Midnight's arise as the early bird dies
There's a pink cloud of smoke
Playing tricks on my eyes
Like hair that's on fire
Moves patient and slow
Bite down on my shoulder just letting me know

You're at ease
But I swore
You were shaking free and wild
Under the weight
Of the night
You slither

And when it's through
You'll be gone
Oh, I need you more than anything
And in the wake
Of the night
We shiver

I heard you beg for death
I heard you beg for death

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Green, Anthony A Little Death Comments
  1. Jacob Ball

    “I heard you beg for death...”

  2. Brenda Garza


  3. Sheebuh Enu

    I don't get what I feel in other songs. This song is beautiful and all his others as well. Love the vocals.

  4. I'm You, You're me

    the 'Little Death' is what spawned the word Orgasm.

  5. david entendu

    didn't know anthony could make a waltzes this good!

  6. Ty Irwin

    His songs just keep maturing.. So deep and emotional.. He makes you feel it like you were part of the story!

  7. Leonard Hernandez

    Best song on the album

  8. Makayla Kent

    "I heard you beg for death..." This song is so beautiful.

  9. erica0shmerica

    Also this has to be the most lovely, eloquent song about sex ever written


    Why must we wait is better LOL it literally comes on right before this on the album

    Matthew D

    Nova beat me to it. I was about to say that's the only song that compares. No wonder they're by the same artist

  10. erica0shmerica

    This might be my favorite song from this album. Those harmonies are hauntingly beautiful ❤

  11. Brad

    Another stand out. I like how this album comes together towards the end with melodies that sound everlasting.

  12. Nickibeebs


  13. GavinLPMband

    I love it

  14. GavinLPMband

    Is it just me or is this song really sexual?


    GavinLPMBand a little death is translated from le petite mort, a french term for an orgasm.


    I know but the song lyrics are just hella sexual i guess that just comes with the territory

    Platinum Storm

    Anthony is a god damn genius

    Matthew D

    The song is about sex

  15. Raquel D

    real love

  16. Mark Salvesen

    Anthony Green does it yet again. I just adore everything he does. Such a talent.

  17. Michael Benbow

    Fucking love it!!!! So amazing how he continues to write my life without knowing! Lol

  18. Holly Roberts

    I love you, Anthony.

    Mack server

    Holly Roberts love you too