Green, Al - One Of These Good Old Days Lyrics

Open your eyes,
So you can see,
Little girl,
That you hurt me,

Talkin' foolishly,
About lies,
Never really knowin' the reason why.

I must have been dazed,
Cause' I don't know,
But that's the price,
You have to pay.

See, what I feel is real,
Won't me to stay, I wili,
Ya been lovin' me,
For years, baby.

Yeah, aw,
Talkin' bout lovin' you,

Hey, One of these good ole days
Talkin' bout lovin' you

Time and time again,
I wonted you to be my friend (My friend)
Gonna love you, till the end,
Baby! (Baby)

Here somethin' else, little girl,
Deep down inside, (Down inside)
You know you caught me by surprise (Yeah, ay)
Now I finally opened my eyes, baby.
Hey, I must have been dazed,
Cause' I don't know,
But that's the price,
You have to pay.

Yeah, listen here!
Hey, talking bout lovin you,
You haven't seen anything, girl! (Yeah, baby!)
One of these good ole days,
One of these good ole days!
After I get myself together, baby!
Talkin' bout lovin you!
When you think about it
Let me think about it
One of these good ole days,
One of these good ole days!
You won't have to do anythang,
But call your name

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Green, Al One Of These Good Old Days Comments
  1. Mervyn Codrington

    This album is remarkable,in that the production is top notch,you can buy this album today,and feel it was produced.this year,you cant get this kind of longevity often,a truly masterpiece of an album,that was created in the early 70'S,i was 15 or 16,and i still,we should expose our children and grandkids to this music ,look how these.artistes were dressed ,men and women,and they handled.themselves with dignity,the good old days for black musicians and singers.

  2. Ronald Coleman

    I wanted you too be my friend ....yea 901 stand up!!

  3. William Allen

    All white, in a white wicker chair, thats classic!!!!

  4. Cassaundra

    Almost 55 years old and I STILL LOVE AL!!

  5. TheMinotaur 80

    Man this song is so tight! Love Al!!!!

  6. Karla Reed Thomas

    Al aint nothing to play with...

  7. Tathiane Tamara

    One of my favorite song🥰❤

  8. Earnest Prole

    You haven't seen anything girl.

  9. Loretta De Herrera

    Ive opened up...what a feeling. .doesnt go does get a dream...💘 💘 💘...

  10. apachette07

    I got my Peach crown and sweet

  11. Linda's music johnson

    One of my favorite All Green songs. Just listen to the words closely. It goes for women and men. Great song. Thanks Rev. Green.

  12. Shea Shea

    This man is so talented!!

  13. debsworld

    One of these good old days I won't have to do anything but call your name expecting your love

  14. jameca sanders

    "You see what I feel is real.." Damn

  15. Karen Risper

    Every weekend Daddy would get drunk and be playing Al Green and it never failed Daddy end up beating up momma SMH I should hate Al Green but I don't and can't I ♥ me some him

    Trina Hamilton

    My heart ached when I read your comment.

    Trina Hamilton

    My mother was I survivor and I became a domestic abuse survivor when I became a woman.

    Michael Lewis

    Karen Risper you better sayy it

  16. Karen Risper

    I must of been dazed bc I don't know

  17. Jimmie Carter

    I couldn't wait for my parents to go out….my sister and i would play this record for hours!!!!! #chicagoand mississippiforever!!!!!

  18. Karen Risper

    I know I was conceived they was listening to Al green and that's alright with me

    MO Cancer

    Lololol..its alright with ALL OF US

  19. Karen Risper

    Ok we've lost alot of great singers but I know if Al check out I'm hollering and a long time

  20. James Cross

    Somebody ever heard These Songs live from mr green ?
    Could i be the one-
    Hooked on you-
    Wish you were here-
    Pretty woman

  21. WA. A.S.N F A.

    I can't help but be tearing up at the end of this song

  22. Paula Rose

    I love myself some good old music. Al Green is the master of music. He has the voice of a master crooner. His music is magnificent and elegant. Beautiful.

  23. James Watts

    Everything Al Green put out was a hit

  24. Leonard-Ralph Lyons

    Out of all the album's that I have by Mr.Green,this my favorite one.

  25. Sandy Howard

    Pretty Song

  26. Paulo Ribeiro

    One of my favorites too. Marvelous singing and guitar.

  27. Paula Rose

    I love every single one of Al Green songs. I grew up on his songs . My Father has all of Al Green songs . He is my all time favorite singer in this world. Love me some Al Green

  28. Deon Bradshaw

    so many memories

  29. Wanda Smith

    Whole album was bad ass !!! I Rem as a kid 53 now my kids came home with his greatest hits 33 and it was the 70's for me again .love me some Green !!!!

  30. MagMusic

    I'm gonna call your name, I'm gonna call your name--BAABY! BAABY!! (Tell that shit, Al!)

  31. Timmy Collins

    my favorite to.

  32. Ronald Fields

    One of my personal favorites from this classic album! Love that organ, and those Memphis Horns!

    Terrell Davis

    Pimp shhtt


    Me too...!

  33. Marie Hampton

    A legend

  34. Humble Opinion 43 Samurai

    To point of Tears💜💜💜💜

  35. Bushido-Kai Martial Arts

    I still have the original 33 1/3 LP my father bought back in 72 when this was released. I grew up listening to this, and every Al Green song. This still hits hard to this day. The only singer I've heard come anywhere close to Al's voice was DeAngelo in hs Brown Sugar days. He's the only person I can think who may have been able to cover an Al Green song, and not get beat

    MO Cancer

    So true#facts

  36. Mr1brum1

    Deepest song on the album.

    Jennifer Monroe


  37. MegaOldSkool76

    One of these good old days.... ahhhh talking bout lovin you! Played this every weekend when the album came out. Still have the album!!!!

  38. Johannah Gayle

    A GREAT Album
    Sooo many gd hits .... I jus LOVE Al Green A Master voice in music

  39. Leo Emerson, Jr.

    I concur. My personal favorite song on this excellent album and yet the shortest track if I'm not mistaken; don't want this splendid piece to conclude so suddenly. l remember my father playing this during the 70s here in DC.

  40. Ronald Coleman

    You want too stay.i will.yeahhhh.

  41. Love Lokey

    I love this song and all of his music

  42. Mariea Dunn

    Love this song❤️

    Jonathan Rizo

    Carol king.

  43. Adrian Guillot

    My personal favorite on this whole album.

    Gina Jones

    Sing it Al. My favorite song from Mr. Green.

  44. Kim Brighon Sr

    so smooth.