Green, Al - La-La For You Lyrics

You make
Me feel
So good, loving me
And you turn around and
Shamed my name

All I can say is la-la-laaaa you, baby

Good feeling (Listen yeah)

It's for you sure that I'm a man
Take the bread out of my hand
Now you wanna know how strong I am
All I can say
La-laaa laaaa laaa you babe

What's the use of giving out giving out giving in giving in let 'em sin
Now you trying to be, you wanna be my friend


I love you anyway no matter what my friends say
Oo baby, come with me
Oh yeah

I lalalala laaaaaa you
It's for sure that I'm a man, take the bread out of my hand
Now you wanna know (wanna know) how strong I am

I'm gonna keep on (keep on) loving you (loving you) no matter what my friends say and do
Trying to sleep, trying my find my way through

I get down on my knees
I beg you baby baby
Just lend a helping hand to me
Lalalalalala you

Oo baby
Aww aww babe
Wanna know, I got to know
Yeah baby, baby, baby baby

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Green, Al La-La For You Comments
  1. Slapahorecords Vega

    Dec 2019... still 🔥

  2. Kyle Eighmey

    If I could like this a thousand times I would.

  3. Diana Smith

    This song takes me wayyy!!!! Back down memory lane 🙌

  4. M Aro

    It thrills with its vocals, keyboards, guitar, horns. What a powerful arrangement.

  5. Ronald Fields

    My favorite track from Let's Stay Together... La la la la, la la!!!!

  6. Mason Alexis

    I was a kid when I first heard this song bring back so many memories I love it even more today

  7. Happy Me

    In my opinion the best track on the album but never got the air play! Thanks Dad for helping me to grow up with this!

    Valerie Ellis

    Boy I grew up on a 8 track of all of All Green songs

    Diana Smith

    Love this song brings back memories 😍

  8. Larry Wheeler

    That's old school

  9. Angela Chayce

    Love this song. Such soul it's incredibly sexy. Play over and over.

    Valerie Ellis

    I agree 💯

    Diana Smith

    Got this song on repeat!!!🙌

  10. Humble Opinion 43 Samurai

    Brown liquor and memories.

  11. YA BOY O

    Love this Song Rewind

    Diana Smith

    Yessss!!!! I got this on repeat 🙌

    Diana Smith

    Yessss I got this song on repeat!! 🙌

  12. leo cannon

    this song bring out the " stank face"

  13. kevin harrison

    sleeper cut on this album. sensational song.

  14. Shay Shay

    I love this song!!!

    Criticalmyst 77

    +Shay Shay
    Me too

    David White

    my gma love this song n I'm only 10 yrs old.never knew who green was but like him n I love that song she for you.